Lucy Is Eating Well

megaesophagus dog
Lucy in her Chair
A few days ago I decided to take some new pictures of Lucy in her chair. She is such a good girl. She eats three or four times a day. She sits in her chair for 20 minutes after she eats each time. She’s actually our best dog to have Megesophagus… because she’s the most patient, and she puts up with the chair.

I accidentally tried to put Levi’s but in the chair a while back. LOL. He was confused. I was getting the butt of the wrong smooth blue collie. It would take him a while to really get used to it. But he probably could, too. Not sure about the other dogs.

This is a disease I never want to have to deal with again. Lucy is wonderful and happy and her weight stays up, but she regurgitates often, especially at night, and we are worried about her aspirating. She hasn’t yet, and hopefully never will. I think we are lucky with her because lots of dogs will aspirate into their lungs, get infections, and die. So far… that hasn’t happened to Lucy.

She doesn’t need any diet pill reviews though, she eats all she can. She’s slowing down, she limps still in her front leg, but she’s happy. She’ll be 12 next February… which I think is doing well for a collie. There was a time when I didn’t think she’d make 9 years old. So I’m thrilled that she’s almost 12. 🙂 She’s the cornerstone of our pack. Our pack Marm, so I don’t even want to think of her leaving us.

I Miss Camping

Camping April 2008

I really miss camping. I have my Macbook’s screen saver as all my pictures on my whole drive (which are a lot, I think I’ll be running out of hard drive space soon), and saw some pictures of camping. This is from April of 2008. Lucy is the one in the picture (along with my sister and nephew). Lucy was much healthier then, too. Before she had the Megaesophagus. Before she had to be fed three to four meals a day, all liquid in a blender, and then have to sit in her chair for 20 minutes after she heats.

I love Lucy and we haven’t been camping because we are not sure how to feed her when we go. Though I think we can make a light PVC chair for her. We just haven’t done it. Maybe we’ll be able to go camping next year. This spring, too, Angel was sick and dying, so that made it hard.

I remember, a few short years ago, when I would just sit and be so grateful that we had all young healthy dogs. Well, we don’t anymore. Now we have a couple old dogs, and Lucy is not so healthy. It’s a bummer. But she’s doing okay and plugging along.

Maybe we can get her a new chair for Cyber Monday this year… but they don’t really sell them in stores. 🙂 My husband makes great mega-esophagus chair for dogs though! He did follow plans on the web. Our sweet collie girl, she is such a sweet heart, I wish we could do more for her.

A Family Photo

The Family

It’s really not often I get a picture of all six of our dogs. While I was feeding Lucy this morning, most of the dogs were on the couch. So I put the rest up there and snapped a few pictures.

Lucy is in her chair about three times a day now. I really hate her megaesophagus.  I love her, and I want her happy and healthy.  And of course we do everything we can for her.  Our floors are kinda gross now, since she regurgitates still.  But we clean up after her and move on.  She’s a good girl and our special collie.  🙂

The rest of the dogs are good.  Muffit goes hiking with my husband a lot. I don’t post about him much because I don’t do much with him.  Levi is retired, cranky, and jealous that he’s not my main companion anymore, but I train him some and go for walks and things and that makes him happy.  Tatum, Chase and Jet are my three main sport dogs now and they are fun to work with.

All in all, our happy house of six dogs is really peaceful. Everyone gets along and everything is going well. I miss Angel terribly, still.  The worst thing about coming back from trips is not having her here to welcome me home.

Everyone else is pretty happy and healthy though. But I don’t like it when the dogs get old.  I wish they were all young and healthy.

Lucy Whines In Her Chair


So Lucy has Megaesophagus… which basically means here esophagus doesn’t work anymore. She has to eat a liquid diet and sit in her Bailey’s Chair for 20 minutes after each meal, and she eats 4 times a day. Okay sometimes just 3 if we get lazy and tired. It’s a lot of work. We adore Lucy and do what it takes to keep her fed and happy and healthy.

But sometimes she whines in her chair and we have to sit by her and keep a hand on her for her to be quiet. Sometimes she won’t potty before going into her chair, because she’s a stubborn collie girl… and other times she’ll squiggle too much and get her tail in a bunch and that’s uncomfortable. Maybe we could put a heated blanket under her to keep her more comfortable… but then again, she actually likes the cool tile floor so that might not be a good thing for her.

So we try to keep her comfortable in her chair. It has a 4 inch foam pad on the bottom, and a towel over that so if she leaks (she’s incontinent too) the towel will catch it. But if she goes potty before she goes in the chair, that would be best! Dang she can be stubborn.

Otherwise she’s doing really well. I can’t believe she’s 11 years old already.  Wow.  Time just flies, it seems like yesterday when she came to me from Chicago and landed in the airport and walked out of her crate. I still remember that day vividly.  I love my Lucy Girl.

Animal Communicator?


So, I’m thinking about calling a local Animal Communicator (aka Pet Physic) to come and see what our pack has to say. Mainly I want to know if Lucy is hurting or not. She regurgitates a lot, still, and I wonder if her throat is hurting her. It’s so hard to know. She eats just fine but her throat has got to be too raw.

And maybe if Patty the Pet Psychic comes, she can talk to our whole pack and see how they are. I emailed her, and she’s fine with having 7 dogs and 2 cats here to talk to her all at the same time! So I might give her a call… it’d be fun, I think!

Maybe she can tell me how to lose weight, LOL but if that was the case then she’d be super rich and wouldn’t live in Utah anymore!

I hate that Lucy has the megaesophagus, but she’s doing really well, I think.  I just don’t want her to be in any pain. Poor dear.  She’s still my baby girl even if she is 11 years old. Wow… I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since she came to live with us.