March 9 Update – Chase

Had class last night, it was another fun class.

Crate Games:
Chase is getting fairly good at his crate games, though we need to work on this more at home. I’ve been doing more weave poll exercises with him instead.

2×2 Weaves:
Last night at class the teach instructed me to throw the toy out paralell… err, I think that’s right, to the weaves. I’ve been throwing it out perpendicular.. so he goes through the 2x2s, just straight, and I throw it straight. Well, that’s silly of me, because I want him to weave! So I threw it at an angle and viola, he is more like weaving. So I will work on that, I think that’ll help me understand the process. And add a jump in too, so he goes jump, and wraps to the weaves. Once he gets some distance, she says we will add another 2×2 set.

She set up three jumps in a row, also, to see how these new dogs do with jumping. Chase waited for me while I walked out one jump! Yay! (lol it was like three feet from him, but heck, that wait is hard!) And we got him over all three jumps. He seems to jump with his front shoulders a lot, instead of his hind quarters. So we are supposed to practice this so he becomes more comfortable jumping. I’ll need to enlist Aaron’s help.

Teach set up a single weave poll and we stood right by it. The dog is supposed to walk around it, the C/T, and then get more distance from it. Chase is so quick, he knows that whatever I put out, he should do something with it, so instantly he walks around this thing. 🙂 C/T! He is so smart. He’ll pick this up in no time.

I love clicker training!

Training Notes

Some dog training notes for the boys (Lucy is limping and out of commission, and Angel trains just for fun).

Levi: Took Levi to an agility run-through yesterday. I’m trying to get him to only do his tricks on cue. So we are working on sit, down, stand, back. Randomly, to see how he does.

Well, he anticipates a LOT. And offers behaviors. So I’ve also incorporated a wait in there, with my finger up, so he will stand still and do nothing. That also gets rewarded.

I was squatting down because that is how he learned the back, and it seems he needs to be reminded how to do it before I can stand with him going back. So I was squatting and doing the circuit, and every time I said sit, he would down! Goof head boy. 🙂

So for some odd reason I stood up, and then had him do them all. Well, low and behold, the boy sat! So, it seems that my body position is dependent on that sit, as well as the back. Which is just a bit funny. I will be reworking his sit with a treat over his nose when I’m squatting, so he gets the idea.

Chase: This boy is doing really well. I’ve noticed that if I bring out treats while trying to toy train him, he shuts out the toy and focuses on the treats. So… gotta just work on the toy first, I think, and then bring treats in for other activites.

I bought a new tire jump from ebay and it came last week. I also bought a teeter base. I set up the tire, and Chase has already figured out that if he goes over/through/under something that I set up, it’s a good thing. 🙂 He even went under the teeter base! LOL cutie boy.

I had him running through the tire pretty quickly. Will practice angles of entry next, and then height, but not any height for a while yet.

The 2×2 weaves are messing with me a little bit. I’m not sure I understand that one entry is okay (him going away from me), while the other (him coming toward me) is not. It’s a gate either way, isn’t it? Hrm.. I’m a bit confused. And he doesn’t seem to wrap around the poll at all when I’m half-mooning it. I will probably ask in class tomorrow night.

Otherwise, having fun!

February 2005

Life goes on, eh? 🙂 Things are good. I’m running 3.5 miles now regularly… or mostly regularly. Sometimes I’ll go the 2.93 mile route, if it’s a particularly hard run, but usually it’s 3.5 miles. Which is more than a 5k, so I can probalby do a 5k in April. Though I hope I’m not nasty slow.

It is cold… was 12F this morning. Ugh. Not fun at all. I want spring to come, I’m buying brightly colored clothes because I’m tired of the dull drab weather and snow. It snowed a lot yesterday, today is sunny but freezing cold.

Agility is fun. Haven’t had a trial since Jan but there will be another one on the 19th of this month. That’ll mark the first trial I ever went to last year. 🙂 I’m excited. 1 Year and we are in open, I think that’s awesome!

Clicker training the dogs is a riot. Been working on getting them to go backwards. All of them but Lucy has it down pat. 😀 Lucy, however, gets too frantic about the treats and is having a hard time moving backward for me to mark her with the clicker. We’ll get it, though! I think Chase needs to learn to roll over. 😀

Another Week Gone By

So well then.

Last weekend was more agility. Goodness I’m so addicted! I love agility. 🙂 Levi did really well, except he had a couple bad things that kept him from Qualifying. He got 1 Q out of 3.. he got his first JWW Open Q, so that was good. He almost got his standard both runs, but one he missed the weaves 2ce (for two refusals) and the other he knocked a darn bar. Triple spread jump. I hate that jump. My classmate brought her triple spread to class so we can practice it for a while, as Nick also dropped a bar or two.

Otherwise it was great fun. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. I brought Lucy, too, and ran her in novice standard. She did really well! Walked across that darn broad jump, though. But that’s okay, I’m going to practice the broad jump at home, see if we can fix that and get her standard novice preferred title. Then she’ll be done with agility.

Chase is the smartest boy ever. He is learning his wait really well! I’m impressed with the boy. (Dont tell the collies, but I think he’s smarter lol.) But then, I’m working with him when he is young, and I know oh so much more than when the collies were young. 🙂 And I love the positive training.

Anyway… the server is coming back online. Most is up. I need to work on the site, it’s boring now, needs some spice. 🙂


Is it already Wednesday? Wow. Well, that’s a good thing, then. I’m on call tonight, and I have agility class. I missed last week’s class because of strep.

I’m still not 100%, maybe about 60%? This strep has really hit me hard. I want to get back to jogging and exercising and working with the dogs, but I’ve been so tired and have had no motivation whatsoever.

I did take Chase to beginning class last night. He’s doing really well. He’s smart and quick, and he calms down pretty fast, which is nice. I love that he has an ‘off’ switch, very important for a BC that I have. I hope he’s fast for agility.. I haven’t worked with him much on that, but maybe, if I feel better this weekend, we’ll see how he does on the dog walk in the back yard. Or I can take him to Willowcreek, get him on some more equipment. He’s still too young to jump though, he’s probably only about a year. But he can learn other things. The training he needs most, though, is obedience. 🙂