Creating a Favorite Toy

I love how Chase is a good tugger. He loves toys more than almost anything, and he loves tug. Using a game of tug as a reward is so nice, and gets him into higher drive, too.

Tatum loves to play, but she is shy about playing with toys. She will kinda grab them for a minute but not for long. I need to get her used to the treat pouch tug that we have, and encourage her to tug more. I think for her it may be a dominance type thing where she is not so sure about tugging with me. She is starting to tug more with Angel and that is good, too. Gotta get her drive up and her playing up too.

Anyway I really love these round toys made of rubber called Hol-ee Rollers, but the dogs are not too crazy about them. So I really want to create this to be a favorite toy. I have two of them, they are great for tug, they are very tough, and if they get left outside in the snow and freezing rain they still survive an don’t even have to be put through the washing machine like tugs.

The smooth blue collies are not big toy dogs. Angel is the most, but she is just our companion dog, not a sports dog. So now I have to learn how to make a toy fun and exciting, and interactive with me. For Tatum.

What I really want, too, is an Alley Oop, made by Gary Wilkes. But apparently they have been discontinued. I sent them an email seeing if maybe they will make them again, or if they have any left. What a great targeting tool it would be! And it never falls over, it’s made to stand straight up. I wish they still made them.

The Collie WebCam

Did you know that there is a collie webcam on this blog? Well… if you didn’t, you do now! 🙂

And in example of the great things I tend to capture on the webcam, this is a shot of Tatum when the couch didn’t have any chews on it… the couch, pre-Tatum. Ah the joys of having a puppy. Bianca is also in this picture.

So check out the collie cam. It’s usually only open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays while I am at work. Hopefully you won’t catch any nude shots of my husband or I.. we try to be careful. LOL.

Got a Cliq?

Well I just signed up for CliqIn. And, fun of fun, I started a Cliq, too, because there was none for dog sports. It is a private Cliq and it is designed to share blogs with a similar topic (dog sports, go figure 😉 ) So I hope those who find this Cliq will come and join, and we can network together through CliqIn.

I like finding other fun dog sports sites and for some reason I seem to have much luck really finding them! So hopefully you’ll spread the word.

To join this Cliq, Click Here for the Dog Sports Cliq.

Home at Last

Me and the boys are home. My ankle hurts so bad I can’t walk on it. Or put any weight on it. I twisted it on Saturday. I remember going onto the course fine, coming off and it hurt. Sunday it really took it’s toll on our runs so no Q. I drove home yesterday all the way, woke up this morning and my ankle is just a big swollen bundle of pain.

We are all tired. Still want to go to Arizona in January, though. Maybe look at some Arizona real estate while we are down there doing dog sports. 🙂 I am going to go watch some TV and veg today.

Making Videos

Gah making videos takes forever. Especially when one (mainly me) doesn’t understand the software she is using yet. But I am learning. For one, the fourth minidisc was corrupt, so I spent a few hours, and then $30, to find some software to recover it. With my husband’s advice I was able to recover the whole disc. Yay! You know, we can’t miss any of the races!

Actually, I didn’t get all of them. I tried to keep recording, once, when a disc was full so missed some there. Bummer. But I got most of them. And when we first started to film me and the friend who were filming only got about 2 or 3 races per minidisc. Sunday, though, we figured it out and packed many more races onto one mini disc. The heats are only 20 secs each, or so, and 4 or 5 to a race.

So now I’m cutting up all the big files into races, then I’ll put them on a menu. And without having any cabinet hardware they won’t be too pretty, but they’ll be good enough!