Settling Back Into Home

Well, being home is nice. Believe you me. I do love trips, and sometimes one the way home I don’t want the trip to end.. but now that I am here at home on the couch with my regular pack, I am very happy to be home and to be relaxing.

We made it home pretty fast, the rear spoilers on the car might have helped… if we had one, which we didn’t. The Husband’s car has one not my Outback. 🙂 Anyway, six hours from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City Utah is pretty darn good, I think. It was about the same amount of time going down.

So this week we get some rest. Then Saturday I’m going to practice Obedience with Chase and Levi and Tatum, then Sunday it looks like we get to do some flyball practice to incorporate the things we learned at the tournament. I need to get Muffit on a touch stick… I am still not quite awake enough to do that, maybe tomorrow!

Flyball Seminar is Fun!

Chase Today we had an awesome day at the flyball seminar. Touch n Go are great, they really know their stuff, and they are also very personable and easy to talk to and work with. They give us great advice and are very tactful. Even when they tell us our dogs are overweight! But we know that and that’s okay, they have some winter fat on them.

Tinker The picture to the right is of Tinker, a Jack Russel Terrier on our team that does such a great job! And, of course, I’ve been having a really fun time with my new digital SLR camera. I could just sit there and take pictures all day long of these dogs, and I’m learning how and when to focus the camera.

Apache And to the left is Apache. She is an Australian Cattle Dog girl that loves her flyball. She is also part of the Dazzle Dogs show that her Mom puts on. And, cool of cool… Apache is deaf! She does such a great job and has a beautiful box turn.

If you click on these pictures you can see bigger versions of them.

Anyway, so today we went over the basics of training the box turn from scratch. We got some great ideas and I am going to start training Chase, Muffit and Tatum to, literally, bounce off the wall in the back yard. That will be fun to do. And now that I have seen the progress the dogs follows, including just getting their front on the wall to begin with, I am really excited to start trying it.

Anyway, I’ve had too much wine to drink and it’s almost time for bed anyway. And Monday we will have a long ride home, fortunately we are not driving home Sunday night. And our car insurance is all good so we should be set for our trip home!

Beautiful Lucy

Lucy Lucy is our beautiful smooth collie girl. She does seem to be slowing down… with her cancer diagnosis and all. But she got to chew on a Kong a lot today, and carry it around and guard it, and guarding is one of her favorite things. Though she doesn’t like it quite as much as Levi does.

Lucy is doing okay. I watch her closely now and I think that her low energy is because of her cancer. But my husband says she is still the same. I just wonder. I worry about her every day. Monday I am taking her to the holistic vet to see what she can do, if anything, and get her opinion.

The rest of the dogs are doing well. I took Muffit and Tatum to Sugarhouse Park today for a walk. I haven’t taken Muffit out until now because he was sick. He’s done with his meds now and he is much happier, he is even enticing Tatum to play. He wants to play with Chase, too, but Chase isn’t ready yet. Having yet another new dog in the house has thrown Chase out of whack, but Chase is doing well and he hasn’t instigated any fights, which is nice. And we are helping him and making the other dogs respect his space, which is good and will help Chase adjust.

I’m please to say that Muffit ignored the people we walked by, sniffed everything, and seemed very well adjusted. 🙂

Fortunately we don’t need any eca stack around here to lose weight, but I am cutting down Tony’s food as he is a bit chubby now. And Muffit gets a lot to eat, since he is still too skinny.

Muffit is Better

Well good news, after a couple of days on the new meds Muffit is much better already. His breathing sounds clear, no more snuffling and no more major green nasal discharge! Yay! He is eating well, and starting to play, too. Still a bit low on energy but that will come.

I’ve started him on the clicker and he doesn’t quite understand yet, but he will soon. We’ll start with what he knows, sits and downs, and add the mat work. Tatum really liked starting with the Mat.

So the days go by, we wonder what to feel and do about Lucy, and we just plug along.

Poor Muffit

Well the newest member of our family, Muffit the Muppet, isn’t feeling to well so we took him to the vet today. Poor guy. We got some new meds for him. And the vet wanted to take his blood.

Well, he would have none of that and boy can that boy squirm. He was so afraid, we had to muzzle him because he would snap at us, and yes, I expect he would probably bite while under such distress. When he looked at me with those big brown pleading eyes, absolutely terrified, we decided it was time to sedate him.

I’ve never watched a dog be sedated before.. it’s very odd, he slowly goes to sleep, though the vet said he’s mostly aware of what is going on. It was almost like watching him die.. but he kept breathing. She drew the blood, they drew a lot, so I asked if she had enough for titers and she said yes, so we are going to get titers on him too. I don’t want to vaccinate this boy anymore, he’s probably been totally over vaccinated being moved from home to home, and he recently got DHPP booster at the Utah Humane Society. Ugh. Wish we could have gotten a hold of him before that happened.

Anyway, she drew the blood, and then injected him with the wakeup shot, and he slowly woke up. Now he is sleeping next to me, still snoring, poor guy. I can’t pick him up.. he turns his head like he’ll bite. So I just put my hand on him and encourage him to move, and he does.

We are going to be spending the next months, probably years, regaining his trust. It’s been pretty shattered over the years. He is not aggressive, don’t get me wrong.. but he’s afraid if we handle him in certain ways. And that’s okay, he can be afraid. He’ll get a lot of clicker training to boost his confidence, and when he does flyball with the Thunder Paws here in Utah, I’m sure that will help his confidence, too.

I got a little harness for him as well, it fits him, but it’s too small for Tatum and Chase. Such nice harnesses! Well, maybe I will try to make something, if my husband will help. Maybe there are some Robert Allen fabrics out there that would work for dogs!