Excellent A

Woooo Weeeee!!!
Levi is in Excellent A in both Standard, and Jumpers with Weaves! In fact, he got his first Excellent A leg on Saturday. He would have gotten his first Excellent A JWW leg on Sunday, but..I turned him too sharp. He turned beautifully, just like I said, and missed the jump. My fault! But isn’t it always.

I’m so proud of him. He skittered his weaves on his Standard run on Saturday, but it was because I was running, not walking. I have to WALK when he’s in his weaves so as not to push him. I push him too hard, he misses polls. He is finding his entries, though, and getting all 12, and doing a great job.

And so, now, I’m going to travel. He has a chance to get that PAX title. And I would love if we could. It’s 20 Double Qs once he’s in Excellent B. I just entered the Rigby, Idaho trial, as well as the May 3 dayer here in Salt Lake. 20 is a lot. We do over 20 a year… but still, that’d mean we have to be perfect, and it still might take us a couple of years.

Wow. Agility is fun again. All those months of no Qs… he even NAILED his Open FAST, at 14 dang feet distance. If 14 feet is open, what the heck is excellent? I will have to go look.

I love that boy. 🙂

I Love Seattle

I love Seattle, and I love the rain. Too often I have sat through weeks and weeks of clear blue skies here in Utah and wished for some rain.

However, if I lived up there, I might not like it so much.

I went up to Seattle October 15-19th for a CGI-AMS conference for work. The conference was okay, I wish there was a bit more technical things than there were. But just being up there was wonderful.

My Mom came with and we had a great time. I love to travel with my Mom and spend time with her. We get along great on our travels and have a good time. I hope she wasn’t too bored while I was in the conference! We stayed an extra day and played a lot in Pike Place Market. I love that Market!

I bought a salmon and checked it home as baggage. Oh man, that was yummy!