Herding at Camp

Okay, I got a sweater on and some Levi’s and now I’m warmer. It’s cool in the shade. It’s 5:38 pm here at camp, dinner is at 6 so I better get done soon! My YouTube video is 90% done, so hopefully that will finish off soon. And here are some more pictures, these from herding. Two of Chase on the sheep and goats, and two of Levi.

These are from Monday. Tuesday we didn’t have a still camera with, but Monday we did. We took more videos on Tuesday and when I get home I’ll load them up. The connection here at camp is too slow to upload. It’s barely enough to get these pictures uploaded.

Chase is loving swimming in the Lake, again, Of course. The waves were really big just now, so I was worried about throwing the toy in too far. He is good and he handles the waves well, but I am afraid he’s going to go under and not come back up.

We have not done much else yet except swim in the lake and herd. I want to do some more obedience this year. Maybe tomorrow. I think the boys are done herding. Levi had a hitch in his step today when herding, and it’s hot for him, and he’s already tired. He could sleep the rest of the week and be happy with it. Chase is not done, not even close, and chases Cor around like a wild child.

ASCA Collie Agility

So! We went to a day of ASCA agility today. It was a lot of fun. We just did it for fun and training, and only today, and only a few of the runs. I wanted to give Levi fun runs with no weaves, and I wanted to see how Chase’s training has been going. This video probably won’t be available for a half our or so as YouTube gets it going. But I have the insertion code so I thought I’d put it in.

Anyway, Levi Q’d 3 out of 3 runs. One elite jumpers (this video) and two open gamblers. Which means, I think, he can move to elite gamblers next time. He is such a good boy, moved fast, and had fun.

Chase did a great job, too. He paid attention, he got all his contacts, and we worked well together. I was very pleased. We’ll see how we do at training class next time and see how much of his brain he looses again. Hopefully not much. Both his runs were good and his second wasn’t any more wild than the first. I’ll get his videos uploaded later… his is on another minidisc in the camera.

Video of Faith

Okay and Chase is in there, too, at the end. 🙂 It’s always nice to see these dogs in motion, isn’t it? I think sometimes that pictures just don’t do them justice. I just took this in the back yard. It’s hot out there, probably over 100 degrees, but there are clouds and wind moving in, so maybe we’ll have a bit of rain. Would be a nice break.

We have a Q!

Woo Hoo! Levi is back and doing well. He Q’d in Excellent B Standard today. Nice run! Just beautiful. Weaves were a bit slow but he got them all. I was so proud. His limp seems to be gone or mostly gone. Gone enough that it doesn’t bother him. I see it a bit sometimes still, but it’s hard to catch. And he didn’t do any refusals or anything that suggests he’s in pain so I ran him in Jumpers, too.

He would have Qd in jumpers but he stuttered his weaves. So I tried clapping half way through… and oh my goodness he picked up so well and got the rest! I will be clapping tomorrow to see if it helps him through the weaves some.

It’s late, 10:03 pm, and I’m dead tired. No videos today, maybe tomorrow. 😉 Good night!

With all this running around, I won’t be needing any Ephedra. 🙂

I have his Eyes!

I am so excited. Sunday I was walking around the trial working with Chase on his attention, and finally he started to keep his eyes on me. Usually he will look at me for a treat, get the treat, then his nose would immediately hit the ground. We have been working on this for a few weeks now. I want his attention on me always. No ground-sniffing!

So Sunday he finally started catching on. I was hopeful… he got a treat then didn’t look away, so immediately I clicked and treated. And again and again while he kept his eyes on me. I thought he was getting it…

Tonight at obedience class, he was so good! He kept his eyes on me and very rarely did his nose hit the ground! This boy is learning. I am just thrilled!

I love the crowd we train with. All types of people from different professions. One in the medical field, one is an artist, and one is a realtor. And we all help each other out.

Chase is a good boy. He is really fun to work with. Got some videos of him in his sit stay and doing some fetching. But my YouTube video from last night is still not available. Maybe I will try to reupload it. I might do some videos tomorrow. Tonight, I should sleep. 😉