Plug for Sis

I have to breifly plug my sister’s new blog. 🙂 She is in the process of getting internet access at her house, so her blogging is limited for a while. But once that comes through, in about a week or so, she’ll be blogging just like the rest of us nuts.. errr…I mean, the rest of us wonderful people! LOL

Lone Black Spider is the name of her blog and I hope you will go and check it out and leave her a comment.

And someday, when I redo my kitchen, I’m going to look into some really nice and fun kitchen faucets! 🙂

Faith on Rescue Me!

My good friend Johann who is also a rescue, and has a rescue blog of his own (he’s a dog, if ya didn’t know), has gotten Faith up on the Rescue Me blog website. She would be great in school, smart as a whip. Maybe she could go to this one: click here!

It’s great to see her information get out there! She kept us up last night with whining. And again, she gets too excited outside to actually potty. So my husband, good guy that he is, got up at 11pm with her and took her out and was out there for at least 10 minutes. She did poop, so that’s good. Me, I don’t like to let dogs out of crates when they whine, because it just teaches them whining gets them out. But sometimes it’s hard to tell when they really do need to potty, and when they just want out!

Done for the Day

Okay I’m done with Link Love for the day.. back to dogs. 🙂 I wanted to get more link love done but I got distracted with Luna Tail and putting in another template so I didn’t get as many posts in as I wanted to.

Anyway, while fixing up Luna Tail I also looked at it in IE.. which I always forget to do, and then looked at Pixie Tail and this blog, too, in IE.. well, Pixie is okay, but this blog is not… figures. Can’t everyone just get Firefox? LOL. Anyway, maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to look at fixing this one up in IE. For now, I’m tired and nearly ready for bed… quick movie first, I think.

I have training tomorrow with Chase and Levi which should be fun. We are taking Chase to the agility field to see how his focus work has been going!