A Trip to the Dog Park

I don’t usually like dog parks… mainly because my dogs don’t do too good at them. But I have to say, some of my dogs don’t do good at them.. but actually, only one doesn’t do good at them anymore. Levi used to be horrible, barking at people, running amok, when he was young. He’s better now though, more mellow and he tires out fairly quickly. yeah.. he’s almost nine so he’s showing a bit of age. Darnit.

These first two pictures are of some dogs we met when there that our dogs wanted to play with. Very handsome and cute indeed!

The Dog Park 1

The Dog Park 2

Anyway, this park, Tanner Park, aka Parley’s Nature Preserve, is awesome. And it’s an official dog park now! It is a gully and it’s about a mile round trip. You go down and walk to a little lake kinda drainage pond at the top, then turn around and head back. The dogs love it, you don’t stand in one place for any length of time.. and to keep moving is much better for the dogs.

The Dog Park 3

The Dog Park 5

Chase and Lucy stayed home, because Chase is the dog that doesn’t like other dogs in his face. And Lucy can’t eat treats anymore. So my husband and I took Tatum, Muffit, Levi and Angel.

The Dog Park 11

Muffit had a great time… he always knows where we are, but he pretends to forget where we are. He doesn’t come back to his name as well as Tatum does (when she’s listening). But I think it’s just because he’s afraid the fun will be over, and it’s not deeply reinforced yet that his name means a yummy treat is in order. He will catch on, I’m sure.

The Dog Park 13

You just can’t get happier dogs than this. This dog park is doggie heaven. We did end up losing Tatum at one point. She forgets about us sometimes. She gets so excited about the other dogs, she tends to ignore us and forget about us and she follows the other dogs. I do think, though, with time she’ll get used to it and listen and watch for us more. She is a good girl and she watches for treats after about the first fifteen minutes of getting all the excitement out of her system.

The Dog Park 12

The Dog Park 14

Tatum just has the happiest darn face when she’s at the dog park. She loves it. She came home and is dead asleep now. She laid right down when she got into the van in her crate. Once she realized it was time to go, she like sighed and was happy that she could relax!

The Dog Park 15

The drive home was restful for them.. and now it’s time to go eat dinner, so I have to wake them up!

Beautiful Lucy

Lucy Lucy is our beautiful smooth collie girl. She does seem to be slowing down… with her cancer diagnosis and all. But she got to chew on a Kong a lot today, and carry it around and guard it, and guarding is one of her favorite things. Though she doesn’t like it quite as much as Levi does.

Lucy is doing okay. I watch her closely now and I think that her low energy is because of her cancer. But my husband says she is still the same. I just wonder. I worry about her every day. Monday I am taking her to the holistic vet to see what she can do, if anything, and get her opinion.

The rest of the dogs are doing well. I took Muffit and Tatum to Sugarhouse Park today for a walk. I haven’t taken Muffit out until now because he was sick. He’s done with his meds now and he is much happier, he is even enticing Tatum to play. He wants to play with Chase, too, but Chase isn’t ready yet. Having yet another new dog in the house has thrown Chase out of whack, but Chase is doing well and he hasn’t instigated any fights, which is nice. And we are helping him and making the other dogs respect his space, which is good and will help Chase adjust.

I’m please to say that Muffit ignored the people we walked by, sniffed everything, and seemed very well adjusted. 🙂

Fortunately we don’t need any eca stack around here to lose weight, but I am cutting down Tony’s food as he is a bit chubby now. And Muffit gets a lot to eat, since he is still too skinny.

ASCA Agility

Well we did some ASCA agility yesterday. I just entered the one day. I’m glad I did. Chase was so tired last night when we got home that he was showing his teeth to everyone, even Lucy and Levi and he doesn’t do that often at all.

Both Levi and Chase did great. Levi got a couple Qs, Chase didn’t get any but I did want to practice with him. And it’s so much fun to run him now. We have come a long way, and we still have a way to go but I’m learning. I’m especially learning lateral distance. Sometimes I think I can be further away from him than I can be. He missed a tunnel entry because of that yesterday. I thought he’d hit the tunnel he’s such a tunnel suck. But nope.. he check in with me instead, which was good!

Levi did awesome, too. I wasn’t in the best frame of mind because of Lucy’s most likely Cancer, but I was happy with the boys. I brought Tatum too, and she’s doing so well there. She goes up to everyone now looking for Livers, which she gets thanks to her Mum. 🙂 Afterwards we were in the parking lot and I dropped her flexi… suffice it to say, we have to practice her dragging the flexi. Because the Mum can be a dork sometimes and drop them. She was pretty frightened of it dragging behind her.

Today is a rest day, which I need. Muffit is sitting beside me sleeping. He is such a snuggler. He is still snuffling, we might take him back to the vet tomorrow or Tuesday for a checkup.

Collies at the Dog Park


Well, we didn’t see any collies other than the three who I brought. But they sure had fun! I took Tony, Tatum, Levi and Chase to the dog park. They ran and ran and played and played and had a great amazing time.

Tatum was shy the last time I took her, but this time she wasn’t shy at all. She even did her silly prance play with a man! That made me very happy.

And we saw Kibu from flyball. Chase was excited to see her and wouldn’t leave the poor girl alone! I hope Chase’s feet weren’t hurting him, and his coat is so thin now.. I need to knit him a sweater that goes all the way under him. When Tatum’s is finished, I’ll see how I did and if it’s good, I’ll make Chase one too.

I bundled up in boots, long coat and warm hat. Left my wholesale fashion jewelry and my cell phone at home. I should have brought the cell phone with, I think. It was cold, but not too bad when we kept moving. And Chase was panting, so he must have been warm enough.

Stand for Exam and Heeling

Two of the most critical things for Chase to learn at the moment.. before he goes into Novice to get his CD in Obedience, is the Stand for Exam and Heeling.

The Stand for exam is so hard for him. Hard, because he loves people! Which actually says a lot for him. When he was found in the parking lot of the pound in Utah County, he would approach no one. He was afraid, and that is why they named him Chase. And when he came to stay with us, he wouldn’t come to us either for a long time. Now, it’s hard to tear this boy off of a person. So probably he liked people, but was too afraid.

Anyway so the Stand for Exam is hard for him because he gets all wiggle butt and wants to say hi to the person approaching him. Well, my obedience instructor came up with a great solution! He knows a perch box, he loves putting his feet, front or back, and he’ll offer either or both, on a box. So we have him do that, I put him in a stand, stay, walk away, and the examiner comes and touches him.

Wow! Giving him that perch box to put his feet on is helping already! He now is learning this is an exercise, instead of just people saying hi and petting him. Already, after only doing it a half a dozen times, he’s getting it!

Also his heeling. It is coming along. When there is a treat on the stick he heels beautifully. He doesn’t understand to keep watching me, though, when the treat goes away. So we are working on that, too. I am working a Look command with him so he can sit and look at me. And I will transfer that into the moving heel.

Training with him on Monday was a ton of fun. His Go Outs are also doing very well, he’s starting to spin and sit. I didn’t write about this before because I was still stunned.. well, you can read my post from Monday, I am trying not to think about it anymore. Sometimes I just want to look at hot tubs, buy one, and sit and relax and blog. Can you blog from a hot tub? They need to make waterproof laptops.