Flyball Seminar Coming Up!

Woo Hoo I am so excited! I’ve been sleepy today but then I got my confirmation papers (email) for the Touch n Go Flyball Seminar in Last Vegas in.. in only a week!

Three days. Well, Friday will be for Tatum, and Saturday and Sunday will be for Chase. Looks like our team, Thunder Paws here in Utah, will have to bring our own box. And I have crates and food and clothes to bring, too. Man, there is always a ton to bring when bringing the dogs. It was so weird going to the Clicker Exp and only bringing stuff for me. I felt so light and empty.

We still haven’t decided who is driving down with whom.. or if we are taking one van or two cars. Or when we are leaving from Salt Lake City and when we are leaving from Las Vegas to come home. But it will all work out in the end.

I will have to pack this weekend, get all my stuff together. Monday will be busy, and Sunday a little bit with a private lesson and puppy class, but I should have some time. And Saturday will be my self-imposed down day. I’m going to need a zero gravity recliner when I get back, in order to rest! I’m sure it will be an information packed weekend and my brain will be loosing it by Sunday. But it’ll be fun!

Clicker Expo!

Okay so tomorrow afternoon I am flying outta here and heading to the Clicker Expo in Los Angeles. I am excited. It is Friday through Sunday. I’ll fly home Sunday night.

Not only am I looking forward to learning a heck of a lot about clicker training, I’m looking forward to it being 60 degrees in California! I’m so tired of the cold around here. Though I do like the long dark nights. But they will have those there as well.

I hope to buy some good clicker products, and I’m really looking forward to the labs and seminars they will have. I will try to blog from there, but not sure how much time I will have. I’ll have my camera with me, too, because it’s new and I just have to take it, and I want to get some good pictures while I am there.

I do wish I was taking a dog… and Tatum just almost would fit in my carry on suitcase.. she tried super hard to scratch into it when I was packing. 🙂 But alas, I don’t think she’d like to be cramped in there for two hours!

Anyway.. I may or may not blog before I go. Or while I’m there. Either way, should be fun!

Kip’s Stocking

Kip's Stocking This stocking was made for me way back when in the way back days, when I was doing Greyhound Rescue. One of the people who adopted a greyhound.. his name was Ajax and he was a big white boy, made these. She made this of Kip for me as a thank you.

I love this stocking. It looks exactly like him. I wish I had more for my other dogs but I don’t know how to contact her anymore, and I’m not creative enough!

And… I’m still going nutty with my new camera and flickr. LOL.

Pack Play

The Pack Playing And so I went out with the playing pack a bit and took some action shots with the new camera. I’m not getting pictures as clear as I would like. I sped the shutter speed up to about 340 (did some 500 but not sure which this is). And it got nice action stills but they are not as clear as I would like.

Taking off my diamond pendants before I go out with the dogs so as not to loose them, I crouched down and snapped a bunch of quick shots. And I’m adjusting the brightness a bit, because they were pretty dark. Maybe I need to learn about ISO. There is so much to learn!

Anyway, so here’s a pic for today! Oooo, I should do a wordless wednesday… LOL.

I Am Behind!

Ugh.. two days of agility has really made me behind. In blogging, and in life. Yesterday I basically rested up all day, went to bed early. I also burned all the videos to DVD and will be giving them out to my friends who I recorded. I hope to get more vids of Chase and Levi up here too.

The trial was up in Farmington and the drive isn’t bad up there and back. I even drove in the snow on Sunday morning.. I am proud to say. On the freeway! It wasn’t snowing much, just light, and the roads were wet not snow packed or icy. I’m so afraid of driving in weather since my second rollover. I always make sure I get a good auto insurance quote when looking for new insurance because driving freaks me out.

Anyway it was a fun trial and I’m now trying to catch up on things like blogging! I also bought a new camera which I’m excited about! It’s an SLR… ooo watch out for lots of dog pictures!