The Collie Cam is Back and Better!

Woo Hoo! I finally set up the webcam again. After all the server changes and such. The image you see here is the actual image on the cam. If it’s closed, you’ll see an image saying it’s closed. If it’s open, you’ll see the real image with no message.

Click Here for the Collie Cam!

However, it won’t really be open until Monday! 🙂 I may let it run some this weekend, but when we are home we really don’t like it to snap us and so we usually let it snap pictures when it’s off.

There is also now a guestbook on the page where you can sign and leave a comment. And it’s protected by Akismet for spam protection. It’s a free little guestbook script I found.

My favorite part is the archives gallery! It’s a lightbox type photo gallery called MiniShowcase. And it’s free too! It’s perfect for my cam archives!

Click Here for the webcam archives.

I’ve set up a little cron job on my server to upload the Cam is Closed image every day at 5:30 pm Mountain Time.

I’m excited about the web cam being back and being better! Though maybe it could use some Shirley of Hollywood lighting!

Angel and Tatum

Tatum and Angel Is this the cutest picture or what? Okay maybe not in the whole entire world, but still I love it. Tatum loves to play. Angel loves to play too, but since she’s been getting older she’s been slowing down so she doesn’t run around like she used to. But she still likes to play and I caught this shot of them playing in the back yard. No office furniture to jump around in the yard! Though I’m sure Tatum would chew it up if it were out there.

Anyway… today it’s gorgeous outside, sunshine, and hopefully it’ll get up into the 50s. Me, Chase, Tatum and Muffit are going to go out to flyball practice in a bit. I can’t wait to see how Muffit does with the people and dogs. I hope he’s okay!

Oh and did I mention I got a free foldable wire dog crate on Friday? My friends and I went to lunch and on the way back we drove by a yard with some stuff out front, one was a dog crate. We stopped, and there was a big FREE sign on it! I was thrilled. It’s even a double door, which I love! And the perfect size for Muffit. Even Tatum fits in it fine.

I love free!

Settling Back Into Home

Well, being home is nice. Believe you me. I do love trips, and sometimes one the way home I don’t want the trip to end.. but now that I am here at home on the couch with my regular pack, I am very happy to be home and to be relaxing.

We made it home pretty fast, the rear spoilers on the car might have helped… if we had one, which we didn’t. The Husband’s car has one not my Outback. 🙂 Anyway, six hours from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City Utah is pretty darn good, I think. It was about the same amount of time going down.

So this week we get some rest. Then Saturday I’m going to practice Obedience with Chase and Levi and Tatum, then Sunday it looks like we get to do some flyball practice to incorporate the things we learned at the tournament. I need to get Muffit on a touch stick… I am still not quite awake enough to do that, maybe tomorrow!

Touch n Go Flyball Seminar in Vegas!

Well, we leave tomorrow! Yay! I am so excited. Chase is too.. it’s been too long since he’s done flyball. Too much snow on the ground around here. And Tatum.. well, she’s going to the Green Dog portion and hopefully she will have fun, too. She may be nervous for a while but we’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be a great test for her.

Me and some of the members of my flyball team, Thunder Paws… we are renting a townhouse and so we will have fun evenings with wine and beer and song… okay well maybe not song, but videos for sure. I’m packing up dog videos that we can watch for entertainment.

The driving situation is all worked out, so we hope. I do hope that all my junk and a team mate’s junk fits in my Outback. And three dogs. We might have to send some of the junk down with another teammate in her car instead.

Anyway.. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access from Vegas or not. I’ll have my laptop with, but if I don’t have internet I’ll have to save the pictures and info for when I get back.

I Want to Bury my Head in the Sand

I am just burned out with Rescue. Seriously. I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to stay home with my dogs and entirely ignore the overpopulation issue, all the tens of thousands of dogs that die every year because people don’t understand them, expect them to humans in suits, and abandon them.

It’s a horrible problem. It’s all over the stupid country. And all the good things that all the good rescues are doing seem like a tiny dent in the overall huge metal monster that it is. But we can’t take any more dogs into our home. At seven, we are packed. At six we are packed. At four we were okay and could do a foster or two. But at seven we cannot take anymore. Even at six, or at five, we wouldn’t be able to take anymore.

So I want to ignore the problem now, I want to bury my head in the sand, and pretend it’s not there. I want to work with my own dogs and love them and focus on them. I want to get Tony into a home, or a foster home. We are overwhelmed and overstressed. I have our used cisco router maxed, with all the internet stuff I do for rescue.

I won’t ignore the problem. I can’t. It’s too prevalent and anyone that has any dealing with dogs even in a very small way knows about it. The problem is there. It’s talked about. We have to be aware of it. And I’ll continue to talk about it, and be aware of it, and push rescue instead of breeding. But maybe, in my house full of happy dogs, maybe here where it’s safe and cozy and there is so much love and joy, maybe here we can ignore the problem and just be happy with who we have.