Sasha and the Pack in the Snow

Well, we are having a snow storm. Finally! We’ve needed it. We had one a while back but this is supposed to be a biggie. It’s my flyball team’s Holiday Party tonight too, which is kinda funny because last year we had a big storm on party day, too. So now if I had some talking watches I’d be able to remember what time the party is!

Sasha and Tatum
Sasha and Tatum

So of course I had to drag the camera outside because it was pretty when the snow was just starting to accumulate on the grass, and you could see some of the grass peaking through.  Tatum and Sasha are becomming good friends. But then, Tatum befriends everyone. 🙂  Tatum is such a good girl. Sasha even chased Tatum around a little bit outside this morning.  Zoom Zoom!

Sasha is doing really well. She is not coughing as much as she was. She is letting me comb her out just a little bit now and again. Her skin seems very sensitive but that could be due to whatever is on her nose, too.  I was able to get some of those tiny pre-mat things out of her right side last night, and her right rear flank.


My husband was feeding her treats at the same time I combed to keep her calm and reward her. She stopped taking the treats though, so we stopped the combing too. I think her skin and her coat are really bothering her. Though I think she was groomed fairly recently, because her underbelly is trimmed straight and so are her legs. Her feet are too fluffy though!

This picture of Tatum and Sasha running is a bit blurred but it’s pretty darn cute. 🙂 Tatum so loves it when someone will chase her!

Sasha’s blood work came back fine, so that’s good.  And my husband says that means there’s less chance of her having the really nasty thing wrong. It seems like all three options, below, are really autoimmune things.

Sasha is eating really well and I’m glad she is starting to play. I think she’s more of a people dog than a dog dog. She loves to be with me and my Husband. He even thinks she likes him better! Which is just kinda odd becuase it’s more common for rescue dogs to trust women more than men, unfortunately.  I know a lot of wonderful men who would never even dream of hurting a dog.

So she settles in. We did even get an offer of a foster home for her! But now that we have her, it’s hard to put her someplace else, especially with her condition. Because we have an emotional investment now, as well as financial and, also, we just want to know what is going on with her darn nose!  And another tidbit of good news…  Sasha was bringing toys to my husband last night to play! That’s an excellent sign. 🙂

Collies and Border Collie
Collies and Border Collie

Hard to get in trouble

Tatum and Bianca Tatum was saying on her blog, the other day, that it’s hard for dogs to get in trouble at our house. 🙂 And my husband said it once, too, when Muffit came back to live with us. And it’s true. Dogs just don’t get in trouble at our house.

I love this picture because it’s a perfect example. The dog who is looking at the camera is Bianca, one of the rescue collies we got from Houston Texas last year. And Tatum is the monster who still has her head buried in the roll of paper towels.

But as for a disclaimer… I have to say that our house is pretty dog proof. And if we leave a roll of paper towels out where the dogs can get them, well it’s our own fault, not the dogs.

Also, punishing a dog for something after the fact only makes the dog afraid of you. It doesn’t teach the dog anything. So if one of our dogs poops or pees in the house, oh well, we clean it up and go on with life. And Lucy and Angel are both getting old so this is happening more often than we would like. We just try to take them outside to potty more often than we used to.

Tatum ‘read’ a magazine the other day. It ended up all over the bedroom floor. But you know, I can’t bear to punish her. She has such a spirit and I don’t want to make her afraid of me. And oh yeah.. well, I gave her the magazine. Because I didn’t want her to ‘read’ my library book that she was starting to chew on! So really we trade our dogs something they can have, for something we don’t want them to have. Maybe they can chew up some futures broker someday… ooo that might be good!

Dogs are dogs, and toys are toys, and in our house, if it’s left out, it’s pretty much fair game to be used as a toy. 🙂 We love our dogs more than our things. And we do have rules. Like Tatum said in her post, sometimes they are just hard to find. But the rules are there, we just enforce them in ways that do not entail punishment. Rather we redirect, we exercise, we do other things so the dogs are successful. And if they do something they really shouldn’t (like Chase going after another of our dogs) he might get a scruff shake or a hard ‘no’, but that’s about it anymore.

I used to do the correction thing, and you still might see me roll a dog and hold him/her down occasionally to make sure they know I am boss. But other than that, we have a happy dog house. And we want a happy dog house!

Agility And Fun

Tatum Chase Muffit 04 Well today was a down day, but not really! I got up at 6:30am to do some agility training. I wanted to head out when the courses were fresh on my mind. I didn’t bring Levi… Levi stayed home on Sunday, too. He has never avoided that many obstacles before. My friend thinks he might be so off because of Tony being here. Usually Levi doesn’t like the fosters, but it could be that Levi is getting older, and really is being thrown for a loop with Tony here. We are working on a different foster home for him where he’ll fit better.

Anyway, Chase did pretty good at agility. Okay, he did really good. Me… I’m still learning. I was able to learn some things this weekend. I have a very logical mind, and I really need something to work on that I can logically relate too. I want to be more creative, and in some ways I have to absorb things emotionally so that I feel them, and forget them, to do them. And hopefully I can get that into my head as well.

I want to learn and to get better. Chase is such an amazing dog. In agility and flyball and he’ll be great in obedience, too, once he’ll watch me without treats! 🙂 I have him entered in Rally-O in August, so we’ll see how that goes! We haven’t done it in a couple of years now, hopefully he’ll be better now that he was then!

I took this picture on Sunday. I had Chase, Muffit and Tatum with and let them run around a bit. They loved it! And Muffit is doing so well at the trials! On Sunday I even had him uncovered, he wasn’t yapping the whole day. I think he’s getting used to the environments. And I love to let Tatum and Muffit off leash in a safe area to practice recalls. Neither of them have good recalls. And Muffit will bolt if he knows he’ll be chased. Not good… so I want him to get used to being off leash and coming back for yummy treats. The Mum has treats and coming has got to be fun!

All my dogs eventually end up with at least decent recalls. Even if I can’t get them off a squirrel or a bird or something… I do wish they would! Guess I’d have to seriously train that.

Making The Bed Is Hard

MakingTheBed Sometimes making the bed is just a hard thing to do. Especially with these three helpers. They mean well… okay, they mean to play. 🙂 But they are sweet and very much fun, they make bed making quite exciting!

With these three helpers I sure don’t need any alcohol rehab to get me through the day.. but I might need dog rehab. LOL.

Unfortunately Tatum now thinks that making the bed is a cue to play. But I can’t resist her, and then can’t resist the rest of the dogs joining in. Sometimes all six dogs are on the bed playing. I just have to scoot them all out into the hallway and close the door in order to actually do any bed making, but it’s fun, nonetheless!