Pictures from the Park

Just some fun pictures from when we went to the dog park last weekend. I love the park after a fresh snow, when the sky is perfectly blue. I love that color of blue.

Only Tatum and Jet went. I’m still not taking Levi. I don’t know, his park days may be over… we’ll see. But every day he seems a little bit worse. His poor old body just can’t repair itself anymore. Makes me very, very sad.

Tatum and Jet
Blue Skies
Tatum and Jet

Why not take Muffit or Chase? Well, Chase isn’t dog friendly at all. He’s actually pretty dog aggressive. And Muffit goes hiking with my husband so much, that I don’t take him out myself. He’s my husband’s hiking companion. 🙂

Coats in the Park

The Park
Well, there’s not much going on! 🙂 So I haven’t been blogging much lately. In about three weeks Jet and I have an AKC agility trial. That’ll be fun. I hope we remember how to do it! I haven’t done agility much. Just been working, covering shifts for coworkers who have too much leave and have to use it, or lose it. Me, I use mine during the rest of the year and so I don’t have much left. It’s okay, it’s really quiet during the holidays so that’s nice.

Levi, Chase and Jet have been doing more Cyber Rally. Levi got his first Q. Though every day I worry he’s just getting worse and worse, older and older. This park trip was a lot for him. I feel bad that he’s still not back to how he was before that darn party. Maybe he never will be. Breaks my heart.

Chase got his second Cyber Rally Q, and Jet got his third, for a title. It’s been fun, and with the lack of snow and the weather in the 50s here in Utah, we’ve been able to get outside, which is nice.

I’ve been staying indoors a lot, though. Maybe I should look for some Sous Chef Jobs for something to do inside. But instead I sit on the chairs and watch TV or read. I do like to take it easy.

Having A Hard Time

Parley's Nature Preserve

Well, it’s been a week and a half since Lucy passed away.  And I am having one heck of a bad time getting over losing her.  I don’t think I had this hard a time when Angel died. However, the husband reminds me that back then I was on Zoloft for anxiety.  And that numbed all my emotions. And I went off that a year ago, because of side effects I didn’t like, and so now I get to feel the full slam of all my stupid emotions all the time.  It sucks.  But, I guess that’s just life.  I just wasn’t ready to let her go.

Also, I’ve been just looking past too much, wondering where all the years have gone. I’m so worried about Levi, too, now, though my rational mind thinks he is doing pretty good. I’m taking him to a holistic type doctor to see if she can help him stay strong as long as possible, too. The regular vets are fine, but usually just give you the typical rymadil and narcotics and steroids for things.  Hopefully this other vet will give him a bit of extra.

Levi is my heart dog. I really hope he lives 2 more years. I can retire in Aug 2013.  Because I know that I’ll be a wreck when Levi dies, and if I have to actually perform at work, I really, honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to for a while.  I don’t handle death, or extreme emotions, very well at all.  Ugh. I feel like I’ve been bleeding all over the internet and Facebook, so I’ve been making a huge effort not to whine and cry about her too much. I did find a great website, Pet Loss, where people can go and brood over lost pets. I have been chatting online there, which has helped me a bit, I think.

Today I took Levi, Tatum and Jet to Parley’s Nature Preserve. It’s the only off leash park I like to go to. Our round-trip walk was 1.75 miles, I measured it with my phone. I also lost my fitbit… which is my fancy pedometer. That sucks, since it was $99 and I really can’t afford another one. Oh well, I guess I just can’t see how many steps I take anymore. Things are just things, anyway. What really matters is my family and friends.  Both groups include my dogs. I realized that years ago when Lucy and Levi were very young and chewed many things up. After a while, I just stopped really caring about the things, and caring about the dogs.  🙂

Below are some more pictures. I am taking many more pictures of Levi, now, because I don’t have enough of Angel or Lucy. I have a ton of Jet, though. LOL. He is just so darn photogenic.

Running at the Park
Tatum and Levi
Jet in the Water

I stopped on the way home and got some yarn so I can knit some dark black socks. I’ve been having a bit of a knitting bug lately. I didn’t get any kmart coupons, though. I like the local yarn store, what a fun place that would be to work when I retire.

A Trip to the Park

Well, I got up this morning and Jet an Tatum were full of energy and so I thought why not take them to the park. So off we went. They had such a great time. I took Levi, too. He doesn’t get out as much as he should anymore. But he loves it. Even though he’s going to be 11 in only a few days, he’s in really good shape.

Tatum and Levi
Tatum and Levi

The colors were really pretty, too, which was nice. I’m glad I brought my camera. We had an adventure… Jet ran off no less than three times. He’s coming back though, which is good. The goof. LOL. Levi took a big fall. Jet ran into him and I really thought Jet was going to go over. But nope, it was Levi who got knocked down. He’s just not as strong anymore as he used to be.

Jet went up a big tree. He’s a goof. He should be a Danish-Swedish Treedog. LOL.

Jet up a Tree
Jet up a Tree

We had a great time. When we got home I took a nap, did some yard work, and now I’m on the computer a bit. Maybe I need a big old rack mount PC to play around with, but it’s been kinda nice to be off the computer for a while, and just be home.

Levi at the Park

Levi at the Park

Well, while I’m gone on my cruise I didn’t want to leave this blog idle… so here is a cute picture of Levi’s but at the park when we went this summer. 🙂 He loves the park. He is so good there now. He used to be a terror! When he was young we’d let him off leash and he would run around without listening for a good fifteen minutes. Kinda like Tatum and Muffit do now!

But he liked it, and now he comes back and hangs out for treats. He is a great boy.