Good Day at DOCNA

Well, back from the DOCNA trial. As it’s after 9pm I’ve been back for a while, and the muscles are starting to stiffen up. 🙂 But that’s okay, it was a fun day. I do wish I could run Levi and Chase both well at the same trial. Today was Levi’s day. He got 3 out of 4 Qs. Two Standard and One Jumpers. Chase only got One Q, in Snakes and Ladders. He is strong in that, though. The Gamblers I messed up because I wasn’t sure about my course. And the Standard he was blowing his contacts so we trained instead.

Muffit did pretty well.. though most of the day he was wide awake and very over stimulated. Not until about 2pm did he start to settle down. He will stay home tomorrow, one day was definitely enough for him.

Tatum did great, she slept most of the day and come out to play and work occasionally. I walked her over to another building where they were doing obedience and conformation fun matches… and that made her nervous but she didn’t die, and later she was fine again.

Levi went through the obedience fun match and did great! I was impressed and we used minimal treats. So.. I’ll be entering him in ASCA obedience this summer to see how he does and get that CD. I took Chase though too, and he needed a treat on his target stick to pay attention to me. It is still hard for him but we are working on it.

The dogs are now very tired and sleeping. The Mum is also tired, and will be sleeping shortly!

DOCNA Agility This Weekend

Tatum and Muffit Well, I think I’m deciding to take Muffit with tomorrow to agility. It’s DOCNA, will be laid back, he’ll get some good exposure, and if he gets stressed I will call my husband to come and get him. I love this picture of Muffit and Tatum running in the back yard.

It’s going to be a long weekend with a couple of long days. Now I’m thinking I should have entered only one day instead of both. I am going to be doing a lot of AKC and USDAA trials this year, and flyball tournaments, and so I am going to have to cut back on the other venues. I do like DOCNA, though. It’s a lot of fun and they have good courses. And I use it for training… and the dogs just have fun. So we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Should I bring Muffit to Agility

Muffit has only been in our house now since February 1… what is that… 5 weeks? I think maybe I overestimated his adaptation abilities. Though he was fine at flyball practice, I could tell, just barely, that he was stressed for the next day or two after we got home.

I really want to bring him to the DOCNA trial this weekend to get him out of the house and socialize him and get him into the environment… but maybe I should wait a month or two more. Hrm…


Of course I’ll make the ultimate final decision but thought I’d make up a poll, too. And avoid any drug treatment that we may have to use afterwards!

Flyball Practice

Chase Sunday Chase, Tatum, Muffit and Me went to flyball practice. It’s the first we’ve had since, probably, November of 2007. It was so nice to get out. It was warm enough for a T-Shirt, and it was fun to run around a bit!

Tatum Chase did great, as per usual. I’m thinking that I think flyball is easy because Chase is just a natural at it. Tatum.. on the other hand, she is going to be a handful to train. I really must start to seriously train her when we go out. Leaving the crate, she will have to focus on me because I am fun! And so she learns that we are working and we are learning. Instead of we are goofing off and bunny hopping around to see everyone. But she is just sooo cute, and I do want her to be herself and play too. My husband and I were talking yesterday.. we want her to have a good puppy hood. No idea how old she is, but she has so much puppy in her still.

(Don’t tell my Obedience Instructor I had Chase and Tatum in an Xpen at flyball practice… LOL but she reads this once in a while so nevermind… 😉 ). Anyway, so I want to see if Tatum will go over any jumps, so I set her up, someone holds her… I call her over three jumps… she takes one, then two.. then hop hop hop like a bunny and off she goes! LOL I died laughing she is so cute. Nope, we are not ready for that step yet. But that’s okay. She ran off, like a goof, said hi to other dogs and darted away from people. But I ran away from her and encouraged her to play, and she came to me and got lots of treats then off we went to play again. Because I don’t want to end the fun.. or she won’t come to me. I just want to make more, better fun!

Muffit also came with, it was is first big expedition out of the house. He barked a lot, he was stressed, and so over stimulated. But that’s okay… I will introduce him to the environments slowly, in his own time. I want to take him to the DOCNA agility trial this weekend but not sure how he will do. Maybe I’ll take him only one day. And I’m not sure all four dogs will fit in my car. Hrmph.

I have to take my car into the dealer… not for an auto insurance quote, but the air conditioner is blowing warm, not cold. And I need an inspection, emissions, and oil change too. Good to get it all done at once anyway.

His Nose is so Short!

Muffit Look at this short nose! Okay okay.. I know, with five collies in the house right now, many dog noses look short to me. But Chase’s doesn’t look short to me anymore. Isn’t Muffit’s nose exceptionally short?

Well I kinda think so. 🙂 Not that that is a bad thing… I love his nose I think he is very super cute and I wouldn’t want his nose any longer than it is.

And I love the coloring on his face, too. His black head and his white chin and body. Muffit is such a sweet cute boy. I think his cuteness was his downfall.. people adopted him too fast, and then didn’t keep him. Well, he’s with us now and it’s his last stop.