Flyball Practice Pics

Flyball Dogs Here’s a crowd of dogs at flyball practice… you can see Chase and Tatum in the background in their x-pen. And Muffit in his crate. I had him in the pen but… silly boy jumped out, he was too excited. So he got the crate (did I mention I got that crate for free? Driving by a house it was set up in the yard with a be FREE sign on it. Score! Perfect size, double door foldable wire crate. Destiny…).

Whatsit So anyway we had fun at flyball practice today. I love taking pictures as much as I love running Chase. This is a picture of Whatsit… yup, that’s his name! I love his name, cute as a bug… both him and his name. Not sure what his mix is, but he’s loved by our flyball captain (okay he’s loved by everyone, but he lives with her). He tries his best to do flyball but doesn’t manage to bring the ball back. Goof! 🙂