Verve Earth

I found a fun new blog thing to do! Yeah I know.. I’m finding a lot. 🙂 But this one looks pretty neat. It’s called Verve Earth.

You can go in and map your blog location, put in a little description of your blog, and find other blogs nearby you. Or in other places of the world you may be interested in. I put this blog in.. and I just might put Luna Tail in there, too. Though we are, of course, in the same location. I wonder if I can list more than one blog… that would be nice. Or maybe there’s not really a point to that!

If you click on the image in this post… it will take you right to my own page. And I have the same image in my sidebar, a bit down on the right side. I didn’t put up a picture of myself.. I used Tatum, she doesn’t need any acne treatment… she looks so pretty!

Dog Podcasts

A friend of mine told me about some dog podcasts to listen too… and finally I downloaded a podcast receiver and checked them out.

Currently I’m listening to Canine Campus, and the podcast on Calming Signals.. yes, from Turid Rugaas, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

She talkes about how dogs may freeze as one of their signs of being stressed. This is Chase. If a dog gets too close, he will freeze, and I know I have to get that other dog away from him.

I listen to talk radio all day… and I got the podcast reader so I could listen to Radio West, as it’s a show I enjoy and usually don’t listen to because I’m not online when it airs.

I’m also trying out Good Dog, though I haven’t listened to any yet. I wonder if there are any employee performance evaluations podcasts? Hrm…

Know of any good dog podcasts?

Hrmmm Entrecard

So I discovered Entrecard lately… have you heard of it? It’s not really dog related in and of itself, but it does have a Pets category and I’ve already found some fun dog blogs!

If you go and sign up you can make a little 125×125 image and uploaded to your account. And then you put the widget code in your sidebar. Then… people can drop their card on you, and you can drop your card on them. And the more you get and give, the more EC (Entrecard Credits) you get, so you can buy ads on other sites that have the widget… to get more exposure to your site.

I’m always looking for new and fun dog sites to find… and I do think I may already have a couple new readers here, and a couple new blogs for me to read!

Shandy, Cash and Rift

Hey cool… Shandy, Cash and Rift, dogs that live pretty close to me and do agility and obedience, have their own blogs. 🙂 I thought I’d post their links so my regular readers can check them out too.

If you want to see a dog that makes obedience look easy, check out Cash! 🙂 He and his Mom work great together and are such a good team. I love to watch them. Cash does agility, too. Rift is the new pup of the family and he’s a sweet boy, Tatum loves to play with him!

The Shandy Speel
Cash Confidential
The Rift Report