Nasty Dry Crap

To read what it says, click the image for a full sized view. It’s very cute… well, at least to the raw feeders out there. 🙂

My dogs still get some kibble, occasionally with dinner, and also as treats when they are getting their nails trimmed. I don’t think it’s all nasty dry crap, but I do think this is a funny pic! It’s a door mat, or dog feeding mat, whichever you want to use is for. Just put down the bowls in the circles!

Where do you hang your leashes?

Okay.. maybe you don’t hang them, maybe you put them in a drawer. We have a leash hanger by the door, and it is full of leashes and collars. Too many of them! Oh and some toys, too. They clutter up the kitchen and I’m thinking of moving them to the garage. I would love to put them on a metal pegboard and be able to organize them there.

I would like some white 16 by 16 inch metal pegboards to organize our leashes and collars with. I really should organize our garage, it’s a mess!

Smooth Collie Tattoo

Well I posted this over on my other blog, but I had to put it here too because it’s dog related. I have a new tattoo on my upper left thigh. I have another tattoo, a sun, on my left ankle. But when someone gave me the idea to have this smooth collie image tattooed, I had to jump on it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself.

I didn’t draw this image, the guy over at Smooth did so, and isn’t he talented? I have a sweatshirt and a T-Shirt with the image, too. the tattoo artists put Levi’s name in the image. I love it. It’s high enough to hide at work under skirts, and hopefully low enough to show under shorts. For now I’m careful with it and keeping it clean, dry, and lubricated so it heals.

I love it!

One year of Raw

Check out this old post of mine from July 5, 2006. That was when I started to feed the dogs raw.

Very cool, it’s been just over a year.
I think the dogs are doing very well on raw, and I plan on keeping it up! They do get kibble once in a while, Avoderm, when I’m out of town as the husband hates feeding raw. Finding good prices is the hardest part of it all, I think.

Yay we are back up and restored!

Woo Hoo.
Bluehost restored the database, and so my right menu bars are back and good as new. It would have been a pain for me to mess around in the raw backup code to get them out. I would have done it, but it would have been a pain in the rear and time consuming.

Bluehost got the backups. I had backed up my posts between now and their last backup, so they are also restored.

The Bluehost servers have been down for four hours, though, so if you tried to reach me and couldn’t, that was why. Hopefully they are fixed up and no more down time! If you may have commented and don’t see it anymore, probably it didn’t get restored… I backed up a while ago so sorry about that. 🙂

*runs off to do my own backup*