Temperament Testing

Handsome Jet
Handsome Jet

Yesterday I took Jet to a Tracking Seminar (day 2 of a two day seminar) in Farmington, Utah. It was during the German Shepherd Dog National Specialty. So not only did they have this tracking seminar going on, they also had conformation, herding, and a bunch of GSDs up there. They also were putting on a Temperament Test and, it was open to all breeds! I was excited because I have wanted to have Jet go through a Temperament Test for a long time now so I was glad we finally had the opportunity.

In Sweden they have a test called the Mentality Test. They usually perform this test when the dog is about 2 years old. As far as I can tell, the only thing we have here that is even similar to the Mentality Test is this TT, or Temperament Test. There is an organization here in the USA that performs these tests called the American Temperament Test Society – ATTS. The GSDCA’s test was very similar to the ATTS test, and I think based off the ATTS test. Anyway, Jet was able to take the GSDCA version, and he passed with flying colors!

If you would like to read more about the stations in the test, please click here for Temperament Test Station Descriptions. I’m not going to retype it all, because there is too much typing. But I’ll sum-up how Jet did.

Click here for Jet’s scores, descriptions and results.

We first approach a stranger and the dog is judged on how he reacts. Well Jet was busy sniffing the grass. LOL. Then another stranger calls to the dog, and Jet thought that was really fun so he went up to that person and was friendly. Next we approach a person who is behind a blind, and has a shaker can. Jet was startled by the noise but curious and wanted to go investigate (Jet was scored a 1, but I think he really should have gotten a 2. He didn’t need much encouragement).

Then there is a gun test. Jet was very startled by the gun, and didn’t want to go check it out, but he recovered very quickly.

Next we walked toward a person who suddenly flipped open an umbrella. Jet was startled by this too, but recovered quite fast. I was able to tap the umbrella and he went up to sniff it and recovered very well.

Then Jet had to walk over a plastic tarp, and over an x-pen, lying flat in the grass. He did fine and didn’t seem to mind walking over either.

The last test consisted of three points. We walked to a spot and out came a very strange person in a black cape, waving her arms and talking loudly and carrying on. Jet got a 3 on all of the scores for this test. His tail went completely erect and his hackles went up, and he went to the end of the leash to alert about this danger and investigate. The judge said he hardly ever gives 3s, and he gave Jet 3s on these points! I was proud of my boy. He did exactly what he was supposed to do!

The judge said Jet did better on the overall test than many of the German Shepherd Dogs do! And everyone there was very interested in watching a Danish-Swedish Farmdog go through the test. No one had ever met his breed before and they all loved him! Of course… hehe.

Jet is an amazing boy, for sure! No one in the test was wearing any lingerie… which was good, because I wouldn’t have wanted to see it! 🙂 But Jet did awesome. Oh, and he also did great at the tracking. We didn’t track much, it was a seminar about VST tracking (Variable Surface Tracking) which is done on asphalt, concrete and grass. But I’ll post more about that later. I had more fun with the Temperament Test than I did the tracking seminar. =P But I’m not really all that crazy about seminars anyway. Too much sitting around listening to someone and trying not to fall asleep.

Oh, and hopefully I’ll get video of his whole test. A friend took video, I just have to remember to get it from her!