Training Saturday

Lucy Chewing a Bone After we got back from dog training yesterday doing obedience lessons… and after Tatum’s puppy class, the dogs all got some yummy Venison bones to chew on. Here is Lucy chewing, she is very happy!

Yesterday was a great training day. I am having major PMS and feeling like crap, but I was able to keep myself upbeat and take my time setting up and tearing down crates, and dealing with the dogs. I had fun once I got to my classes which I expected. Even when I’m down or not feeling well, training always lifts my spirits.

I was going to go to the Obedience Fun Match today and decided not too. Mostly because it was a stretch for me yesterday when I was feeling horrible. And, there is a winter storm warning for this afternoon and I don’t want to drive in the snow, it’s over 20 miles one way.

So I thought of looking at directbuy for some household items, since they offer merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices. But I think I’m going to stay home today and catch up on some blogging and dog training.

Chase is doing really well with his obedience practice. His heeling is doing well, and his go outs, and his articles. His recall, however, is a bit messed up. I discovered that when I call him on a recall, since we’ve been doing so many go-outs with him, that he goes right around me to check out the stantion to see if there is a treat on it! LOL my instructor says this is typical, thinking, border collie behavior. 🙂 The smarty pants!

Levi is also doing great. He is more advanced than Chase and needs more work. I’m going to do a private or two with him so I can get him going for his CD. I think he’s almost ready if his front can be closer and his heeling a little more polished. And since it’s mostly heeling, that’s what is important.

I got a super compliment from my trainer today. She asked me if I would like for Levi to go to the AKC Invitationals for the collies. I would love him to go! I would have to Q him on a more consistent basis. But he is a great agility boy! He runs in preferred, though. We’d have to see about getting him back into 24″. Not sure if he’d like that too much.

My goal with Tatum is to get her into the AKC Invitationals. I think that’d be great, and as fast and as spunky as she is, I don’t see that we’d have a problem. Plus, there’s not too many collies that do agility. Not as many as border collies!

Anyway… so that was our day!

This Weekend UpComing

Well busy weekend.. again, of course. 🙂 I should bring a safety utility knife with me in case I need it.

Saturday I’m going to practice some Obedience with some friends. And.. oh, in the morning Tatum gets to go to puppy class. That will be fun I love Tatum and puppy class! Though she might need to graduate to a higher level class soon, because she retains better than the puppies. But it’s nice to work with her regularly.

Sunday there is an Obedience and Rally Fun Match in South Ogden I plan on going to. Though if it snows, I won’t make the drive. Probably over 20 miles to get there. Maybe more like 30 or so. Or maybe even more. I just don’t want to think about it. I’ll bring Chase, Levi and Tatum and see how they do.

Monday not sure yet, might have some more dog training. I get my nails done in the afternoon. Looking forward to that!

So hopefully I’ll get some blogging time in this weekend. We’ll have to see. I need to do some laundry!

Pack Play

The Pack Playing And so I went out with the playing pack a bit and took some action shots with the new camera. I’m not getting pictures as clear as I would like. I sped the shutter speed up to about 340 (did some 500 but not sure which this is). And it got nice action stills but they are not as clear as I would like.

Taking off my diamond pendants before I go out with the dogs so as not to loose them, I crouched down and snapped a bunch of quick shots. And I’m adjusting the brightness a bit, because they were pretty dark. Maybe I need to learn about ISO. There is so much to learn!

Anyway, so here’s a pic for today! Oooo, I should do a wordless wednesday… LOL.

I Am Behind!

Ugh.. two days of agility has really made me behind. In blogging, and in life. Yesterday I basically rested up all day, went to bed early. I also burned all the videos to DVD and will be giving them out to my friends who I recorded. I hope to get more vids of Chase and Levi up here too.

The trial was up in Farmington and the drive isn’t bad up there and back. I even drove in the snow on Sunday morning.. I am proud to say. On the freeway! It wasn’t snowing much, just light, and the roads were wet not snow packed or icy. I’m so afraid of driving in weather since my second rollover. I always make sure I get a good auto insurance quote when looking for new insurance because driving freaks me out.

Anyway it was a fun trial and I’m now trying to catch up on things like blogging! I also bought a new camera which I’m excited about! It’s an SLR… ooo watch out for lots of dog pictures!

Christmas Day Collies


It’s Christmas Collie Day! Or, err… Christmas Day for the Collies. 🙂 One or the other, or maybe both, even.


And my sister (human sister lol) and her son got the dogs some fun toys. One is a Christmas tree. The other is a rabbit that lost his head. And everyone knows that pulling the stuffing out of stuffed animals is the bees knees and really needs to be done. What is all that stuffing doing in there anyway?


And then they took the toys outside, and did some playing out there in the snow. I stood out with them and encouraged the play, which was fun. But it was only 15 degrees out there and I got cold pretty fast.


The cold doesn’t bother the dogs, though. Nope. In fact, they really like the cold. It gives them extra energy particles somehow and they have to zoom around the back yard in order to burn them off. Silly zoomies.


I like the picture of Angel, Chase and Tatum all tugging on the tree. Tatum is not a big tugger… yet. As soon as she realizes how fun it is, and that it’s okay to do, though, she’ll catch on. She likes tugging better with the other dogs than me.


Levi wanted to guard the pink bunny more than play. He loves to guard. He will gather up all the toys, or bones, in a pile and growl over them. I have to take them away, or pass them out to everyone so everyone has something. He is a silly collie boy. They are all silly collies, actually.

Right now they are chewing on rawhide bones, and having a good time doing so. I ordered bully sticks for them too, so they will have those as well. They do love to chew.

It is a fun day. Hopefully we won’t need a colon cleanse after all the goodies we are eating, though!

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!