Well, we had a busy weekend! We had many visitors come by. All four legged. And all very sweet!

This is Glitter. She is a sweet sweet sheltie. About two years old. Her Mom went to california to do some agility with Nick, Glitter’s brother. Nick, of course, is kicking butt, he is such a good agility boy! Glitter is so sweet. I love to play tug with her, because she has this funny little growl. I don’t think anyone could be afraid of her silly growl! But I tell her she sounds mean and nasty… to make sure she feels good about herself. 😉

We also watched Sadie and Gypsie, from Tuesday November 8th through Sunday November 13th. We had seven dogs in the house for a couple of days, but it was fun! Sadie is a monster.. BC mix, and she would hardly settle down. We’d have to crate her for a break. And Gypsie.. sweet 15 year old Gypsie. I loved her. Big sheltie girl… almost tried to hide her away for keeping! 😉

Menus and Links

Well, my menus and my links still are not quite right on this blog. *sigh*. Too much time to look up all the CSS, and then discover some is just missing and I have to add it in. WordPress is fun but the CSS could be a little bit easier. I actually usually enjoy playing with CSS, but geeez, it’s time consuming.

Agility Class – Chase!

Chase is doing so well in agility class!

Weaves – He is almost to straight weave polls. Only a little bit of openness to get him that entry. Sometimes he’ll skip the first entry, and sometimes the second, but we are working on it. And he thinks it’s such a completely fun game. He gets to play with a toy, and tug, and run full speed. How can life be more fun than that? I half-moon him into the first entry. I do think, though, that I’ve been wrapping him around more often than getting him a straight entry. So we need to work on that.

Contacts – he’s doing quite well with this, too. He’s starting to touch the clear plate at the bottom of the contact on a flat board. Will be adding the cue and a dash to the end of the board this week.

Table – he’s starting to pick up that he downs automatically on the table, which will be awesome. 🙂 Never trained that before either. But the 2nd dog is always better right?

Class March 29th – Chase

Ooo Chase’s weaves are coming along so nicely!

I can half-moon around those 2x2s now with him, and he hits them each time. Looking for that darn entry! Wow, I’m impressed. I throw his toy out, too, and he then keeps his head down, and bends to the right for when the next polls are set up.

So we are going to move on to the next step. The 2 sets of 2x2s will be extended out a bit, so he has to go through two gates. Teacher says he’ll learn this super fast. If the snow would only melt!

I’m super excited about his weaves. I will admit, I didn’t know a toy was so much motivation for a dog. And play and tug. He just loves this game and it’s working very well! I love using all positives!

March 28 Update

Just a quickie update. We have class tomorrow night, but working with Levi and Chase this weekend was fun!

Chase is really getting his 2×2 weaves down! I can set that jump up, and he goes over it, and gets the 2×2 weave entry in the yard almost every single time. 🙂 9 times out of 10 for sure. He is a bit weak when I’m on the outside and he is inside nearer the polls, but we can work on that. It is just how we play, and throwing that toy as a reward seems to work great. 🙂

Levi, I’m working on his contacts. Have a board at home and we are getting a good solid 2o2o at the end of it. Hopefully that’ll transport over to the contacts, but we are doing so gradually in stages.

Lucy is doing a great job of retrieving the treat bag for me! And Angel is learning all the voice commands and hand signals for all the tricks she knows. 🙂