Under a Year to Retire

Well, it’s August. I started to work at my current job on August 1, 1988. Wow, so long ago… and I can potentially retire at 25 years. Yesterday was my 24th year at my job. I started working in the welfare office, and now I’m a programmer… after going to school and getting a degree, but since I work for the same government, I get to keep all my seniority, leave benefits, and pension benefits.

Jet, Tatum, Quinn
Jet, Tatum, Quinn

The dogs, I think, will be exceptionally happy to have me home all the time! Above is a picture of three… Jet, Tatum and Quinn. Quinn doesn’t have a very good stay yet, gonna have to work on that for Camp. As we are heading to Camp Winnaribbun on August 25th, for a week of fun in the trees and on the beach! Though I will probably cry a lot, since I’ll miss Levi, and this will be the first trip without him. For some reason, my brain has flashes of planning for him… how he’ll do no the drive, how he’ll be with Quinn… weird stuff, just for a fraction of a second, then I have to catch myself and realize Levi is not going.

I still can’t take his name and put it on the Memory List in my right menu bar. It’s been four months since he died… and, actually, tomorrow, August 3, is one year since Lucy died. Ugh. I miss her very much, still. I miss Levi too. I still try not to think about them very much, as thinking about them just hurts. The below picture is me and my husband, with Lucy, Levi and Angel. All three are gone now. I miss them all. *sigh* (Okay, I moved him in the menu bar… and of course, now I’m balling like a baby again.)

Lucy, Levi, Angel
Lucy, Levi, Angel

But I do love my current family. They are wonderful, and they make me smile. So, one year to retire, then I can play with them every day!

Lucy Would Have Been 13 Today

My sweet Lucy girl didn’t make it to 13. She died last August, 2011, when she was just twelve and a half years old. I still miss her every day. She was one of those dogs who I swear was going to be around forever, so losing her was really hard on me.

Lucy was a good girl and had a great attitude. She was stubborn and knew she wanted things her way. She loved food and would do anything for a treat. Though when the treats were gone, she didn’t have much interest in working. But I was able to get an ASCA-CD on her and an AKC Rally Advanced Titles. She didn’t much like agility. She wasn’t built very well and had a hard time jumping. And she developed a strange limp when she was about seven years old. None of the vets we took her to could figure it out.

When she was nine she developed megaesophagus and we had to feed her upright in her chair. But she didn’t seem to mind as long as she got to eat. And she ate three of four times a day, which she really liked!

I have collie things all over the house, smooth collie things, to remind me of the collies. I love them so very much. I even have a switchplate cover of smooth collies, and I do think those kids switchplate covers are fun too. I wonder if I can make up customized ones… I’m going to have to look into that, because I love pictures of the dogs all over the house.

I adored Lucy and will always miss her. I wish our dogs could live so much longer and stay with us. The house is much quieter without our lovely Lucy.

Moved the TV Upstairs

We’ve had our TV room in the basement for years now. I’m not even sure how long… maybe four or five years? I was complaining, once, that our house was too small. So my husband decided that we can open up the basement and put the TV down there and then have the upstairs as just a.. well, I’m not sure as what. LOL.

Levi is having a harder and harder time of going up stairs, so today we finally moved the TV upstairs. Looking at my pictures, we were upstairs in Dec of 2005, and then downstairs in Jan of 2006… so yup, it’s been about 5 years. Wow, too weird.

Anyway, here’s some pictures of our upstairs before and after the TV. It’s a 42″ Vizio plasma. We got it probably in November of 2005ish. Or maybe it was 2006. Yeah, I’m still in past mode lately, all still sad that Lucy has died, and living in the past and all my memories. Ugh. But anyway, I’m glad I have pictures, or I wouldn’t remember when a darn thing happened.

Here are some more pictures of the upstairs, new and improved… well, not really. LOL.

With the TV

Unfortunately, we don’t want to move the couch upstairs… so we’ll have to see if the chair will be enough to keep us comfortable.

Tatum under the TV

I am thinking maybe the dogs can all learn to lay on the floor, but my husband thinks I’m dreaming. LOL

The Chair

Getting Ready for CampW

Tatum and Jet
Well, a week from tomorrow I’m taking three of the dogs and we are headed to Camp Winnaribbun. We went in 2006 and again in 2007, and had a really good time. I’ve wanted to go back for some years but haven’t really been able to afford it monetarily, or time wise. But I got the money together this year somehow and I’m taking Levi, Jet, and Tatum.

Levi has been before, but Tatum and Jet haven’t. I’m leaving Chase home this time because he’s a bit grumpy with other dogs. Tatum is going to LOVE camp, she’ll be in doggie heaven with all the other dogs there. Jet is going to have fun, too. Levi and me will take it easy and sit on the beach while the young kids play.

I’ll bring my video camera and my DSLR, maybe a bluetooth barcode scanner for when I hit the stores for some shopping.

I hope to blog while I’m there, we’ll see how it goes. That reminds me, I need to clean off my hard drive on my Mac and spare up some room for pictures and video. 🙂

I’m still hurting a lot about Lucy, but maybe camp will help me recover a bit. I do hope so.

Having A Hard Time

Parley's Nature Preserve

Well, it’s been a week and a half since Lucy passed away.  And I am having one heck of a bad time getting over losing her.  I don’t think I had this hard a time when Angel died. However, the husband reminds me that back then I was on Zoloft for anxiety.  And that numbed all my emotions. And I went off that a year ago, because of side effects I didn’t like, and so now I get to feel the full slam of all my stupid emotions all the time.  It sucks.  But, I guess that’s just life.  I just wasn’t ready to let her go.

Also, I’ve been just looking past too much, wondering where all the years have gone. I’m so worried about Levi, too, now, though my rational mind thinks he is doing pretty good. I’m taking him to a holistic type doctor to see if she can help him stay strong as long as possible, too. The regular vets are fine, but usually just give you the typical rymadil and narcotics and steroids for things.  Hopefully this other vet will give him a bit of extra.

Levi is my heart dog. I really hope he lives 2 more years. I can retire in Aug 2013.  Because I know that I’ll be a wreck when Levi dies, and if I have to actually perform at work, I really, honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to for a while.  I don’t handle death, or extreme emotions, very well at all.  Ugh. I feel like I’ve been bleeding all over the internet and Facebook, so I’ve been making a huge effort not to whine and cry about her too much. I did find a great website, Pet Loss, where people can go and brood over lost pets. I have been chatting online there, which has helped me a bit, I think.

Today I took Levi, Tatum and Jet to Parley’s Nature Preserve. It’s the only off leash park I like to go to. Our round-trip walk was 1.75 miles, I measured it with my phone. I also lost my fitbit… which is my fancy pedometer. That sucks, since it was $99 and I really can’t afford another one. Oh well, I guess I just can’t see how many steps I take anymore. Things are just things, anyway. What really matters is my family and friends.  Both groups include my dogs. I realized that years ago when Lucy and Levi were very young and chewed many things up. After a while, I just stopped really caring about the things, and caring about the dogs.  🙂

Below are some more pictures. I am taking many more pictures of Levi, now, because I don’t have enough of Angel or Lucy. I have a ton of Jet, though. LOL. He is just so darn photogenic.

Running at the Park
Tatum and Levi
Jet in the Water

I stopped on the way home and got some yarn so I can knit some dark black socks. I’ve been having a bit of a knitting bug lately. I didn’t get any kmart coupons, though. I like the local yarn store, what a fun place that would be to work when I retire.