Heeling with Jet

So last weekend I got out into the back yard with the new tripod and took some video of me heeling with Jet.

I think he’s doing well, though still I worry that he’ll kick it into gear at a trial. I have to say, though, the only two trials I’ve entered him in were super hard. One was a conformation show with a busy smelly building with lots going on. And he did okay, actually, and would have Q’d but crawled to visit another dog on the down stay. The other show as the same day as an agility trial, and I think it was hard for him to switch from agility to obedience.

I may enter him in a one day obedience only show in September. It’s the day before the 3 day agility trial. Maybe he’ll do better there. Outside, relaxed. I hope so, anyway. I’ll probably give it a try and see how he does.

Anyway, life goes on, I’m trying to work the other dogs, do fun things, get on with life, accept that Lucy is gone. Maybe getting some Off Road Lights for the van would help in the dark when it starts getting closer to winter. I dunno, though, I usually just like it dark.

Jet’s First Obedience Trial

Oooo man, Obedience makes me so nervous! LOL. I got to the trial really early today, and sat for too long. But it was better than sitting at home fretting about being late and missing my time in the ring. 🙂

Jet went into the ring in the afternoon and he did pretty well. I thought his heeling would be better. His heeling in training is really solid. But this building is hard. There are lots of smells, and there’s conformation going on too, and agility outside. And Jet does have trouble resisting sniffs sometimes and it showed in this run.

He did not Qualify. He would have, but in the long 3 minute down stay he couldn’t resist the girl border collie next to him, and crawled over to see her. The goof. So the judge nodded at me to go and get him and so I did, and then we had to stand until the rest of the down stay was done.

Other than that he would have qualified. And this did give me a really good idea of what we need to work. We need to work speed at the start of the heeling. More push-backs I think. And I think we need to work finding heel position. Like I need to run away and play with him a bit then have him fall into heel at my Trot cue and have him stay with me.

But I was happy with him anyway. And the video always looks better than the actual feel of the run. 🙂 He’s a good boy. We have a month before he has another obedience trial, so we can do some work!

And tonight I’ll be able to sit on the couch and rest. Obedience stresses me out more than any other dog sport. So I’m tired. But I ate well today, which was good so hopefully won’t need any sensa to help my weight loss along!

Getting Ready for Obedience

Jet and my Leg
I got Jet’s confirmation in the mail today for our obedience trial. He is entered only on Thursday, Novice B. I need to find my darn armband. Why do I lose that darn armband so much? Ugh.

His Novice work is really nice, I think. As long as his stand for exam holds. I’ve been training up his open work too, so that he’ll be ready once he gets his CD. He might just scream right though novice, or I may be over confident, I’m not sure! But if he gets his CD then we’ll go into Open. He needs work on the Drop on Recall and the Broad Jump, but his dumbbell is really nice, so is his heeling. So those will be good. I think he just needs more time with the broad and the drop on recall. And I don’t want to mess up his novice recall either.

It should be fun. If I’m not too nervous. Maybe some coach gifts will perk me up. I’m kinda his coach.. and his team mate!

Jet and Obedience Training

Jet is doing so well with obedience, I am thrilled! We did some training at a park a week or so ago and I think he’s looking great. This is his Novice run through. I am trying to use less treats, too, since he’s entered in Novice B the first weekend of May. Just for one day, since it’s a 4 day trial and 3 of the days we are doing agility. And although he can probably switch from obedience to agility and back again, I get flustered with conflicts and so I’ve only entered one sport each day.

As long as his Stand for Exam holds up, he comes on the recall when I call first, and he holds his stays, I think we’ll do well. Of course it’s just a test. First time in a real obedience ring is only a test of our training anyway. But I’ll still be nervous. It’s AKC obedience.

I just love Jet’s heeling. I love his front feet trotting up he’s so cute. And he looks so happy. And happy is the best part. I wouldn’t even do obedience if I had one of those dogs that trudged around the ring like they are moving through mud and look miserable. I want happy dog!

So hopefully we’ll do well in obedience and agility. It’s still a couple of weeks away. And it’s the trial I pulled Tatum from. If she’s okay I’ll bring her a couple of the days just to make sure she’s fine for the middle of May agility trial I have her entered in. Why is it so hard to pull from trials? I don’t know, but even with if I had a usb barcode scanner to scan my entries with I still would have a hard time pulling from trials. It broke my heart when I had to pull Levi years ago when he was having such weave poll problems. And now Tatum. I just hope and pray and cross my fingers that Jet will be healthy and sound his whole life. Even though he can’t hear in his left hear, that shouldn’t stop us from doing what we love!

The only thing I don’t like about this video is how much weight I’ve gained! Ugh. I’m doing good writing down my calories every day, so hopefully it’ll come off soon!

From Flyball to Obedience to Agility

Jet on the Beach
Well flyball is done for a bit… though not for too long, since we have a tournament in May that we are going to go to as well. But the next things are obedience and agility the first weekend of May.

Jet is entered into his first Obedience trial. It’s AKC and it’s going to be on Thursday May 5.. errr, I think it’s the 5th. Is that a Thursday? Whatever. 🙂 I think it is. He’ll be in Novice B and I hope he does well. His Stand for Exam is still not solid. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes he wants to tuuuurrrrn his head all the way around to sniff the person going over him. So we’ll see. He might lose points but he probably won’t NQ because of it. And I hope he moves forward on the heels, once in a while he’ll just sit and won’t move. LOL. And I hope he comes on the recall, and I hope he stays on the stays. So much to worry about. But I guess it is what it is and I’ll have to trust our training!

Then that same weekend is agility. It’s the same judge 4 days in a row, and being in Novice and/or open it’s pointless to go 4 days in a row because you need to have legs under different judges for titles. So we are just doing the 3 days and hopefully be able to move into Open. Both Tatum and Jet are entered in that.

I was able to take them both to the agility field we practice in last week. Tatum was nervous again but she hasn’t been there in months. It’ll take her a while to get comfortable again. I’m hoping after 3 days of agility she’ll be better after the first day in the same place. But I’m just not sure with her. Jet will be fine, of course. And his hearing disability shouldn’t hold us back at all. My training disability might hold us back, though. LOL. And with all the snow we’ve been having this April, we haven’t been able to get out and train much, which sucks. But oh well, again, trust in the training. But I do know we still lack some training skills. I was able to work some serpentines last Friday with him so that was good.

Maybe some thrust bearings would kick us into gear and help us but I’m not so sure about that. Anyway, that’s the latest. Not much is going on this month but in May I’ll be overwhelmed. I have trials 5 weekends in a row starting in May and I’m not really looking forward to that without any down time. I wish I was retired so my down time could be during the week. Only 2 years 5 months 21 days to go. 😉