Okay, so I’m a bit slow sometimes. All my life, since I was a kid (and you can’t complain with kid logic because sometimes it sticks in the brain and is hard to get out), I thought ‘Incorporated’ and ‘Corporated’ were different things. You apply to be a corporation, then you apply to be an… err… well… In-Corporation. 😀

So just today I realized that the process of becoming a Corporation is to Incorporate. Okay okay I said I’m slow!

Anyway, I want to make Utah Collie Rescue a Corporation, which is the first step to becoming a nonprofit. And so… finally I found This Article which describes how to do so in Utah.

Whew! And it’s only $22. So that’s not bad. I have my signed papers, I just need to send them in!

The next step is to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. That, I hear, is super expensive. And since I can’t hardly afford to feed myself at the moment, it will probably have to wait. But with the Incorporation, at least I’ll be able to get an EIN and open a checking account for Utah Collie Rescue. Yay!

No Flyball Practice

Today is our regular flyball practice day. But due to snow, it’s been cancelled again. Ugh! Chase is bored! Well, we have agility practice tomorrow so that is good, and I plan on taking the boys jogging again, they will like that. Though Levi gets tired for the rest of the day after jogging, he’s not as high stamina as Chase. 🙂

I need to increase my own stamina. The agility trial last time just took me out. And Jogging really does help me build my endurance. Today is a clear day, though cold at 17 degrees. I’ll strap the boys’ boots on and off we’ll go.

Jewel and Cheyenne are doing very well. Jewel eats now on a regular basis, so that makes me very, very happy. I need to get some updated pictures. Her coat is also starting to grow back very fuzzy. She will be as gorgeous as Cheyenne in a year or so when her coat is all back. Cheyenne’s coat is also growing out in the back where he had been trimmed awfully. He is so gorgeous now. He’ll be getting a grooming today or tomorrow, and I think I do a fair job, and I’m a heck of a lot cheaper. 😉 And Cheyenne has learned the dog door! lol… after five months, one day we see a fuzzy collie butt going out the door. And he can come in, too, though that took him another couple days to learn. Yay!

Cheyenne is a typical goofy collie boy, and Jewel is a typical, more sassy, collie girl. I just love these collies!

Two Inquiries on Jewel

So far I have had two people ask me about Jewel. Both from Petfinder.  I reply, and they don’t get back to me.  🙁

Am I saying something wrong? Do they just not like her when I talk about her? She is so sweet and wonderful. She is my baby girl, and letting her go is going to be really hard.

Maybe it’s because of her age.  I’m thinking she is about 7.  But really 7 is not too old.

I just wish people would reply to me and tell me why they decide they are not interested. Maybe I will email them again. Is that something weird to do?  To follow up? I need more social skills.

Ten Degrees

It has been so cold here lately. Actually, strangely enough, it hasn’t really been bothering me this winter. The lowest I’ve seen it go is 3 degrees.

We are staying warm in our house. All the dogs are safe and doing well. I am just so very glad that both Cheyenne and Jewel, who were both strays with no shelter or warmth, have our nice warm house to be in now. Where they are dry, warm, and well fed, and have soft things to lay on.

Cheyenne is even sleeping on the bed lately. 🙂 He is a doll, I just love him. Wish I could keep him, but really we have more than we should, because they should all have much more attention than they get at our house. But things are going well, Chase is being separate from the other dogs. He is the grumpy one lately, and so as to avoid any conflicts I usually have him separate. Which is interesting… the Collies are all doing well together, it’s the Border Collie that is the problem child. I’m just so glad Levi is doing well with everyone! I guess, at 7 years old, he’s finally grown up.

I do worry about Cheyenne and Jewel finding homes. They are older. Probably around 7 years of age. I think Cheyenne is a bit younger than Jewel. And why is it so hard to find homes for the older dogs? It’s sad. They are just as sweet and loving and wonderful. And the don’t chew, they are not pests, they are sweet as can be and need good homes!