I Love Mailboxes

Muffit Hiking
Okay this is a bit off topic here but please forgive me… and actually to start off I wanted to put a picture in of Muffit hiking. He is doing so well hiking with my husband. They go about 3 times a week! And yes, the husband eats pizza almost every day (home made pizza no less) and he is loosing weight! Gads men, they just don’t get it!

Anyway so I brought my Mailbox back with me from Germany. I just had to have one… I got it back in 2002 and I don’t know if I even have a picture of it. I really should. Maybe I do somewhere.

I have it attached to the outside of the house. It’s a wall mount mailbox that kinda looks like the link just there. I love having fancy mailboxes on the house… 🙂 Though, of course, what I’m really looking for is a dog type mail boxes. With a custom design of my dogs… of course. 🙂 But I don’t think I can afford that anytime soon!

So anyway back to Muffit… he is so happy when he gets to go on hikes with the Dad. He even found a porcupine just the other day, managed to get away with only two quills, so that’s good. Goof. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt!

A ‘Spring’ Hike

Well it’s April… but it sure didn’t feel like it on Friday when my husband and I took three of our dogs up the canyon for a hike. We went 4 miles round trip and had fun. But there was too much snow!

Muffit, Tatum and Jet

I needed a hot shower after this walk, or some walk in tubs to get warm in. But going up the canyon was actually a lot of work and I was sweating. The snow made the ground too slick, but we didn’t fall.


Muffit loves to hike, it’s his favorite thing to do. And he sure is a cute boy.

I tried to get the three to sit and wait for some pictures, but Muffit doesn’t have a stay or a wait… yeah he’s just too frantic and I haven’t worked with him. So when he’d break the other two would break too. So I just got a quick shot of Jet and Tatum. 🙂

It was fun though I’m ready for some warmth!

We Sure Can Build Confidence

Sweet Chase

I just have to toot my husband’s and my horn just a little bit. 🙂 Four of our dogs are rescues, and if I do say so myself, we are good at building their confidence. This picture is of Chase. And though he didn’t come with too many problems, he does have good confidence now and is much more self assured than he used to be. This shows in his ability to tell dogs to keep their distance in a respectful manner. Instead of attacking, like he used to do. 🙂 He’s not aggressive, he just has space issues like many dogs do.

Tatum is also one of our dogs that has come a long way. She was so scared when we first got her. I’d take her out anywhere and she’d tuck her tail and skitter around afraid. Now.. she nips people to get them to play and interact. She’s got spunk and she wants things her way. She has a lot of attitude and confidence! She very rarely gets scared anymore. I’m very proud of her!

Angel also came to us afraid, and she’s so confident now that she’ll jump in our laps to steal our food. We just laugh at her. No punishment for Angel, EVER! She is still timid enough that any punishment would shut her down.

And Muffit is also more confident and doing well. Going to the park and on hikes with my husband, he’s getting used to being out and he’s getting along with people and dogs. Now i just have to get my husband to bring his cell phones with him when he goes out so I can get in touch with him!

I’m proud of our dogs, and of us, to give our rescues such a great chance and much needed confidence!

Tatum’s Agility School

Tatum and Chase
Tatum and Chase
More pictures from the flyball tournament! LOL but this one is not of flyball, but of Tatum and Chase playing. After the tournament was over we got to relax and the dogs got to run and play. I love to let them run and play as I think they need to relax and burn off the steam of competition.

Though Tatum didn’t race, she was tired anyway. I worked a little heeling with her, and some dumbbell. She loves it. Her tail wags and she has a happy look on her face.

Yesterday I took Chase, Levi and Tatum out for some work. Chase’s heeling is doing really well! I think he really understands now. Hopefully he’ll do good at the ASCA obedience trial in a couple of weeks. His first obedience trial, he’s in Novice B.

Levi did some open obedience work and did great, too. He’s been stir crazy lately since I haven’t worked with him. Mostly because of his being lame a bit ago but he seems fine again now. He’s in the ASCA obedience too, in Open A.

Tatum got to do some agility and she loves it! She did a jump, tunnel, and jump. I think she’s a little bit advanced for our Friday night classes. I’m thrilled at how much she loves it and how good she does.

I took Muffit to the beginning agility class and he did good too. He jumped and spinned and twirled but he’s learning to settle. And it’s hard for him to settle with other dogs around. But he doesn’t need any Enphedra, he burns a lot of calories being a goof!

Today and tomorrow no dog stuff, just people stuff. And I need to rest. I still have mono and I’m pushing through it but it really is taking it’s toll on me. I need a lot of rest.

Update on Muffit’s Training

Muffit and a Toy

Well I am pleased to say that Muffit’s training is coming along very well! He is such a good boy. We had a private lesson last Friday and my instructor was actually very happy with how far he has already come.

Muffit Calm!

I discovered while training him at the local agility barn, that he was best if he had a clear beginning point and ending point.  So last Friday we tried this with him, and it worked wonderful.  Both his beginning point and his ending point will be a mat.  He loves his mat, has a great down on the mat, and it’s like something that is very clear to him that he understands and can perform very successfully.  And it’s a good calming place for him, too. Maybe if he had one of those mats with magnets it would help him even more! LOL I’ve been working with Muffit at home to teach him to calm down. This picture is of Muffit’s chin in my hand. This is his signal to be calm. When his tail stops wagging and he’s calm, then I slip a treat into his mouth. I haven’t been saying ‘good’ or ‘yes’ or clicking, because those things all bring his drive up. And he has so much frantic drive that I want to teach him to be calm and relax.

Muffit and a Toy

On his mat in the private lesson he was being much more calm than he has been in the past. We set up a tunnel, too, and he’d start on his mat, go through the tunnel, get a treat off the target plate, and then go back onto his mat.  He does all this in the blink of an eye, LOL, he’s fast but he does seem like he’s thinking about it. And the tunnel was C shaped so that we could use the same mat for the beginning and the end.I was thrilled with Muffit’s progress. And he’s been there before, which helps him calm down, too. But that is okay because anything that helps him be calm, so he can think, and not be frantic, is great!

So flyball is on hold for him for a while. I’m actually not sure if he’ll ever be able to function in the environment. But I think he will be able to do agility. As soon as we start practicing on a weekly basis this summer, I bet his progress will go forward in leaps and bounds!

He is such a good boy.  I love seeing him learn, seeing him relax.  He loves to learn and he’s such a typical goofy boy. He just wants to make me happy and the treat slipped into his mouth may not even be something he really notices.  But we’ll keep giving him treats, teaching him to be calm, and go over all the obstacles in agility.

Maybe we’ll even do some obedience with him. It’s going to be hard for him once he gets in trial environments, though. But I have a plan for that too.  I’m excited for Muffit!