Chew Bones

When we have chew bones in our house, and it’s just our dogs, we have to clean them up regularly because the dogs will guard and fight over them. Not terribly, but Lucy will eat them all if she can, and Levi will guard, and Chase will just be mean about them.

These foster collies we have are amazing. We can leave bully sticks all over the place. They chew them, play tug with them, and then just leave them when they are done. I’m amazed. And they are better for Tatum to chew on than the couch, or other furniture.

I still want to redo my spare bedroom. It is no longer a computer room, it’s a spare bedroom, and all the dogs are fascinated by that room. It is always closed unless I am in there so they don’t get into things. In a couple weeks my mom and I are going to go bedroom furniture shopping to see what I can get for that room.

Mastering the Stairs

Okay, everyone can do the stairs now yay! I’m very glad. I was not liking carrying Bianca, Hudson and Tony up and down. Bianca did it on her own with little encouragement, Hudson could always do them fine and was faking. 🙂

Tony goes down just fine, but still needs encouragement to go up the stairs. Silly guy, doesn’t he know going down is more scary than going up?

And oh my, I made the mistake of leaving Tatum Tater Tot Terror out.. better go check on all the banging going on upstairs.

Not a Quiet House

Well, dog camp was more mellow than our house is now. 🙂 Not that that is a bad thing, either way. Bianca and Tatum are playing as I work from home. Tony is barking at them. Tony is such a big lover boy. He is not as confident as I originally thought he was. He was in boarding for four months, and he seems starved for attention. He’s a sweet heart and snuggles right up against me at night when we sleep. He does bark a lot, but we are working on cutting that down. He loves to bring toys and be goofy, and he likes to play with Sonny and sometimes the girls Bianca and Tatum.

Tatum is definitely young. I wonder if she is about a year or so, maybe even less. She gets into everything. She would be best in a performance home for sure. Though she needs confidence outside the house. She’s a goer and chews on the mattress, the couch, and likes to bite at hands and clothes. Even when I have a toy, she’d rather bite at my hand. She is gentle in her play, though, but I am redirecting her mouth onto the toys. When I do the ‘ouch!’ with her, she thinks it’s funny and dances around then nips at me again. LOL.

The Hard One to Give Up

Okay… yes yes, we got these four amazing smoothies from Houston. And I will tell you, Tatum is going to be a hard one for me to part with. She has spunk. Major spunk and I love it. Good energy level, and she is a great size. I do like the smaller collies, I will admit. Mainly because of the dog sports we do. She would jump 20 inches in AKC I bet. And she is really nicely built for flyball, and would be a hoot to train in obedience. She has a good attitude and is very curious. Both great traits for a performance dog.

So, ya’ll have to tell me I can’t keep Tatum the Tater Tot! 🙂

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Well, with 9 dogs in our house, five of them collie fosters, we really do need to have organization and peace. 🙂 And so we borrowed some crates and here are the five Houston collies crated after eating dinner. I am not sure who is going to be crated while we are at work, but we’ll see about that tomorrow.

Tony is a sweetie, he’s finally settled down. He likes to talk and I think he’s a bit nervous. Tatum is a doll and I wish I could keep her. Young little rabbit she is, lots of energy and spunk, though tentative with people. Bianca is a doll and loves to play with Tatum. She is also a bit tentative but coming along. Hudson is the shyest and he likes his crate or his laundry basket to sleep in. We hope he will settle in and play soon.

So we are having a fun day. We have four dogs, and five fosters right now. I’m thinking I’m not going to post the fosters up on petfinder right away. Might wait a week or so until after vet checks and they settle in a bit.

We won’t be needing a Raleigh personal injury lawyer while we have this crew, as they will be keeping us all safe and warm!