Left Side Walking

Okay, Went to a Bobbie Anderson Seminar last weekend, and it was pretty good. Her dogs were very impressive. Though I still prefer clicker training. She seems to use repitition and positives, but also believes on very mild correction.

So, it inspired me to start working on obedience with the boys. Lucy is, I think, pretty much messed up. Not sure how to fix her. She works great for treats, and the clicker, but when the treats are gone so is she. I feel bad that I messed her up, poor girl. I was just trying to do what I was taught. Which I now know was wrong.

Levi is doing really great with Left Side Walking. I had him in the backyard last night without any leash, and the sweetie was really starting to understand that being on my left side got him a C/T. If he was on my right side, he wouldn’t move to the left… but if he was behind me he’d chose my left side to come up on. I think that’s great! And only our second session.

Chase is also doing well. He doesn’t chose the left side yet when he’s on the right, either, but if he’s behind me he’ll come up on the left. I walked around a lot with him on my left, C/T ing, so he’d get the idea.

It’s just so cold outside. 8 degrees this morning. I think it was in the low 20s last night outside. Ugh.

But, hopefully this will work our way into the obedience ring. Rally for sure!