Levi’s Gone

My life has been torn asunder. We put Levi down last Thursday morning at 1:30 am. February 23, 2012. I’m only now able to kinda blog about it. He was my heart dog, my heart and soul, I miss him terribly. Last week he had a bully stick, then diarrhea, and I don’t know if that was why, but he stopped being abel to walk. My husband says it wasn’t my fault, but I don’t know. After a few days he kept going downhill. Wednesday night he was in pain, and at 1:30 in the morning he’d shake and whine, and I couldn’t let it go on. So we took him to the emergency vet and they put him down.

I did agility last weekend, which was good therapy, and Jet got his MXJ and Qualified in every run. He is such a good boy and we had a lot of fun. I made a ton of people cry over Levi, but they all understand. They understand the bond we have with our dogs. I’m very sad, and hopefully I’ll be able to go a whole day, sometime soon, without crying. But it may be a while.

Pictures from the Park

Just some fun pictures from when we went to the dog park last weekend. I love the park after a fresh snow, when the sky is perfectly blue. I love that color of blue.

Only Tatum and Jet went. I’m still not taking Levi. I don’t know, his park days may be over… we’ll see. But every day he seems a little bit worse. His poor old body just can’t repair itself anymore. Makes me very, very sad.

Tatum and Jet
Blue Skies
Tatum and Jet

Why not take Muffit or Chase? Well, Chase isn’t dog friendly at all. He’s actually pretty dog aggressive. And Muffit goes hiking with my husband so much, that I don’t take him out myself. He’s my husband’s hiking companion. 🙂

A Levi Update

Levi and Tatum
Levi and Tatum
Well Levi seems to be doing okay. I watch him like a hawk, I’m sure I’m super paranoid. I haven’t taken him to the park in a couple of weeks. The last time he went, it really went slow, and I think it took him a day or two to recover. He wasn’t in a lot of pain, but he was tired. So we’ve been sticking to walks around the block. He’ll go about 3/4 of a mile before he starts walking behind me and loosing his oomph. I try to take him about three times a week.

He’s going to K9 Nosework Class again at our local training center, Calling All Dogs. He just loves it. I was worried about his first class, wondering if he’d hurt the next day. And if he did, I would have taken Jet or Tatum instead. But no sign of Levi hurting the next day, so I’ll take him back again. He does love it, and I really want to spend time with my old 12 year old boy.

He practically needs a medication cart for all the supplements he’s on. But I think they are helping. And the acupuncture helps too. So he’s rather expensive for us now, but he’s worth every penny. The last three or four days he’s been grumpier at the other dogs. And I think it’s because he’s feeling better. I guess it could be because he’s feeling worse, but usually he’s grumpy when he feels good, so who knows. 🙂

He’s my boy, and I’m glad he’s doing okay.

Tatum and Jet at the Park – No Levi

Jet and Tatum
First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I’ve been taking it easy the last weeks, which is nice, no dog sports. Well, I did do some Cyber Rally-O with Jet that was pretty fun. I’ll have to post about that next time. Otherwise, I’ve been spending time with family and friends and taking the dogs to the park, going on some walks, and taking it easy. Been really nice. I wish I could have more time like this to just live. Oh I’ve been working, too, but that goes without saying. And in only another week, I’ll be able to say “I can retire next year…” oh that’ll be nice. I can retire in 2013, so I’m looking forward to that!

I haven’t been taking Levi to the park, though, just Jet and Tatum. I miss taking Levi. He still isn’t back to normal quite yet. I’ve been taking him on walks around the block, a mile or so, to work him back up to the park. But I think maybe next weekend he’ll be coming with again. His back still hurts. Maybe he needs a discectomy to help his back, but maybe not. He’s been getting a little better every day. And he’s being rather obnoxious at home which is a sign the’s feeling good. So that’s a good thing. I am realizing approaching EOL, which we say with software… (End Of Life), but as long as he’s happy and doing well, I’m happy with him too. He’s not going to keel over dead tomorrow or anything.

January will bring another agility trial. Maybe Jet and I can pick up another Double Q. We haven’t done agility in a couple months, now, but that’s okay. I think we will both remember how.

Levi Is Better

Levi Chewing
Fortunately Levi is doing a lot better. What a weight off my shoulders. I didn’t even realize how upset and worried and terrified I was last week, until now that I know he’s better.

I do worry that he is getting old. I know he’s going to get old. I know there’s nothing that can be done for it. No way to avoid it. I feel like Connor MacLeod on Highlander. He lives 1,000 years and the people he loves only live 100 years at best. But for me, I live 100 years and the dogs I love only live 10. Just less zeroes. Same concept.

Maybe there’s some type of dashboard scorecard out there for the length of a life. I dunno. But one quote always comes to mind from a book I read years ago. A Fantasy novel. “Death lasts so much longer than life.” It’s too true, and too depressing.

So anyway, Levi is doing better, which was the point of this post. 🙂 He’s grumping at the other dogs, being fun police, guarding bones, and acting himself. I hope to take him for a short walk tomorrow to see how he does. Just maybe a half a mile or so. To make him happy and get him out. Hopefully by next weekend we’ll be back at the park again. The park is way too quiet without Levi. Tatum and Jet don’t bark at anyone. Levi has to talk to every person he sees. And I much prefer a little barking on our walks.