New Laptop

Well I couldn’t wait, I had to buy a new laptop… so I have it and I’m setting it up. Though of course I forget all the little things I need to reinstall to get it back where I want it. It has Vista, which I like so far. We’ll see how it goes.

We did get Jessi the foster dog on Monday. She is a doll and we love her already. She needs some confidence building and to gain wait. I’ll get more pictures and a video of her when I get more time, which hopefully will be tomorrow evening. And then I can start replying to comments again!

I need a calendar for Vista… that will display as a gadget. I wonder what I should use…

Limited Blogging

Well, my laptop is officially dead. I will try to keep up on my blogs through my desktop until I buy a new laptop. But my blogging might be limited for a week or two until I get a new laptop. I’m looking at an Acer, and this time I’m getting the extended warranty!

Hopefully my blogging won’t get too low. I may not be able to visit many other blogs as much as I like!

Laptop on the Fritz

Crap, my laptop is on the fritz. Ugh! This sucks. I am currently on my old desktop. I had to borrow my husbands nice flatscreen monitor, because I couldn’t even look at my old tube monitor, it’s in such awful shape. If I had to look at that, I’d not be on the computer, and I’d not be blogging. Unless I could hook the desktop up to my HDTV, which I think I could do in a pinch.

So today the laptop goes to the shop. I am quite upset. I am pretty confident I can get all the data off it, though. So this is just a pain. It won’t even turn on. No power. Yesterday it shut down on me suddenly, no warning, and wouldn’t start again.

So, it might be time for a new laptop, which sucks, because this one is only a year and a half old.

I am so behind!

Ugh! Of course I do a contest on the weekend Harry Potter Book Seven, The Deathly Hallows, comes out! I’ve been reading all weekend, just finished about a half hour ago, the entire book, and so now I’m back to blogging and catching up.

I have a ton of comments and emails to respond too. Probably I’ll start the voting tonight, or early tomorrow morning. Sorry about the delay!

Dog Blog Platforms

For all the dog blogs I have been looking at lately, I swear hardly any of them are on WordPress. 🙁

I love WordPress. I love that I get and send pingbacks and trackbacks. I love that I can have a whole slew of plugins to customize it, including the comment email responder. I love that the files and database is on my own server.

So how come dog people don’t usually use WordPress? Surely dogs can figure WordPress out! 🙂