Neat and Tidy – Friday Meme

Oooo my first Meme.
Friday Meme

Neat and Tidy

1. How neat are the clothes you wear? Do you iron? Fold them promptly? Pull them out of the dirty laundry? Haha funny. My clothes are not usually neat. I don’t iron, I don’t fold them properly. I just pull them out and put them on. They are clean though! Mostly rinkled. I don’t know how to iron. And I do hang them in the closet… eventually.

2. How do you make your bed? Hospital corners? All over the floor? Or somewhere in between? Make the bed? I know how, Mom taught me… but what is the point? I am just going to mess up up again.. well, actually, Angel will make it up how she likes it, which is too cute anyway.

3. Do you leave dirty dishes in your dishwasher? In the sink? On the counters? In other rooms? Dirty dishes are sometimes in the sink, but I try to keep up on them. And hassle the husband to do it too.

4. Are your floors clean enough to eat off of or is there an old science experiment growing in the corner? Um… the floors usually have fur-bunnies rolling all over them. No, I would not eat off them. But the dogs do.

5. How clean is the outside of your car? How about the inside? Is there junk in your trunk? I have an outback, no trunk. The car has hair in it but no garbage. I have it cleaned every month or so.