Big Snow Storm

Jet and Tatum in the Snow
Jet and Tatum in the Snow
Well we finally got that big snow storm. It was not ‘that’ big snow storm that was predicted.. this one came almost a week later. LOL. Utah is so hard to predict. They usually get things wrong. This one happened on the weekend, which was nice. Less traffic. Most of it came down last Sunday. I went to Levi’s K9 Nose Work Class, then flyball practice. I took the Subaru Outback though, not the minivan. The Outback has AWD and handles the snow beautifully.

So the snow isn’t bad with a good car and the dog’s in seat belts. 🙂 And the husband has been doing a lot of shoveling, which is also nice! I really appreciate when he does that! He’s such a great guy. He doesn’t need to find out about side effects of diet pills since he’s been working so hard on the snow!

The dogs, of course, love the snow. They are out playing in it a lot. I threw a tennis ball in the deep part so that Jet would go find it, to show how deep it is. I am pretty sure we got over a foot total. We haven’t had this much snow in a lot of years. It’s good for our water supply. And I like the snow until the end of December. Then I’m pretty much done with it and I’m ready for spring. 🙂

For now the dogs are enjoying it!

Sasha in the Snow

Well.. I haven’t posted about it, but Sasha went to stay with another foster family. We miss her… I shed a few tears as I drove away last week and she barked at me as I left. But I went to visit today, Tatum came with, and Sasha is doing so well and is so very happy!

Sasha Playing
Sasha Playing

How can you deny that sweet happy face? LOL she is such a doll. I miss her, but my husband is right, had she stayed here we might have fallen too deeply in love with her and just had to keep her. UGH fostering collies is so hard! I love them all!

Sometimes you just get lucky with a picture and I think this is one of those really lucky ones! I just love the look on her face. She is one sweet happy girl.

Tuesday she goes in to get her teeth cleaned and to have her nose, ears and eyes biopsied.  We get to have her Monday night, then my husband will take her into the vet on Tuesday morning.  We hope she doesn’t come back with something awful with her nose… but we are prepared. If necessary, if she’s terminal or something awful, we’ll just keep her and love her for the rest of her life.

Bonnie in the Snow
Bonnie in the Snow

While I was there I had, of course, to get some pictures of the foster home’s other gorgeous collies! Above is Bonnie, she’s a black tri and isn’t she just gorgeous? Tatum loved playing with her. She’s a spunky sweet collie girl!

Tatum and Roughs!
Tatum and Roughs!

And above is Tatum with all three of her collies. They are so pretty! I just love collies, dangit. I just fell in love with the breed years ago and now always will want a collie or three or four in my life!

Now I’m feeling a bit sick again… I’ve had a bug the last few days, no need for Lipovox but I have been eating poorly so probably gaining some weight. Ugh. Oh well. I’m going to crash on the couch and watch some bad Sci Fi movies… and rest, and drink some eat. As the dogs all sleep around me too. 🙂

Sasha and the Pack in the Snow

Well, we are having a snow storm. Finally! We’ve needed it. We had one a while back but this is supposed to be a biggie. It’s my flyball team’s Holiday Party tonight too, which is kinda funny because last year we had a big storm on party day, too. So now if I had some talking watches I’d be able to remember what time the party is!

Sasha and Tatum
Sasha and Tatum

So of course I had to drag the camera outside because it was pretty when the snow was just starting to accumulate on the grass, and you could see some of the grass peaking through.  Tatum and Sasha are becomming good friends. But then, Tatum befriends everyone. 🙂  Tatum is such a good girl. Sasha even chased Tatum around a little bit outside this morning.  Zoom Zoom!

Sasha is doing really well. She is not coughing as much as she was. She is letting me comb her out just a little bit now and again. Her skin seems very sensitive but that could be due to whatever is on her nose, too.  I was able to get some of those tiny pre-mat things out of her right side last night, and her right rear flank.


My husband was feeding her treats at the same time I combed to keep her calm and reward her. She stopped taking the treats though, so we stopped the combing too. I think her skin and her coat are really bothering her. Though I think she was groomed fairly recently, because her underbelly is trimmed straight and so are her legs. Her feet are too fluffy though!

This picture of Tatum and Sasha running is a bit blurred but it’s pretty darn cute. 🙂 Tatum so loves it when someone will chase her!

Sasha’s blood work came back fine, so that’s good.  And my husband says that means there’s less chance of her having the really nasty thing wrong. It seems like all three options, below, are really autoimmune things.

Sasha is eating really well and I’m glad she is starting to play. I think she’s more of a people dog than a dog dog. She loves to be with me and my Husband. He even thinks she likes him better! Which is just kinda odd becuase it’s more common for rescue dogs to trust women more than men, unfortunately.  I know a lot of wonderful men who would never even dream of hurting a dog.

So she settles in. We did even get an offer of a foster home for her! But now that we have her, it’s hard to put her someplace else, especially with her condition. Because we have an emotional investment now, as well as financial and, also, we just want to know what is going on with her darn nose!  And another tidbit of good news…  Sasha was bringing toys to my husband last night to play! That’s an excellent sign. 🙂

Collies and Border Collie
Collies and Border Collie

Touch n Go Flyball Seminar in Vegas!

Well, we leave tomorrow! Yay! I am so excited. Chase is too.. it’s been too long since he’s done flyball. Too much snow on the ground around here. And Tatum.. well, she’s going to the Green Dog portion and hopefully she will have fun, too. She may be nervous for a while but we’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be a great test for her.

Me and some of the members of my flyball team, Thunder Paws… we are renting a townhouse and so we will have fun evenings with wine and beer and song… okay well maybe not song, but videos for sure. I’m packing up dog videos that we can watch for entertainment.

The driving situation is all worked out, so we hope. I do hope that all my junk and a team mate’s junk fits in my Outback. And three dogs. We might have to send some of the junk down with another teammate in her car instead.

Anyway.. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access from Vegas or not. I’ll have my laptop with, but if I don’t have internet I’ll have to save the pictures and info for when I get back.

Cancer or Calcification?

I took Lucy in to Dr Hennemen today. I just love Dr. Hennemen. I feel very good energy from her, and she really knows what she is talking about. We are so lucky to have her in our little part of the country.

So anyway Lucy does have a lot of striations (I hope that is the right word) in her lungs. More so than spots. It reminded me of Mars and all the alleged canals that people used to think were up there. But Dr. Hennemen was not convinced it’s cancer. But we are going to treat her like it’s cancer. She did say that it might be calcification. She also said it looked like one of Lucy’s ribs had been broken a long time ago. Goodness… dogs. Man, they can hide pain so well. I wonder if it was when we had our rollover all those years ago in the snow. That’s the only thing I can figure, since she’s never been on her own really, except the week we went to Maine and put her in boarding with Levi and Angel. Hrm.

Anyway Lucy has lots of calcification on her bones in her rib cage, too. Now I’m just saying what i remember, and my memory isn’t all that great. I like it when my husband comes because he remembers better. But anyway…

So we are going to strengthen Lucy’s immune system, Vitamin C and E. Antioxidants too. And I’m going to give her more whole foods in her diet that are seasonally appropriate. And some cooling foods, too, like Celery and Duck. I wrote more things down and they are in my purse. But we are basically gonna see about getting her as healthy as we can. And then, in a couple months, get new x-rays and see if there is any more growth of this stuff in her lungs.

So we have some hope. Oh.. and while I was gone, our regular vet called and my husband answered. They said they had someone look at Lucy’s x-rays as well and he said it looked, to him, more like calcification than cancer… so, I am a bit excited. However, still worried. Lucy’s energy level is still very low and she’s being cranky. But Dr Hennemen also said her lymph nodes are swollen and we have to keep a close eye on her.

So that’s the scoop so far.