Do You Have a Green Dog?

Okay I don’t mean, is your dog green, like he’s a leprechaun or something. 🙂 I mean green as in environmentally friendly.

I recycle when I can, I try to turn off the lights and the heat down (my husband and I are always arguing about the heat, too hot for me, too cold for him). I would like to do more environmentally friendly things with the dogs.

There are some great websites out there if you are interested in having a green dog. What did we do before the internet? No idea, having all this information at our fingertips makes life so much better!

So Check out these sites:
Raise a Green Dog Squidoo Lens
Raise a Green Dog Blog
The Environmental Impact of Pets – Article
Green Dog Supply Blog

I am considering buying some Bio Bags, not only for the dogs and cats, but also for ourselves. And I want to start bringing my own bags to the grocery store. I don’t know why, I feel like kinda a dweeb when I bring my own bags to the store. But I really should feel good about it!

Responsible Pet Blogger

Well I’m a bit late on the bandwagon but I do love the Responsible Pet Blogger idea from Fuzzy Logic!

So we are putting up our badge, here, and on the sidebar.

Responsible Pet Blogger

Because being responsible with animals of all kinds is extremely critical nowadays. Animals are not disposable temporary pieces of furniture that you can throw away after you are bored with them. They are living beings with full lives, a full range of emotions and amazing personalities. Be responsible!

Very Good Lenses

I just thought I’d post about some really informative and interesting Lenses on Squidoo by Johann the Dog. Since we do dog sports we are very interested in the ones about canine fitness.

Johann has a bunch of lenses you might find very interesting. I swear he must spend all his time online while his Mom is off working to support his internet and agility habits! 😉

Squidoo Dog Blog Lens

So I’m learning about Squidoo, and there are things I really like about it. I have a lens for Tip Tail but I haven’t updated it for a while, I really need to add more and learn some good layout tips from other lenses.

There is a dog blog lens that looks great. I’m surprised Johann hasn’t told me about it! He’s the Squidoo dog champ. 😉 Anyway, check it out, looks like a great dog blog resource.

And we all love computer stuff, including intranet software, it’s fun to be a dog geek and a computer geek. 😉 These guys have a 30 day free trial of their software, they offer hosted management and website content management.

Collies on the Web!

I don’t often find collie blogs on the web. But a collie blogger found me! She has a gorgeous sable and white rough collie named Maudie she does obedience with, and she is planning on having Maudie be a therapy dog, too. Collies are great therapy dogs. They are friendly, mellow, loving and sweet, and gorgeous too.

And the rough sables look so much like Lassie that they bring a smile to anyone’s face. When I took Sonny for a walk last night I got two ‘Lassie’ comments about him, from people I’ve never talked to before, and we only went for 20 minutes!

Anyway, check out The 4th Dog for some great collie info. 🙂