Tatum Q’d In Rally Again

Good Girl Tatum

I’m so proud of my Tatum girl! She is doing so well. I’m not convinced she really knows we are doing a thing in the ring, but she sits when I tell her, she downs when I tell her, and she follows me around just fine! That is two Qs for her in a row, one yesterday and one today. If she Qualifies tomorrow, she’ll have her RN, her first title ever! I’m so proud of her!

We went for a walk along the river after the trial today. I didn’t run Chase… I saw no need to put him into the open ring again and push those stays when we don’t need to. I’d like to save them for an ASCA CDX if possible.  Once we get that, then he’ll be out of open entirely and I’ll just train him up for Utility. And that will be fun!

Jet is with too for the trip and I got some pictures of him that I’ll post when I get home. I’m tired now, so time for bed.  🙂

Spirit Chasers Spice CDX

Spirit Chasers Spice CDX

Chase got his CDX!!!! I am thrilled!  I almost thought it would never happen. He started laying down on his sit stays back in March.  After the pigeon incidence and he got to do a 9.5 minute down stay in the ring. After that, I thought we were pretty much screwed.  But with lots of training and persistence, he held his sit stay today!  Wooo Hooo!

It’s my first CDX ever on a dog.  Levi had one leg toward a CDX before I retired him. He just wouldn’t hold the out of site stays.  So that’s okay.  But Chase always had the potential.  He has the potential for a UD, too, so now that his CDX is done we are going to work the UD exercises.  That’ll be fun. I do want to get his ASCA CDX too, though, but hopefully that sit stay will hold for those legs too.

Today was an adventerous day… last night driving up to Idaho Falls Chase pooped in his crate, which is really rare. He’s usually really good about letting me know when he has to go out. But he didn’t give me even a peep.  Then this morning his poop was solid again.  But last night Tatum didn’t settle at all and kept me awake most of the night.  She’s usually really good in the hotel rooms so I don’t know what was up with her. Hopefully tonight she’ll be good and tired so she’ll sleep.  She also Q’d in Rally Novice B, yay!  I’ll post more about that later. I was so nervous about Chase and that CDX leg that I didn’t spend as much mental energy on Tatum as I should have.  But she did good, she got a 91 out of 100 so I was very proud of her!

So after we were done at the trial we came back to the hotel room and I took a nap. It felt good, I was exhausted.  The stress of the CDX was such that I felt like I was going to throw up after it was over.  I was so relieved.  So I took a nap and when I woke up I couldn’t find my smart phone.  I looked in the hotel and the van  and couldn’t find it.  So then I remembered that I’d thrown some stuff away at the trial site and though oh no, maybe the phone was with all that stuff.

So we went back to the trial site and they garbage collectors had come only an hour before! I thought I was screwed! So we did some training with the puppies and some friends and that was fun. Jet did some go-outs and some heeling and some dumbbell and had a great time.

When we were done I figured I’d walk the path once again from the van to the tent set up to see if I could find my phone.. and as I got closer to the tent site I realized that I had never taken my chair down, and maybe it was in my drink holder.  And it was! I was so relieved!  I don’t want to buy a new phone, I can’t afford it! And I really like my smart phone.  🙂

We then went to Cafe Rio for dinner, and then we went back to the hotel. Chase is again runny so I’m not sure what’s up with him.  It’s not affecting his performance, though. But since he now has his CDX I’m not going to put him back in the ring Saturday or Sunday.  There is no reason to waste energy on those stays when he doesn’t have to.  So now I get to concentrate on Tatum’s Rally for the next couple of days and I hope she will get her Rally Novice title!

It’s time for bed, good night!  😉

Heading to Idaho Falls

Jet and Chase
Well, work is over and I’m heading up to Idaho Falls this weekend for AKC obedience. Hopefully Chase will get that CDX, but I’m worried about it. Bleh. I hate worrying about obedience. I also have to repost a couple of posts her on Tip Tail but that will happen probably tomorrow or the next day. I know, I’m slow, oh well. Sorry about that. 🙂

I won’t need any diamond engagement rings up in Idaho… but I do want some Q ribbons! Tatum is in Rally, too. She seems to have regressed a bit lately into some more shyness so I hope she does okay. My poor special needs rescue girl. I adore her, I do push her, but without a little push she’d be a bubble dog and would be too afraid to leave the house. So a little push is a good thing. As long as it involves lots of Tuna Brownies!

I hope to have internet there and be able to post about our Obedience.

Tatum’s First Q Ever!

Tatum did it! She qualified in ASCA Rally-O today! It’s her first Q ever! I’m so proud of her. And I do think she was a little bit more connected to me today than she was yesterday.

She held her sit stay too, the honor sit, even though I talked to her the whole time. She got a 181 out of 200 which isn’t too bad for my little girl. I am going to work on some more heeling with her, and walking with me, and I’m going to enter her in AKC Rally later this month, in Idaho Falls. It’s a 3 day and if Mom doesn’t mess up and miss any stations, she could potentially get her first title, an RN.

So I am pretty proud of my rescue collie girl. She had a rotten start in life, coming from a hoarder in Houston, Texas. And any people experience she had was bad. And she’ll always have issues, but she’s a trooper and she always comes back home to rule the house. 🙂

Smooth Collie and ASCA Rally

Well, I took Levi and Tatum to Utah’s first ASCA Rally trial today. We had a lot of fun! And I have to say I’m so very impressed with Tatum! She did such a good job! Here is the video of her:

My collie girl, coming from a hoarder’s back yard, horribly bred, very little people contact when she was young, and what she got was bad. So even though she’s not looking up at me the whole time, or completely on a close heel… she’s sticking with me, doing all her sits and downs and stands, and I’m so proud of her! She didn’t Q… she stood up on her honor down. But that’s okay, if she would have Q’d she would have gotten a 189, that’s a pretty good score!

And here is Levi, my old man. Levi used to be my main competition dog. But now he’s 10 and a half years old, his back end isn’t as strong as it used to be, and he’s mostly retired. But I thought I’d put him in the Novice ASCA Rally to see how he did. He did great!

He had a great time doing something with his Mom again. He got a 195, which is really good! Out of 200. He’s a good boy. I love working with him again. Breaks my heart that he is old now. Ugh.

I’ll take both Tatum and Levi back tomorrow. Hopefully Tatum will stay in the honor stay and get a Q. I’ll be proud of her either way! I have some sardine brownies for her too, and she loves those fishes!