‘Pet Owners’ or ‘Guardians’?

The Poodle and Dog Blog has a post about whether we should call our animals pets or not.

I thought, instead of commenting there, I should post here, since the subject is closely related to this blog, and is actually a subject I have an opinion on (often I just don’t care about things, but this one I do!) 🙂

Anyway, if you notice, I hardly use the word ‘pet’ when I am talking about my dogs and cats. I will usually say companion animal. And although, yes, I did pay money and bought two of my dogs, and I paid money to adopt my other two dogs and both my cats, I don’t feel as though I ‘own’ them. I am their guardian. I don’t believe they are property. I believe they have rights above and beyond the rights of this couch I am sitting on.

They are living, breathing beings, independent and unique. But then, I have a radical opinion of animals. I’m vegetarian, and so I don’t eat animals. And I hold the same attitude toward animals as Chief Seattle held toward the land:

How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?

I feel the same way about another life. I don’t believe we can truly own another being. Not only a human, but any other living being.

And so I prefer to be a dog and cat guardian, rather than owner. I don’t want, as a human, to be ‘better’ than any other living creature. I want to be on the same level. I am different, for sure, but not better.

I do realize that many people who consider themselves ‘pet owners’ are just as loving, kind, generous, and bonded to their dogs and cats. So in the end, what we call ourselves isn’t as important. Except when it might come to rights and laws.

I don’t know if I’d be considered an animal rights advocate, or animal welfare. If animal rights means we have no animal companions at all, then I guess I wouldn’t be considered that. But I do prefer that living beings have more rights than now they seem to have.

Parking Ticket?

Argh! I am so mad. I walked out of work on Thursday and what to my surprise on my car… but a ticket! It’s not really a parking ticket. It’s an expired plate ticket. Grrrr… yeah, it had expired, but I had renewed it and the temp renewal form was planinly visible in the window. So what the heck was the guy thinking?! It was RIGHT THERE!

I was out of town to Idaho and Las Vegas a couple weekends in a row. And my car registration had come in the mail, my husband had put it right next to the trailer registration that had already been paid. So I thought it was the same one. When I realized my mistake, I went and paid. I went all the way to LV and back without incident.

The only reason I got a ticket at work is because they have torn out all our parking, and we have to park on the street. And so they prowl around looking for people who have parked illegally. Which I was not. It makes me doubly mad. No parking, and extra parking penalties.

The fine is $20. I’m probably going to fight it Monday. I just hope it doesn’t take forever. Not sure if I should just pay it and keep my time… I just hardly have any time to do anything anymore. I have to take Lucy to the vet Monday at 1:20 for her first acupuncture treatment. And I might go fight the ticket afterwards. What a pain in the rear!

Trial Update

Okay, so I moved Levi down to Novice Preferred in AKC. To work out his weave polls. He’s getting really good at doing them at the park, in the backyard, and in training class. However, trialing still not so great.

I’m thinking I need to do more sequences with more obstacles. I’m going to head to Willow Creek with both boys tonight, since we don’t have class tonight. See if I can put some small courses together and see how he does. Hopefully I’ll build up his confidence and get this going. His weaves are really the only thing holding us back!

Chase is doing well still, he’s doing 6 straight weaves, very nicely! I’m happy with him. 🙂 Working on his contacts now mostly, and some small sequences. And WAIT! 😉

March 9 Update – Levi

Levi is a goon!

We set up a full standard NADAC type course in the back again for this.

Levi missed his weaves EVERY SINGLE TIME! He did not do the full set of 12 once, at all, ever.

Just like he does at a trial. However, I didn’t babysit him through, either. If he went fast and got some of them, we played and had fun. So the goal is to pack the 2x2s up into the car again like I was starting to do last fall, and go to various parks, and have him tunnel weave like we did. Boy needs weaving confidence I think, in different environments. Silly guy.

I also realized that when he blows his weaves, it also smashes my confidence, and I get embarrased and ashamed. Ugh. So I think this weekend at the NADAC trial I’m going to just blow off weaves. So what if we don’t Q in any game that has a weave in it. As long as Levi is having fun, and maybe he’ll get a couple of them, that’s okay.

I think he really needs weaving confidence.

Though maybe the Farmington site is becoming familiar to him, and that’s why at the AKC trial last time, he got 3 out of 4 entries? Hmm, possible. He is so darn sensitive, that silly boy.

Otherwise he did really good. He’s getting some distance and having some fun. I’m cranky with PMS right now, so it’s hard to stay up beat, and I think he picks up on that, too.

Running Again


I was sick around New Years. The entire holiday I didn’t even leave the house. Felt guilty about not taking the dogs to the park, but they survived. 🙂

Yesterday I felt a lot better, finally. Went running again. I have skipped two weeks. Ugh. And I can feel it today. Was really hard for me to fall asleep last night. Usually is after I start or stop excersising. But, I know my body will adjust quickly and I’ll be back at it full again. I only went 2.93 miles, not the full 3.5. Hopefully I can do 3.5 again Thursday.

I only took Levi. Chase still needs LLW manners, and I think it might be a while for him. The world is so fascinating.

I also went to agility class. The old teacher isn’t teaching, so I have a new one. She is great, too, I really like her! She is more technically oriented and that is a good thing, because it’s always good to learn different perspectives! 🙂