The Importance of Getting a Good Start


I love all my dogs. I have two purebred collies I bought from breeders, Lucy and Levi, and I have four rescue dogs, Angel, Chase, Tatum and Muffit. Of all my dogs Chase has the most potential to go far in the dog sports I love. I am certain he can get a UD in obedience as soon as I start training him up. But none of my other dogs would be capable of it. Levi maybe would have been, if he’d had the right training as a puppy. Lucy had too many physical problems, though fortunately not mesothelioma. Tatum, Angel and Muffit are wonderful dogs but I don’t think will be able to really go far in dog sports.

Even getting a pet dog that is well socialized is very important. The first weeks of their lives puppies need to experience lots of people and things. If they miss out on this, they will have harder times when they are older.

So three weeks from today I’ll be on a plane to pick up my new puppy! Isn’t he sporting a gorgeous blue collar! And he is getting an amazing, wonderful, perfect start, thanks to his breeder.  I don’t think even Lucy or Levi had great starts from their breeders.  So I am going to love having a well bred and well socialized puppy to work with and love!

Because although I love doing the dog sports, the dogs are more my kids and my family and I love them to peices. That’s why the dogs that don’t do dog sports… I don’t love them any less. 🙂

Cleaning Up The House

Angel on the Couch

Since we are getting a new puppy in the house, we have to clean up. And yeah… our pack is pretty spoiled. 🙂 We have this couch upstairs that is Tatum’s nest. And it looks worse now than this picture shows. She’s got some really nice depressions made in the cushions now.

Well we don’t want a puppy to learn how to chew up couches for fun! So this thing is going to the dump tomorrow. The worst part is I have to empty all the dog crates out of the minivan to put the couch in. But oh well, I guess the van is due for a vacuuming anyway. So maybe I’ll take it to the car wash on the way home.

I also want to organize all the power cords so the puppy will be safe. I’m going to follow the Ian Dunbar books, Before You Get Your Puppy, and After You Get Your Puppy. I haven’t had a puppy in ten years! Wow I can’t believe it’s been that long. So I’ve been reading up and refreshing myself on how best to house train a puppy and set him up for success so he learns to potty outside and only chews up his toys. But ya know how it goes, we have a dog’s house, and things get chewed, and we don’t get mad. 🙂

Maybe I’ll take this old Bob stroller to the dump too, and I’m going to take an old cat tower as well to empty out the house. Yay! I love getting rid of junk!

I think I’m starting to feel better.. maybe just a teeny tiny bit. But I went to the doc last Wednesday and I might have Candida. I read about Candida in the Whole Dog Journal a year or so ago, I didn’t even consider that I might have it! I’ll tell ya though, my sugar cravings have been huge lately, I’m not supposed to eat sugar as it feeds the yeast!

The Cutest Puppy In The Whole Wide World

Farmdog puppy
Okay so the anticipation is killing me. 🙂 This is my new puppy! I am so excited! Of course he hasn’t come to live with us yet. He’s only a month old so far. So he has some growing to do, some love from his Mom and his brothers and the people where he is, before he can hop on that airplane and come join our family. 🙂 But I’ll wait!This boy is a Danish Swedish Farmdog and I’ve been looking for one for a long time now. I adore the breed, and I think he will fit perfectly in our house. They are not easy to get here in the USA. But I’ve found a wonderful breeder willing to work with me!

Farmdog Puppy
Cute Puppy!
I’m still fussing about names, but I think I’m going to call him Jet.  I think it’ll fit, though really there is no name good enough for such a perfect puppy!  Isn’t he a doll!?   He’s even playing already, tugging and being silly. So I hope he will love to play tug and with toys when he comes to live with us, because he’s gonna be spoiled rotten and get to do lots of stuff like flyball, agility, obedience, go-to-ground, and dock diving, and everything else he wants to try!

Farmdog Puppy

So on the way to get him, my friend and I might stop for some Orlando vacations or maybe Tampa instead… lol. But if all goes well, this perfect little boy should come to live with us the middle of July!

I Think I’m Getting a Puppy

I don’t want to go into detail yet about what kind of puppy, as I want to make sure everything is going to work out. But I can’t help talking about it.

It’s a boy, and I’m thinking of naming him Jet. I have wanted a small dog for quite some time. And if you ask me the breed, I won’t be telling… at least for a couple of weeks. LOL. I apologize, this is just kinda a teaser huh! But I don’t want anything to go wrong, or to jinx things, and so I’m just trying not to get too excited (boy that’s hard!). Once all the plans are set in stone and the flight is scheduled, then I hope to post some pictures and more information. I have a whole list of things I want to do with a puppy!

And I’ve been feeling awful. I am going to the new doctor in one week. I feel like I have an infection in my neck, or that something is in my neck, that is poisoning the rest of my body. But I’m hanging in there, taking it easy, and trying to take things slow and take care of myself. Maybe a new dress or tuxedo shirt would be good to buy… to pamper myself. I love new clothes!

I plan on taking Chase to an AKC agility trial this weekend. I am going because a couple of my friends are going. I am not really doing AKC with Chase anymore. The courses are too tight for me and he’s so fast. But I’d love to get his Open JWW title, he only needs one more leg, so wish us luck!

Oh and just a note… no hassling me about having too many dogs is allowed. =P All my dogs are very well taken care of, get top of the line medical care, the best food on the market, and plenty of exercise and attention. So if you are tempted to criticize me about the number of dogs I have, just put a sock in it I don’t have the patience and will probably delete your comment since this is my blog! Bhahaaa.