Automatic Tracking Video


Well, it’s finally here. This is not an ad post… it’s just something I found. 🙂 I’ve been looking, forever it seems like, to find a device that will follow me with video while I’m doing agility, or rally, or training, or whatever. Looks like finally someone invented the darn thing! Swivl

I have one of those big Canon Video cameras, though, which this won’t work with. But I also have an Android phone, which it will work with. I wonder if the big clunky cameras are just on their way out, and most everyone will eventually switch to phones or tablets for video. That’s fine with me, though of course it’d be a bummer if I can’t sell my camera eventually. But someday I do want an iPad. I just can’t justify it now. I have my Macbook, and I have my Android phone, and I really can’t afford a tablet. Maybe some day. And I love using iMovie to make my videos on my Mac. And as ya’ll know, I take a zillion dog videos of sports and of training. Usually I put my camera on the tripod. But sometimes I just need the camera to follow me around, especially in a small place like training, or a far place like an agility trial. I quite often don’t have anyone with me to video. Or at agility trials, I get tired of begging people to video. So many people just hate to video! This would solve my problems!

It’s not out until 2012, and it’s $160, but I actually think that’s a pretty good price. I’d use it ALL the darn time! I’d like it to be able to keep me zoomed in, but it doesn’t do that yet. Maybe eventually. And I bet there will be more manufacturers out there making more types like this soon. They are marketing it for bloggers… or vloggers, I guess. But heck, they should market it to the darn dog sports crowd. I bet they’d get a lot of interested parties!

Tip Tail Has Had a Makeover!

Pretty Angelwell, finally I found a new wordpress theme that I like for this blog. yay! I was using the Dkret3 theme for years and years… and I liked it, I just got tired of customizing it every time I wanted something different.  Customizing is okay and can be fun as long as you have time… but I just don’t anymore. And so I found this free them that I like even better, anyway!

New colors and a new layout. And I love the little images I put of all my dogs in the top right corner.  Yay!  What a nice theme.. to have a sidebar option in the header. All themes should have that option!  And I like blue, even though blue has been over done in my life, because it’s kinda my favorite color.  I use it all over, but I like this blue and so I think I’ll keep it.

A new fresh theme is always nice, like a new coat of paint or a vacation for something different.

Oh and the picture.. that is Angel!  She is such a sweetie. I snapped that when we were camping last April, 2008, at Topaz Mountain.  She had a great time, as did all the dogs, and us too of course.

Well, back to work.. just wanted to say I’m excited about this new theme! I have to have a nice layout in order to want to post to my blogs. Dunno why… I just do. I like things nice and neat and clean on my laptop and my sites.  I wish I did in my house, too!

What I’ve Been Doing

Well I haven’t been posting much now have I? Well, I’ve been workin’ hard at my work. Which is just not as much fun as dog things for sure. But in my free time I’ve also been working on the Utah Dogs website that I have up.

Since the host lost their hard drive Utah Dogs took a hard hit. I think I have an old database backup, but I don’t have a recent one, so I’m rebuilding the whole site from scratch. Again. I swear for the zillionth time. On the good side, I have really good backups now, LOL, that I probably won’t ever have to use because the host also has good backups now too.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Tonight I have obedience class with Tatum and Levi. Tomorrow I have two appointments for my neck… an MRI (or it might be a CT not sure) and then Physical Therapy at noon. I am looking forward to both, as my neck has been hurting pretty bad lately. Bleh.

The banner above was done for me by Lora over on It’s The Dog’s Life.. isn’t it amazing? She does such a great job!

I Upgraded the Theme

Well, I’m thinking the slowness of the site has been because of the theme not being compatible with WordPress 2.5. I just upgraded the theme to the latest version and it seems much, much faster to me now. I hope that was my problem.

I also changed to one of the new, option, layouts. I really like this Dkret theme, it’s my favorite of all the theme’s I’ve seen. And I’ve modified it enough to really make it unique, I think. But this layout isn’t showing all of my sidebars so I need to play around with it and see what is the deal.

My VPS, also, is really maxing out on it’s memory. I’m not sure if that is important, or even critical… I need to look up info on it. I have plenty of bandwidth and disk space, but memory is short. hrm…

Is Tip Tail Draggin?

I’m trying to load this blog and it seems like it is being painfully slow. Is anyone else having this problem?I put the default WordPress Theme on, wondering if my Dkret theme is not compatible with WordPress 2.5 (which I recently upgraded to).

I’m going to leave this boring theme on for a little bit and see what other people say. The strange thing is, my other blogs seem fine, just this one is slow, and they are all hosted on the same host so that is why I think it’s blog specific.