Things To Do Before Camp

OH MY GOSH! Camp is only one week away. One week from today (Saturday) I’ll be on the road for camp.

I have to clean the house, because a friend from Colorado and a friend from Richfield are coming Friday night to stay. Fortunately the maids are coming Wednesday so hopefully the house will be semi-decent. We will have 10 dogs here that night. Our four, our two fosters, and they each have two they are bringing to camp. It’s going to be a packed house.

I have to get stuff ready for Jessi to go to her new home. Hopefully she will still be going. I never know until it’s done. Anyway I want a toy to go with her, a couple of clickers, a couple of bully sticks, and a package of jerky treats. I don’t usually send so much with a new adoption but since she’s going to a really good friend I thought it would be a nice thing to do.

I have to go shopping and buy meat mixes for the boys to eat. Since I feed raw it’ll be mostly frozen, and I’ll probably have to go shopping half way through like I did last year, too.

I have to get my clothes washed, which is in progress. I have 3 big blankets washed and one has to go to the laundry mat because it’s too big to fit into our washing machine. Fortunately they have wireless at the laundry so I can blog while I’m waiting. LOL.

I have to go buy some other things too. I wrote them all down on my list. I packed some today, x-pens, crates, chair, trolley (last year it was a pain to make 5 trips to the cabin from my car)… I will pack clothes after it’s all washed.

I am more nervous this year about camp than I was last year. It’s an awesome camp and I’m excited to be going! Check them out… Camp Winnaribbun in Tahoe, Nevada!


Well, I’m home. I canceled my hotel reservation. We’ll have to see how things go. Maybe I’ll get kicked off the team, I hear some are pretty mad at me. But like I said, it’s not worth it to travel down there just to help out. Chase’s feet are still sore, too. He is still favoring them, so I don’t think I’d run him tomorrow on the mats.

I hope that I won’t need any drug rehab once they get back, maybe I’ll get chewed out. Well, my life doesn’t depend on it. Worst thing is I’m not on the team anymore. Which really isn’t any skin off my back, and would just mean less stress in life.

I am going to try that agility fun match tomorrow. If Chase’s feet aren’t up to par then he can go swimming or play on the grass. It’ll be sooo good for Levi’s weaves!

Levi’s MXP and MJP Stats

This is from the AKC website where I can look at our points:


Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Different Judges 1


Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Different Judges 1

With the one from last weekend at Blackfoot, that’ll be 2 towards his MXP. Ugh! And it takes 10 for those titles! With him cruising through his AXP and AJP, I was really hoping that we would be moving through the MXs faster than we are. Bummer that we are not. And no Double Qs yet. We’d need 20 to get a PAX. So if we don’t get our butts in gear, we may not get that PAX either.

But we need a break, both Levi and myself. Next trial is in July, a month away. Then not much until the end of the year. So we’ll have to see how things go when we trial again. 🙂 I’m really traveled out, though there are a lot of AKC trials in California we could check out. We’d need an California travel guide to see what else we could do in CA!

Agility Coming Up

We have a 2 day agility trial coming this weekend. And, I hate to admit it, but I think I’m getting over-agilitied. Is it possible? Yeah, sometimes it is. I have this 2 day trial, then the following weekend we are going to Blackfoot, Idaho, for a four day trial.

I always have fun when I go. I’m just missing spending time at home sometimes, too. Yesterday on my day off I cleaned the basement. And man, it’s nice having a clean basement. If I spent more time at home… well, maybe I should just get a cleaning service. 🙂 I really hate cleaning. I’d have to figure how to arrange the dogs. I used to take them to the dog park, but now that we have 6, they all won’t fit in the car.

Anyway, We also have two flyball tournaments this summer. Both traveling. Then Dog Camp in September in Tahoe, another long drive. After that, I don’t think I’ll be driving for much for the rest of the year. I’m a bit burned out on driving.

Earthlike Planet?

A new planet has been discovered, circling a red dwarf sun in the constellation Libra. From what I’ve been reading, today, over 220 planets have been found orbiting starts in recent years. Most, however, are gas giants. The gas giants are big enough to make their stars ‘wobble’ slightly from the pull of their gravity. This new planet, which is considered more ‘earth like’, is smaller. And it is estimated that surface temperatures may be between 32 and 100 degrees, which would be a good temperature for liquid water.

I find it interesting that this planet is circling a Red Dwarf star. These are the most common type of stars in our vicinity. Though they are much smaller than the sun. So if you were to live on this planet, the sun would be huge in the sky. I wonder how much light this sun gives off? What would it look like? Feel like? Interesting thoughts.

The planet is over 20 light years away. So if we could travel there, it would take over 20 years at the speed of light. But as our technology increases, and we get better and seeing further out, and more detail… maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to actually see other forms of life on other planets. That excites and thrills me. I would love to experience that in my lifetime. Even if it were only plant life, or bacterial life. I am fascinated by other forms of life. What would they look like? What sort of DNA would they have? How did they evolve? Everything on this planet, basically, is related if we go back far enough. To see something that evolved totally separately… that would me amazing.

Though maybe we would be the same… like in Star Trek, or Stargate. My theory, actually, is that we evolved from the garbage of aliens. Some aliens threw their trash down on this planet, and a few million years later we came to be. 🙂

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