Touch n Go Flyball Seminar in Vegas!

Well, we leave tomorrow! Yay! I am so excited. Chase is too.. it’s been too long since he’s done flyball. Too much snow on the ground around here. And Tatum.. well, she’s going to the Green Dog portion and hopefully she will have fun, too. She may be nervous for a while but we’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be a great test for her.

Me and some of the members of my flyball team, Thunder Paws… we are renting a townhouse and so we will have fun evenings with wine and beer and song… okay well maybe not song, but videos for sure. I’m packing up dog videos that we can watch for entertainment.

The driving situation is all worked out, so we hope. I do hope that all my junk and a team mate’s junk fits in my Outback. And three dogs. We might have to send some of the junk down with another teammate in her car instead.

Anyway.. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access from Vegas or not. I’ll have my laptop with, but if I don’t have internet I’ll have to save the pictures and info for when I get back.

Good days and Bad days

I guess I’ll be up and down for a while with this diagnosis of Lucy having cancer. I have managed not to think much about it since Wednesday… thinking about it now just makes me cringe.

Wednesday was a bad day. I was really down all day after the vet appointment on Tuesday. Even though it wasn’t too bad… what.. what am I talking about? Any cancer is bad! Ugh. The vet said they had ‘good news’ so we were really hoping to go in and have them say “It’s not cancer!”. But they did not. They just said they could not find a main tumor. I didn’t think that was good news at all.

Anyway, Lucy gets to go to Dr. Kim Hennemen on the 25th so that will be good. I like her a lot. Her limp is doing okay… as is mine. LOL. I need some posture correction, and some ankle and knee therapy, it seems.

I have agility all this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. I hope it goes well. I’ll try to get and post up some videos. I run Chase and Levi. It’s AKC. I have to really be serious about it… get the Qs! Bah.. just have fun, eh? Yeah, just have fun. And hope I don’t hurt my ankle or my knee anymore.

Giving is Good

Do you have an old boat or car you don’t want anymore? Does it run… or not? Well, if you want to donate to a good cause, think of Car Angel! They are a is a non-profit organization, and they use cars and other donations they get to make videos for kids and teens. Not only do they make these videos, they also give them away, and have given away over 2.4 million videos so far.

So if you want to make a boat donation with an old boat you have sitting around taking up space, check them out! They will do something good with it.

MV’s Pitbulls

So what is happening to Michael Vick’s pit bulls? I haven’t posted about Michael Vick here on Tip Tail… the whole story is sad and depressing. How anyone can fight dogs I just don’t understand. And to put them through such horrible ‘training,’ which is actually abuse, is beyond me. But then again I don’t even eat animals because I want no harm to come to them.

But now the good news about the dogs. PR Web has an Article (click here to read which links to that has some great videos on their front page about how 10 of the dogs are being rehabilitated and put into foster homes to learn how to live in a home and with people.

I love pit bulls. I fostered one for a short time, and she convinced me, beyond a doubt, that they are wonderful, amazing dogs. Strong willed, for sure, and also loving and sweet. But anyway, if you want some good news about these dogs, click the links above to read the good things about rescue.

The dogs might not need any Lillian Vernon coupons to get back on track, but that’s okay, they have a lot of help along the way!

New Videos Way to Go

Making videos is fun. I have done it a number of times. As you can see from my prior post, I have lots of dog videos and agility vidoes! I even bought a video camera in order to record my agility runs, and other dog sports runs, for memories and to critique my running style.

So anyway there is a fun site called YawpBox. Not only is it a social networking site, it is also a national TV show, and a national Radio Show. The TV Show gets all their content from the social networking site. Videos, people, etc. So, after you make your video, you can uploaded it to YawpBox, and it just may end up in front of thousands, or more, of people on TV! Are you brave enough to be on TV? I’m not sure I am…

It is very entertaining to see regular every day people in their videos. Sometimes I get tired of all the perfect actresses on TV. And it’s nice to see regular people on TV instead.

I think to really understand YawpBox you have to visit their website. There are categories you can upload your video too. And you can vote for videos as well. Vote for the ones you like! And you can vote for the ones you don’t like, too.

It’s a fun site!