Tatum and Jet at the Park – No Levi

Jet and Tatum
First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I’ve been taking it easy the last weeks, which is nice, no dog sports. Well, I did do some Cyber Rally-O with Jet that was pretty fun. I’ll have to post about that next time. Otherwise, I’ve been spending time with family and friends and taking the dogs to the park, going on some walks, and taking it easy. Been really nice. I wish I could have more time like this to just live. Oh I’ve been working, too, but that goes without saying. And in only another week, I’ll be able to say “I can retire next year…” oh that’ll be nice. I can retire in 2013, so I’m looking forward to that!

I haven’t been taking Levi to the park, though, just Jet and Tatum. I miss taking Levi. He still isn’t back to normal quite yet. I’ve been taking him on walks around the block, a mile or so, to work him back up to the park. But I think maybe next weekend he’ll be coming with again. His back still hurts. Maybe he needs a discectomy to help his back, but maybe not. He’s been getting a little better every day. And he’s being rather obnoxious at home which is a sign the’s feeling good. So that’s a good thing. I am realizing approaching EOL, which we say with software… (End Of Life), but as long as he’s happy and doing well, I’m happy with him too. He’s not going to keel over dead tomorrow or anything.

January will bring another agility trial. Maybe Jet and I can pick up another Double Q. We haven’t done agility in a couple months, now, but that’s okay. I think we will both remember how.

Understanding Tatum

Tatum At Dog Camp
When I got Tatum from Houston Collie Rescue back in 2007, I knew she was special. Though when I say special, I don’t mean she was exceptionally smart (though she is very smart) or would go far in dog sports, or would excel in anything I was going to do with her. No.. not in that way. Because she came from rescue, a hoarder with 70 collies running amok in her back yard. So right from the get-go Tatum had issues, and I also knew that in a way, they made her special.

She’s special because she is very timid when I take her outside, but she recovers really fast when she’s at home. She bosses the boys around, but what girl doesn’t? She growls at the other dogs if they get too close to her on the bed or on the couch. She’s a bit full of herself sometimes, and at other times she likes to be on her own.

Tatum is hard to quantify, really. She loves to do agility training, though at trials she’s not so sure. She doesn’t like people all that much, but she likes us okay, and will nip at us in her herding collie way to get us to play. And the louder we squeal, the more she likes it. I couldn’t place her in a home where, if she nipped, they would punish her or think she was doing a bad thing. Her nipping is for play, and she needs people who understand that, even it hurts!

She needs someone who understands her growling, too. It’s not aggression at all, it’s just that ‘stop touching me’ thing that even human kids do. She’s very picky with food, but she loves Tuna! She needed someone to build up her confidence and help her to accept people as good things, and as part of her life.

She’s not a dog that could be put in just any old home and be expected to adapt. She needed to understand people rules, in a good way, to build her confidence and help her live a happy life.

Some dogs are special and need special homes. When I met Tatum, I fell in love with her. I was afraid no one else would really understand her. And so we kept her. And we understand her. And we just adore her to pieces.

Pretty Tatum

Last Day At Camp

Wow… where did the time go! I was planning on posting every day, but didn’t end up having time. I do have pictures loaded from every day on my Picasa Web Album. To see all my pictures from the whole week, you can visit my Picasa Web Album. There will be more from this afternoon too.

Anyway, here are some highlights.

I’ve been posting more on Facebook, so you can friend me there if you want to see more. 🙂

First Day at Camp

We are having a blast at camp. What can I say. Tatum and Jet ran so much this morning that they are pooped dead tired. LOL. As I am writing this Tatum is on the bed with the boys and she is growling because she is tired.

This morning we went on a little hike/walk around the camp and down to the beach. It was about all Levi could do, and once we got to the beach he laid on the sand and took it easy. He’s doing a lot better than I thought he would do. He’s hanging in there on the walks, and his rear and back look just fine. He’s not slipping much when he walks.

Jet is also doing well. This afternoon he pooped, and it was small and fairly solid. So I think he’s doing fine coming out of the sedation. He’s also sleeping, and he went swimming, and is having a great time. Camp is just dog heaven.

Here are some pictures of our adventures today:

The Beach
Jet Swimming
Handsome Jet
In the Shade
Sleeping on the Beds

I have more pictures posted on Facebook if you look there. I’m tired and I think it’s time for a nap! Maybe I should have brought some lincoln ls custom floor mats for the cabin, as I’m getting lots of sand in here, and I need to sweep it out.

I’m sharing the cabin with one other lady, and she has a Chi. So there’s plenty of room for me and my three kids. Camp is awesome, so much fun, I wish I could come here more than once every four years!

Made It To Winnemucca

Levi, Jet, Tatum
Well we left for Dog Camp this morning… or, rather, this afternoon, as we had a bit of an adventure this morning.

I had all planned to take Tatum and Jet to the dog park this morning to get them nice and tired for the long five or six hour drive. Well woke up and Jet’s right eye was all weepy and he kept blinking it. So I told my husband. My husband likes to take them to the vet more, he’s more careful than I am. Usually I would just put some drops in his eye and call it good.

Well I took him to the vet, mainly because of Aaron’s opinion, and also because we are going off for a whole week and I want Jet to be healthy. The vet put the orange dye in Jet’s eyes and saw a big ugly ulcer on his right eye. Bleh! So it’s very good I didn’t put in the eye drops that we have that have the steroids in them. Those are bad bad bad for an eye cut or injury! The vet got a big q-tip and tried to see if there was something still in his eye, but couldn’t find anything because Jet wouldn’t let her. So she asked if she could sedate him… and I don’t usually like sedation, Jet has never been sedated, but if I said no, I’d just have worried all week about something being in his eye. So I said yes and Jet went groggy.

She poked around in his eye but didn’t find anything. So I guess that’s good. But then, of course, he had to perk up out of the sedation. Since having just lost Lucy, Jet being sedated really freaked me out. So we stayed at the vet’s in the lobby for about a half hour until he was ready to walk around and be a bit better. Then I took him home and he was wobbly and groggy, but I figured what the heck, we should still be off to camp.

So I packed up the three pups and off we went. Just before Wendover, Nevada, Jet’s nose and eyes started having a dark green, weird, discharge. Not like an infection, I know what that looks like, and it was different. More like food coloring or something. I called my husband, and he said maybe the orange of the eye dye combined with some normal yellow color and was being removed by Jet’s body. So yeah, I figured that’s probably it… an we kept on going through Nevada.

It was a long drive, and I stopped a lot to let the dogs out, and check on Jet. So we got to Winnemucca late. But we are doing okay, Jet is mostly perked back up and playing with Tatum. Levi has to bark at those two when they play, which makes it tough in the hotel. LOL but now it’s 7:30 pm and they have all settled down. They have to get some zoomies out after being cooped up in the van for so long.

Of course I ate too many chocolate chip cookies on the drive, and chips, so I could use some weight loss pills. I always do that when I’m driving, which I shouldn’t. Ugh.

So anyway, we are resting in the hotel now. We have to be at camp by 3pm tomorrow. I’ll try to get some pictures on my good camera, not just my phone like these. But the drive tomorrow should go pretty quick, I hope, and then we’ll be at Camp Winnaribbun!

Jet Buckled In

Above: Jet is in the front seat in his seatbelt. Still groggy from the sedation.

Trip Meeter