Jet Is A Bit Spoiled

Curious Jet

On New Years Day we went to a friend’s house for a party. It was fun and we love to visit and bring the dogs. Jet and Tatum got to come with and they loved it! They had a lot of fun. The first thing Jet did when he went inside was try to pee on the Christmas tree. Doh! The silly boy! Then he went and jumped on everyone’s laps and squiggled and snuggled and everyone falls in love with him instantly. How can they not?

He didn’t try to chew on the tv stand thank goodness, but he did try to jump… okay I take that back. He DID jump on the dinner table and had a bite of pumpkin pie!  We don’t sit down to dinner at our house… I wish we did, but we just don’t seem to have time and we don’t really eat the same food.  So he hasn’t learned table manners. But he was the life of the party and everyone seemed to laugh at him even after he ate a mouth full of pumpkin pie.  🙂

I love bringing Jet and Tatum with wherever I go.  It’s fun and for me it’s a lot more relaxing to have a dog with. Dogs are much more easier than people!  I hope everyone is having a good January.

Some Thanksgiving Fun

Jet, Tatum, and Cocker Puppies
Jet, Tatum, and Cocker Puppies

Well we had a big Thanksgiving Day. I hope you all had a good day, whatever you do on this day. We love to spend time with family… both human and canine. We were lucky enough to bring Tatum and Jet with to my husband’s sister’s house for a bit.. even though Tatum peed on the carpet, UGH! She is a brat. They got some new cocker puppies and they sure are cuties!

We got there late as we visited my parents first. Chatted about various life things, auto insurance quotes, movies, life, calories, and stuff.

It was a lot of fun.  Jet had a great time, as did Tatum. Hopefully they will both have an easy quiet evening now. I ate too much, but tomorrow I’m going to eat better again.  And maybe I’ll go out in the morning and do some walking too, try to do some exercise.

The Importance of Getting a Good Start


I love all my dogs. I have two purebred collies I bought from breeders, Lucy and Levi, and I have four rescue dogs, Angel, Chase, Tatum and Muffit. Of all my dogs Chase has the most potential to go far in the dog sports I love. I am certain he can get a UD in obedience as soon as I start training him up. But none of my other dogs would be capable of it. Levi maybe would have been, if he’d had the right training as a puppy. Lucy had too many physical problems, though fortunately not mesothelioma. Tatum, Angel and Muffit are wonderful dogs but I don’t think will be able to really go far in dog sports.

Even getting a pet dog that is well socialized is very important. The first weeks of their lives puppies need to experience lots of people and things. If they miss out on this, they will have harder times when they are older.

So three weeks from today I’ll be on a plane to pick up my new puppy! Isn’t he sporting a gorgeous blue collar! And he is getting an amazing, wonderful, perfect start, thanks to his breeder.  I don’t think even Lucy or Levi had great starts from their breeders.  So I am going to love having a well bred and well socialized puppy to work with and love!

Because although I love doing the dog sports, the dogs are more my kids and my family and I love them to peices. That’s why the dogs that don’t do dog sports… I don’t love them any less. 🙂

Calm Down, Muffit.

Muffit in the Snow
Muffit in the Snow

Yesterday Muffit and I went to our obedience instructor and had a private lesson. Muffit is such a sweet boy, but he doesn’t know how to calm himself down. He’s like a kangaroo on a pogo stick, he comes out of his crate bouncing and sitting and downing and bouncing and twirling like a crazy dog.

In order to get this boy to do any sort of dog sports, he needs to calm down enough to think instead of throwing himself around without any thought.  And so now I have some good exercises to do with him, and I’m looking forward to see his progression.

The first exercise is to have him lie on his mat, and just hold his chin in my hand.  He’s so reactive that a click or a word of praise brings his drive up. So when he’s still, a treat is silently slipped into his mouth.  When we were doing this it was working great and he was already catching on! And I will intersperse this with shorts bursts of play with him, to teach him he can be high, then he can come down again and be still.  So he can think in a high state, and also to get that high state, maybe, to not be quite so frantically high.

Next we will work on him coming out of the crate. I will have to lure him out slowly, and have him sit. Because when he comes out he’s a bundle of energy bouncing all over the place.  So we will work on control coming out of the crate. As well as restraint staying in the crate with the door open.

Lastly we’ll work on going to  a target plate to get a treat, then coming back to me and sitting in a calm way, maybe with some more chin holding.

I think Muffit will be staying home from trials and practices for a while as we work on these things. He can still go to the dog park… he’s a great dog park dog. He runs out some energy, stays in shape, and he doesn’t get over the top. Okay on the walk into the park he barks quite a bit, but once he’s off leash he’s great. 🙂

Muffit might start learning agility before flyball, even.  It might be more calm for him. I just don’t think, at this point, he’ll be able to really focus or do any sort of dog sports until he calms down. And he’s such a dear. Sometime soon, hopefully, he’ll be able to go on some Vegas vacations with me, to do agility or flyball or something else.  And… I guess I haven’t decided if I should take him to flyball tournaments or not. UGH it’s too hard to leave him home!  🙂

Misundersood Muffit

I think poor Muffit has been misunderstood most of his life.  Fortunately (and yeah I’m tooting my own horn here but oh well!) he now is in a home where he is very understood.  I think this, because last weekend at flyball practice Muffit was being held by my flyball captain, and he didn’t want to be so he was snarking at her… fake snapping.  She didn’t let go, because she understands him too and is good with dogs, so he stopped after only a couple of snarks realizing that it wasn’t getting him anywhere.

Misunderstood Muffit
Misunderstood Muffit

I think in his past Muffit’s behavior, such as being squirmy and twisting out of people’s grasp, as well as the snapping behavior, has gotten him what he wanted and so he’s learned to utilize it.  He is pretty bad when getting his nails trimmed. He will let me handle his feet as much as I want, unless the clipper or the dremel comes out, then he’s a squirmy worm buggy boy and flips all over, mouths me, and does anything he can to get away from me.

So now Muffit gets to learn that those behaviors that intimidate and scare people who don’t know dogs, will not work on me and my dog friends.  And I do think he will learn it quickly.  He’s also learning to control himself more. I was at a USDAA agility trial today (I’ll post more about it tomorrow) and Muffit did so good! He only yapped in his crate for about an hour in the morning, then he was quiet! And when I brought him out he was interested in other dogs, but he didn’t get completely frantic like he has in the past. So I am very hopeful for this boy now!

I am pretty tired this evening, and Muffit is as well. The rest of the dogs are also sleeping too. Even Lucy and Angel got to go on a big long walk with their Dad. I love when the dogs are tired… a tired dog is a happy dog.  Though they dogs really are due for baths, maybe under a Hansgrohe faucet… and baths don’t make them happy! But not today. Tonight is for rest and recuperation.  Especially my old boy Levi. He did such a good job! I need to take pictures of all the ribbons Chase and Levi won me today!