March 9 Update – Levi

Levi is a goon!

We set up a full standard NADAC type course in the back again for this.

Levi missed his weaves EVERY SINGLE TIME! He did not do the full set of 12 once, at all, ever.

Just like he does at a trial. However, I didn’t babysit him through, either. If he went fast and got some of them, we played and had fun. So the goal is to pack the 2x2s up into the car again like I was starting to do last fall, and go to various parks, and have him tunnel weave like we did. Boy needs weaving confidence I think, in different environments. Silly guy.

I also realized that when he blows his weaves, it also smashes my confidence, and I get embarrased and ashamed. Ugh. So I think this weekend at the NADAC trial I’m going to just blow off weaves. So what if we don’t Q in any game that has a weave in it. As long as Levi is having fun, and maybe he’ll get a couple of them, that’s okay.

I think he really needs weaving confidence.

Though maybe the Farmington site is becoming familiar to him, and that’s why at the AKC trial last time, he got 3 out of 4 entries? Hmm, possible. He is so darn sensitive, that silly boy.

Otherwise he did really good. He’s getting some distance and having some fun. I’m cranky with PMS right now, so it’s hard to stay up beat, and I think he picks up on that, too.