2012 In Review

Well, it’s 2013… wow. Where has all the time gone to?

Jet and I had an awesome time at Invitationals in Orlando, Florida, last month. Actually, Jet had an awesome year in 2012. Jet ran 3 clean runs out of 4 at Invitationals and ended up ranking #57 in the 16″ height class. Out of about 140ish dogs. Not too shabby for our first time! He also qualified in the T2B run we had at the pre-trial the Friday before. He is such an amazing boy. If you’d like to watch the videos.. they are on YouTube:
YouTube Invitationals Videos

Jet Invitationals
Jet Invitationals

In 2012 We went to a couple of seminars, including Denise Fenzi and Chris Zink. We are going to repeat the Denise Fenzi Seminar this March, too, though this year it’ll be in Idaho, instead of Colorado. So a much closer drive for us.

In AKC Agility, Jet gathered up 19 Double Q’s in 2012, and 509 speed points. Not too shabby. 🙂 He has all his Double Qs towards his MACH, and he only needs 171 speed points, hopefully we’ll gather the rest of those points by sometime this May. He got his MX and MXJ in 2012, and his first T2B title as well. He also got one leg toward his CD. And hopefully we’ll be able to pick the other 2 legs up in 2013.

In UKC Jet got his UWP (United Weight Pull) title, and a Total Dog award, since he placed 3rd place in conformation in the Terrier Group on the same day that he qualified in Weight Pull (though I still don’t like the Danish-Swedish Farmdogs being in the Terrier Group.) He also got 2 legs towards his UKC CD, hopefully we’ll get that last leg in 2013.

We didn’t do any Flyball in 2012, but maybe we’ll do a bit more in the future, I haven’t decided yet.

Jet, Tatum and Quinn and I spent a week at Camp Winnaribbun in August, and had a blast!

As for the other dogs…
Tatum got one leg in Open Standard in May of 2012 in AKC agility, which thrilled me! She’s a good girl, and has come a long way from where she started. She may never get another leg, but that’s okay, as long as we have fun. She pushes the boys around in the house quite well!

Quinn came to join our family in June of 2012. He’s a very sweet, loving, pushy smooth collie boy! I adore him, and it’s good to have a boy smooth blue collie in the house. Since we lost Levi in February of 2012… and I still miss him so very much.

Quinn Park
Quinn at the Park

All in all, 2012 was a very fun year. And I hope 2013 will be just as fun. I hope Jet gets his AKC, ASCA and UKC CD’s in 2013, as well as his MACH. I plan on retiring in August of 2013.. and then, well, the skies the limit! (Well, the money is the limit, actually. LOL).

Chase is probably actually retired from dog sports.. though I haven’t totally decided yet. He is becoming my husband’s walking dog, which is good. As is Muffit, our other Border Collie. They are about 9.5 years old now, so may just have some leisurely retirement years themselves.

Got this picture at Christmas, we have a very nice pack!

The Pack
The pack

A Trip to the Desert

It’s strange, still, to only have five dogs now. It’s actually been strange to have had only six. Since Angel passed on in May 2010, I still kept trying to count for seven dogs. I hadn’t gotten used to six. And now I’m going to have to count for five dogs only.

Yeah, my husband and I would count dogs to make sure we had them all around. Home safe. Not getting out or running amok.

[singlepic id=1037 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I think I am coming to terms with losing Lucy. I’m still very sad, and last night cried again in bed before I went to sleep. I miss her so much. I wish that I could have put her in a bed, given her meds, and kept her around like I would have kept a person around. But dogs don’t work that way… and seriously, it’d be nice if we could put people out of their misery, too. Lucy was miserable. It was her time to go. I just still miss her so much.

[singlepic id=1035 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Today we took a trip to the desert to let the dogs run. It was a short trip. Long drive, about 45 minutes, and it was too hot to let the dogs run for too long. But they did have fun.   Levi isn’t very strong anymore and can’t go very far. I sure hope he’s okay when we go to camp.  I will take it slow for him, give him what he needs, and sit around on the beach of Lake Tahoe all day if we need too.  Which, really, won’t make me sad at all, sitting on the beach all day!

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I am trying out a new gallery, too, so above are the thumbnails. Though I’m not quite so sure how it works, yet, and I may just add the images individually too.

Muffit’s Favorite Person

We adopted Muffit back in January of 2008. We’d fostered him a year and a half before that. He supposedly went to a good family. However, they were not good. They dumped him at the Utah Humane Society without calling the rescue back. Poor Muffit had to suffer at HSU for 2 weeks before they scanned him for a chip. When we got him back (he was still registered with the rescue, who called us first) he was sicker than any dog I’d ever seen before, and I thought we were going to lose him.

Three rounds of antibiotics later he got better and returned to his normal self that we remembered. Though he was less confident and more frantic than when we’d fostered him before. Poor guy, can’t blame him. Who knows what he went through. My husband and I didn’t even have to talk about it, we knew we were just going to keep him.

I thought of training him for flyball but he gets so frantic he has a hard time concentrating. So he ended up being my husband’s dog. And now my husband is his favorite person in the world. Aaron takes him hiking a lot in the summer. He takes him a fair amount in the winter too. On the days I’m home and Aaron isn’t, Muffit just seems kinda sad. He misses his favorite person. I don’t mind not being that person, I have enough other dogs to take care of. I wouldn’t be able to have six dogs without my husband. I wouldn’t be able to give them all enough attention. My husband is amazing, and I’m glad he’s developed a great relationship with Muffit. (Muffit is named after the mechanical dog on the original Battlestar Galactica show).

Preparation And Doing

I’ve been thinking about stuff lately and some of it isn’t dog related, but I thought the concept was kinda dog related, so I’m posting about it!

First off I was figuring out a knitting patten. I like to knit, but this pattern was driving me nuts. It wasn’t straight forward or easy to follow, so I had to rewrite it so that I could understand it. And it took me about 20 rows (2 patterns worth) to be able to really figure it out consistently. Finally I have it down and it’s coming along. When I was complaining about it to my husband, he said, well isn’t that half the fun, figuring out the pattern? I said a stern NO!. I just wanted to do the knitting, I didn’t want to have to decipher a pattern.

At work I’m a programmer/Analyst. The Analyst part is tough for me. The programming isn’t so tough. Quite often I have to really analyze and understand how something works before I can just go ahead and program. My coworkers say… isn’t it fun to figure it out? I’m like… errr, No! I just want to do it!

And I related these same things to dogs. My friend has a Belgian Malinois puppy who will be a year old in February, and boy is she a handful. She’s one of those dogs you have to decipher and figure out before you can just train. Muffit is one of those kinds of dogs too, in my house. He’s so frantic, and he is not food motivated at all, that figuring him out would take a great deal of time and dedication, when really what I want to do is the knitting part… the training part!

So when I was looking for a breed, and found Jet, my Danish-Swedish Farmdog, what I was really looking for was a dog who came prepackaged as smart, sweet, calm, food motivated, toy motivated, and a love bug… and whom I could just train! Yay! That’s what I got! I got a dog I can just rain out of the box. Without all that preformatting part. 🙂

So I guess I don’t like the preparation as much as I like the doing. It’s also why I don’t want to shop around for cheap life insurance, or the best deal on clothes or food… I just want to do. Maybe it’s a sign of my lack of patience. I dunno… but I’m so glad I have Jet, who fits me so perfectly!

Are Rescue Dogs Grateful?

Angel and Chase
Angel and Chase
Someone mentioned to me the other day how rescue dogs always seem so grateful for their new families and homes. That they so appreciate having a great place to live, fun things to do, and a family to love them.

But when I think about my rescue dogs, grateful isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, I don’t think my rescue dogs are grateful at all. First off, I think grateful is a human emotion, not a canine one. Though I guess maybe Angel could have been grateful. To me, though, she just seemed more relieved to have a safe place to live finally.

Tatum… she isn’t grateful at all. LOL. She’s our princess, and it seems to me that she thinks she deserves every second of her pampered life. In fact, I would interpret her behavior as being entitled. She has a lot of confidence at home, and thinks she deserves the best treats, the best sleeping spots, and when other dogs get close to her when she is resting, they get an earful of growl. It’s like she’s saying “he’s touching me, stop touching me!” I need to get some pictures of her with her teeth showing, or some art prints of her, she is such a goof.

Chase and Muffit are just happy to do whatever. They love to run and expend their energy. But they don’t coddle or fuss over us either. They don’t seem to exhibit any behavior that I would label as gratefulness. But they are both Border Collies, so maybe that has a lot to do with it too. *shrug*

So anyway, do your rescue dogs seem to be grateful? Mine don’t. But I’d rather have it that way. I want my dogs to be as confident as possible. Strong either with me around, or on their own. Secure in themselves. That’s the kind of life I try to give them.