Lucy’s Meatball Diet

Lucy in her Bailey's Chair
Lucy and Jet

Well so far, so good, on the Meatball diet for Lucy. The first day, I gave her a liquid meal in the morning… her regular soaked and blended dog food. I want to make sure she gets enough water and so wanted to give her at least one liquid meal. Then the rest of the day I gave her a couple of meatball meals, and also some water mixed with gelatin. I think I still gave her too much gelatin too late in the evening, and so she regurgitated some of it about 1am or so. She was able to sleep on the bed with me though, which she loves, and she hasn’t been able to for a couple of years, because she gets me up at night so often.


She was drinking a bit out of the water bowls, which she can’t do, or else it’ll just come back up if she doesn’t sit in her Bailey’s Chair to get it down again. So the next few days I gave her two liquid meals… one in the morning and one about noon. Then after that it was all meatball meals. Oh boy, does she love eating meatballs!

She seems better at night, now. Last night she didn’t sleep with me, but in the morning there was no throw up on the floors, so that’s a great thing! I really am going to keep this up for a while and hope it helps her out so she doesn’t regurgitate so much. Poor Lucy, I really worry that her throat is raw and sore from regurgitating.

The downside is that ground beef is pretty expensive, but Lucy is worth it. 🙂 And another down side is the actual cooking, since I hate cooking, and when I stand in the kitchen for too long my upper back just hurts so much I have to sit down. But with the husband’s help, we’ll get her fed with meatballs. And we’ll monitor her weight, too, to make sure she’s not dropping weight. We don’t want her to be too skinny!

Meatballs for Lucy

We’ve been feeding Lucy a liquid diet for about three years now. Ever since she was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. She’s our collie girl dog and she’s been doing pretty good, keeping her weight on her and staying as healthy as we can hope for. However, she regurgitates a lot. She does so mostly at night and when we wake up there’s lots of throwup stains on the floor of the basement. She, of course, eats it again which is a bad thing. And we really can’t stay up all night with her, every night, that’s not practical for us as humans, either.

So I’ve been thinking lately about changing to the meatball feeding method for megaesophagus. So today I made meatballs for her for the first time. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to try it. It is more work. I am making them out of ground beef with dog food mixed in, some brown rice, and some flour and eggs so they stick together and are kinda cakey.

Today is the first day I’ve fed them to her. So far, so good. Tonight will be the test, of course. I really hope she doesn’t regurgitate them. And for water I’m giving her gelatin in her cooled water. She wasn’t too crazy about that, so tomorrow I’ll put in some Ice Pups for flavor, I’m sure she’ll like that more.

Lucy also got to go to Ma and Paws today to get out of the house and have some fun. She likes that. And we can use the business credit card to pay for our splurge. We also got some bully sticks, which all the dogs love.

We Are Painting

Floor and Basement Phase Two

Yup we are painting… but not the walls, or the ceiling, we are actually painting the floor in the basement. It’s concrete and it was awful! An ugly icky red color that was hard to clean. And with Lucy having Megaesophagus, she regurgitates a lot at night, so we need floors that we can easily clean. The icky red was hard to clean. The new lighter color is much easier to clean! However, it’s easier to see the dirt and dog hair too, which may not be a good thing. LOL

It’s not white, but it’s pretty close. And it’s really going to cheer up the whole basement and make it more livable. More bearable for me. I haven’t spent as much time in the basement TV room for a while because it’s just… icky! So now it’s much nicer. We are even considering painting the ceiling and putting in some more lights. We can’t afford tile, and carpet would just get ruined, so paint it is for now.

Phase One

You can even see Lucy in her chair in the above picture. She is such a good girl and doing really well. I should get a tattoo of her to match my tattoo of Levi. I won’t need tattoo removal because I love my tattoos!

Lucy Had a Non-Seizure

Our Lucy will be 12 years old in February. Last night when I was at flyball practice, I guess she had an episode of some kind. I wasn’t home but my husband was. And he was pretty upset I didn’t answer my phone. I’m so bad… I carry my phone, but I hardly ever check it. And I miss a lot of calls and texts. I didn’t know about it until I got home.

He said that she seemed really disoriented and couldn’t stand up. She was like she was uncoordinated. Panting. Nervous, and couldn’t get her feet under her. So we took her to the vet this morning. The vet asked if Lucy was cognizant, and my husband said yes, she seemed to be. So I guess it wasn’t a seizure. I’ve never seen a dog have a seizure before so I really wouldn’t know the difference anyway. A friend suggested maybe she has Vestibular Syndrome, but the vet didn’t think it was likely to be that, either. As Lucy wasn’t really favoring one side all that much. Or turning in circles.

So once again the vet doesn’t know what’s up with Lucy. Lucy is our mystery dog with lots of things wrong with her. We still don’t know why she has megaesophagus. We are just to watch her. And we’ll block her off from any stairs when we aren’t home so she won’t be falling down them and hurting herself.

She also has lots of scabs on her legs and joints and feet. So the vet gave us some antibiotics, thinking she might have some sort of bacterial infection. She’s probably immunocompromised too. Ugh. Our mystery Lucy. I hope she’s okay. We’ll be watching her a lot. This is a picture of her in the snow we got over the weekend. It was a ton. With all the shoveling, we haven’t needed any diet pills that work, since the snow is keeping us working!

Lucy and Levi

Levi and Lucy
Levi and Lucy
Well today has been a nice down day. Yesterday my sister came over and we had a garage sale. That was a ton of work. I’m glad it’s over, glad we only did it for one day.

The other day when I did the photo shoot… strangely enough, I took pictures of some of our dogs other than Jet too. LOL This is Lucy and Levi, our old pair… Lucy is almost 12, and Levi will be 11 in November. Dang… these two used to be the young ones, and they no longer are. I am so glad they are alive and well, though.

Maybe we should use some hgh supplements on our dogs, or ourselves, but we pretty much just feed them a good diet, give them lots of love and good medical care. So far… so good. Lucy has megaesophagus, but she’s still doing well.