My Dogs Growl at Me

Ha ha ha. Yes, I admit it, my dogs growl at me. Only Lucy and Levi, though. Chase and Angel don’t. Angel is too sweet, and never would hurt a fly. Chase has a different temperament and I treat him differently. Since he is a border collie and much higher drive, he needs different rules.

Lucy and Levi, though, are spoiled… are well taken cared for. 🙂 Levi has always been underconfident, so when he does it, it’s okay. He’s being more confident. And Lucy is just pack marm and thinks she is boss of everyone. But she knows her place.

They really only growl when they are lying on our bed at night and we have to move them so we can sleep. And they growl, and we just laugh at them, and move them anyway. There will be no biting after the growls. They wouldn’t do that. It’s just mostly a groan of complain. But definitely a growl.

My husband and I think it’s cute. The dogs know how they rank, and so we don’t worry about their growls. 🙂 We know them well enough to know if it was inappropriate. 🙂

From 70 to 30

Well, I’m back from training in Irvine, CA. The beginning of the week was too windy and cold. Rainy a bit, clear a bit. Saturday, though, was so nice and warm. It was in the 70s when we were at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. And then I came back here, to Salt Lake City… and there is snow on the ground and it’s too cold.

And it’ll probably be a couple of months before it really starts getting warmer. Ugh. And I don’t feel well. I have no energy, my throat is a bit sore, and I’ve been having head aches. I am going to sit and read all day today and catch up on sleep I think. I’m too tired. I have agility class tonight, I hope I’ll make that. It’s my flex day which is good.

My head got packed with too much information in training. I sure hope I retain it all. I sure missed the dogs when I was gone. We are watching Nick and Glitter for a bit, they are such sweet hearts. I have two shelties on me now while I read, plus Levi. 🙂

March 9 Update – Levi

Levi is a goon!

We set up a full standard NADAC type course in the back again for this.

Levi missed his weaves EVERY SINGLE TIME! He did not do the full set of 12 once, at all, ever.

Just like he does at a trial. However, I didn’t babysit him through, either. If he went fast and got some of them, we played and had fun. So the goal is to pack the 2x2s up into the car again like I was starting to do last fall, and go to various parks, and have him tunnel weave like we did. Boy needs weaving confidence I think, in different environments. Silly guy.

I also realized that when he blows his weaves, it also smashes my confidence, and I get embarrased and ashamed. Ugh. So I think this weekend at the NADAC trial I’m going to just blow off weaves. So what if we don’t Q in any game that has a weave in it. As long as Levi is having fun, and maybe he’ll get a couple of them, that’s okay.

I think he really needs weaving confidence.

Though maybe the Farmington site is becoming familiar to him, and that’s why at the AKC trial last time, he got 3 out of 4 entries? Hmm, possible. He is so darn sensitive, that silly boy.

Otherwise he did really good. He’s getting some distance and having some fun. I’m cranky with PMS right now, so it’s hard to stay up beat, and I think he picks up on that, too.


You know what is amazing to me… cache. My server has been down for at least a week, probably two, and still I can see all the images on my blog that are hosted on my no-longer-existent web server. 😀

On a good note, I got apache started last night. After fighting with apache2 for about four days. Don’t know why it would not start. Sometimes it gave me an error, sometimes not, depending on what I would change. So I unloaded the apache2 packages and loaded up apace, and viola, it just started.

So now is a valid URL once again. 🙂 However, I need to get working on getting everything restored. And of course now both my other 2 machines are off line… gah, when it rains, it sure does pour!