Happy New Year 2010

smooth collie tricolor
Titus - Smooth Tricolor Collie

Well another year has gone, and another started. Even another Decade… depending on how you measure those things. For me, I consider it a new decade because it’s easiest. 🙂

I’m a bit late with my New Year wishes but oh well. Been doing some work on the house, more so than the dogs. But I’m still working with them and loving them. And we still have Titus, the smooth tri collie boy. He is amazing and we are already head over heels in love with him. I need more computer memory to put all the pictures I have of all our dogs on disk.

This is really why we just can’t foster anymore. Especially my favorite breed. We just fall for them too hard. He’s up on Petfinder now though, so hopefully a really good family will come along that will be more perfect for him than we are.  I tell myself he’ll get more attention someplace else.  Even though I know I’d probably try to do agility with him if he stayed.  He’s only 3.5 years old so he’s young and in really good shape.  Hrmph.

So no decisions yet.  He’s a doll and we adore him. Chase doesn’t like him but that’s typical. Levi doesn’t really care about him which is odd. I think it’s because Titus is very Omega and doesn’t pose a threat to Levi at all. So that’s good.

Tatum and Jet and Titus just play and play and play. They get along really well. Dangit, we are getting too soft in our old age. There was a time when I didn’t fall in love with any of the fosters. Oh well….

All That Really Matters

Tatum in her Bed

Whenever we get a new dog in our house, and usually when he’s a bit insecure and worried about his new place like Titus is, I always go back to realizing what is most important in life.

It’s not things of any kind, or cross country movers, or houses or money or toys or glasses or floors or anything. It’s how we feel. It’s being loved and loving.

So I snuggle my dogs and try not to worry about money or the dog sports. I just want them to be happy and safe and loved.  This picture is of Tatum on the dog shelf on the dog bed on the dog shelf (because the 4″ foam isn’t nearly comfy enough, you need a dog bed on top) and I a just so glad she is happy now. She even got her CGC recently. She’s come a long way from the scared dog she used to be.  I just adore her still, and always will. And I want her, and all our dogs, to know they will never be alone or unsafe.

I just can’t imagine anyone putting their dogs outside and never letting them be in and part of their family. My dogs would probably just die out there alone. They need the family to survive.  And I need the family to survive, too.

I Swore No More Fosters

Titus and Jet
Titus and Jet

Yeah yeah, I swore no more fosters. And I’m really sticking to that except in very special circumstances.

This is Titus. He is the son of Sonny, a smooth sable collie boy who lives around here locally and I just adore him. Poor Titus’ Mom in California, his Human Mom, passed away recently and he was going to go back to his breeder. Which is good… except his breeder is having problems of her own. Her Mom has had to move in with her and needs 24/7 care, and so she doesn’t really have the resources to take care of Titus either.

So he’s with us now. And, yes, we already love him. He is very sweet and a bit shy and needs some confidence building. And in California they didn’t have any stairs so he doesn’t know stairs, but we are working on that. He might actually go to another foster home, a friend of mine, which would be good for us because we will just fall in love with him too fast! Though we might have him at least through the end of December.

Titus is a smooth tricolored collie boy. I didn’t really like the tris as much as the other colors… but the more I see him and spend time with him, I think I like the tris just as much. He is so fancy and handsome in his suit. And now we have one of each color of collie except the white…. we have the blue merles, the sables, and the tricolor…. and well, we have been joking that Jet is a color-headed white. LOL.. he’s a mini-smooth-collie tri-headed white! Hehe okay okay he’s a Danish Swedish Farmdog but it’s kinda funny.

So for nowwe sit under the ceiling fan and try to get this guy a good home. I think he’ll be easy to find a home for. He’s so sweet and gorgeous and people love collies. 🙂

We Sure Can Build Confidence

Sweet Chase

I just have to toot my husband’s and my horn just a little bit. 🙂 Four of our dogs are rescues, and if I do say so myself, we are good at building their confidence. This picture is of Chase. And though he didn’t come with too many problems, he does have good confidence now and is much more self assured than he used to be. This shows in his ability to tell dogs to keep their distance in a respectful manner. Instead of attacking, like he used to do. 🙂 He’s not aggressive, he just has space issues like many dogs do.

Tatum is also one of our dogs that has come a long way. She was so scared when we first got her. I’d take her out anywhere and she’d tuck her tail and skitter around afraid. Now.. she nips people to get them to play and interact. She’s got spunk and she wants things her way. She has a lot of attitude and confidence! She very rarely gets scared anymore. I’m very proud of her!

Angel also came to us afraid, and she’s so confident now that she’ll jump in our laps to steal our food. We just laugh at her. No punishment for Angel, EVER! She is still timid enough that any punishment would shut her down.

And Muffit is also more confident and doing well. Going to the park and on hikes with my husband, he’s getting used to being out and he’s getting along with people and dogs. Now i just have to get my husband to bring his cell phones with him when he goes out so I can get in touch with him!

I’m proud of our dogs, and of us, to give our rescues such a great chance and much needed confidence!

Dredges of Humanity

Three Dogs?

So I’ve been thinking lately that dealing with rescue dogs is like dealing with the dredges of humanity.  I worked in Welfare for nine and a half years. It wasn’t really all that bad, but I did get burned out, and I did tend to think everyone was like welfare recipients.  Many of the people do work hard to get out of the system, but so many are generational welfare recipients that it’s just bad.  I don’t know how it is now, I’ve been out of it for over 10 years, but still…

Anyway so dealing in rescue is seeing the crap side of people. We see the dogs who were abused by awful, horrible people. I just play with and snuggle Jet and love him and teach him stuff and I just can’t imagine anyone being mean to a little puppy like him. How awful! How an anyone hit or punish a four month old puppy for just being a puppy! It makes me so mad!

So now that I’m not doing rescue anymore hopefully I’ll start seeing the happier dogs more. And happy dogs come from happy people. Not abusers. If you abuse animals, you most likely will abuse humans too. I’m tired of sticking my head under the quagmire of human filth and abuse and staring at the dogs there. It’s time to face the sun and see all the happy dogs.

I told my husband we needed to buy a trailer or an RV and, when I retire, take a few months and just travel and go to some trials. Maybe go take some orlando vacations in the warm sun. I would love to do that. I still have some years to go, though. But hopefully it’ll happen!