A Shopping Weakness

I have a shopping weakness… and it’s related to the dogs. I love to buy dog things and sometimes I just can’t stop myself. And I probably spend too much time looking online for dog things. I have bought Jet a Halloween collar that I’ll blog about when it comes. But quite often I find myself looking at Shop Wiki. And even when I don’t go directly there, it comes up on lots of search results.

Recently I bought Jet a really cute Pets for Peace dog collar and I love it!  I need a harness to match… I know I know harnesses are shunned by some. LOL   They do have one listed on Shop Wiki Pets and I’m going to be looking around for that darned harness.

My boy is naked right now. Because he just had a bath. And he’s walking on my laptop shelf looking for things to do, I better go give him something fun to do! LOL