Chase the Dork

I took Chase out today for some obedience training with some other friends. Did I mention that I had him out Thursday night to class and he was a mess? A complete mess. No attention, no focus, no brain, all over the place. Even having treats out.

Today was about the same. He growled and lunged in his crate at the other dogs working. He did have a little bit of attention, more than Thursday, but I was still not pleased.

My trainers, and I as well, think he’s been down too long. It’s hard with a sprained ankle. So we are going to go out and work him on some things that won’t make me run.

This is what I get for getting a border collie, eh? 😉 Lots of energy, lots of smarts, nothing to do with them so he just wants to run around and be a goofball, play tug, and the environment totally distracts him. It’s okay, I knew what I was getting into and it’s kinda fun having a dog like him.

I didn’t bring Tatum, but she may start attending the puppy classes with the young 3 month old puppies. She’s not that young physically, but she pretty much is emotionally and socially. She would be great in that class, too.

The little dobie puppy and viszla puppy were so cute!

For my lessons I didn’t even write a check from my checking account, I just paid cash.. but now I’m going to need to withdraw a bit more to hold me over until next payday.

Tatum could be a working dog

This girl is a goer. I swear she could herd sheep in the mountains all freakin’ day long. After she built up some endurance, of course. She’ll love to go camping when we go, and when she is not stressed about it. For a while when we go out she’ll have some stress, but I won’t push her over her threshold.

When I work from home she checks out the back yard… plays with Bianca for a while, chews on and plays with a rawhide bone for a little bit… man, if only I could teach her to vacuum and dust, that would be the bees knees. I could give her a Patek Philippe watch and she’d be done with the house cleaning by the time I got home!

Almost Done Packing

Okay… Saturday I took a break and was a bum all day. 🙂 Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the laundry and washed a dog bed and a huge comforter that is too big for our machines, so I can take the comforter to camp with me. I have my packing list, and I’m getting it all ready. My car is 80% packed. I only have left the things I can’t do until the last minute, and don’t want to leave in my hot car. Like my camcorder and camera, and the dog’s food. Since I feed raw I bought some patties that are frozen and I want them to stay that way as long as possible.

The car shouldn’t need any body shop supplies as it’s in good shape, I got it cleaned and an oil change.

I have x-pens, crates, my trolley, and clothes all packed! I haven’t had much time for blogging this weekend, as you can see.

Anyway, I’m excited. The house is almost ready, also, for the maid service to come on Wednesday. Oh crap! I just remembered my husband and I were going to go to my Dad’s today to set up his wireless… well, I was going to get into my PJs but not yet!

Things To Do Before Camp

OH MY GOSH! Camp is only one week away. One week from today (Saturday) I’ll be on the road for camp.

I have to clean the house, because a friend from Colorado and a friend from Richfield are coming Friday night to stay. Fortunately the maids are coming Wednesday so hopefully the house will be semi-decent. We will have 10 dogs here that night. Our four, our two fosters, and they each have two they are bringing to camp. It’s going to be a packed house.

I have to get stuff ready for Jessi to go to her new home. Hopefully she will still be going. I never know until it’s done. Anyway I want a toy to go with her, a couple of clickers, a couple of bully sticks, and a package of jerky treats. I don’t usually send so much with a new adoption but since she’s going to a really good friend I thought it would be a nice thing to do.

I have to go shopping and buy meat mixes for the boys to eat. Since I feed raw it’ll be mostly frozen, and I’ll probably have to go shopping half way through like I did last year, too.

I have to get my clothes washed, which is in progress. I have 3 big blankets washed and one has to go to the laundry mat because it’s too big to fit into our washing machine. Fortunately they have wireless at the laundry so I can blog while I’m waiting. LOL.

I have to go buy some other things too. I wrote them all down on my list. I packed some today, x-pens, crates, chair, trolley (last year it was a pain to make 5 trips to the cabin from my car)… I will pack clothes after it’s all washed.

I am more nervous this year about camp than I was last year. It’s an awesome camp and I’m excited to be going! Check them out… Camp Winnaribbun in Tahoe, Nevada!

Cottage Cheese Day

I don’t know if the dogs like Cottage Cheese Day better than raw meat days… but Wendy Volhard recommends that the dogs have a day off meat to let their bodies relax and clean out.

Thursdays is usually Cottage Cheese Day at our house. The dogs love the stuff, and ate their breakfasts heartily. I hate the stuff. I try it every time I feed it, and every time I hate it. Actually, there was one brand that wasn’t too bad, but now I don’t remember which it is.