YouTube is too Slow!

Agility is over again! I even got out really early. It was very nice. I was home by 11:30, and napping by noon! LOL. Yes yes, I really love to nap. And I won’t be able to sleep in for weeks, so I had to get some extra Zzzzs in today.

Anyway, agility was fun. Levi didn’t Q today. We are still having weave problems. Yesterday I thought I was pulling him out of the 10th poll. And if YouTube ever gets going and shows my videos as available, I will post them up. But so far they are still unavailable and it’s been a couple of hours. How long does YouTube take? I dunno, usually it seems pretty fast.

I wonder if I am over trialing Levi. Maybe he is just done weaving for the year. After Blackfoot I will consider not going to the July trial. And I’ll enter him in some trials with no weaves like DOCNA and ASCA and even USDAA. He loves the jumpers courses. That is what I did last fall when he wasn’t weaving at all. So maybe we need to take a break from weaving and just have some fun.

Anyway… waiting for YouTube…

Agility Weekend!

Crap! That reminds me, I better go look at the premium and see when judging starts tomorrow morning. I think it’s 8. Which means I have to be there by 7am to set up my tent and crates, check in, and walk the course. Which means I have to get up by at least 6am, probably 5:30 am.. to shower, and it’ll take me 30 mins to drive there (I better check the place, too). Ugh.

So no sleeping in for me this weekend. I really love to sleep in. But it’s true, once I get there I’ll have fun. And hopefully I can leave early. The running order will be Exc/Exc/Open/Open/Nov/Nov, so maybe I can just leave after both of Levi’s excellent runs.

Oh, and I get to use my new camera to video our runs! So look for YouTube videos tomorrow! (If I’m not too tired.)

OH! And cool, my hotel in Blackfoot, Idaho, has internet access. Woo! That means my camera and my laptop are coming with, and I can blog at night and load videos! 😉 And up in Blackfoot there’s going to be a party on Friday night. And now I have a friend to go with! I didn’t used to like to go because I didn’t feel comfortable talking to the people… I like having one person, or two, that I know better and can hang out with. So maybe I’ll have a bit to drink, and hopefully I won’t need any hangover cures! LOL. Though I do like my beer. Usually drinking the night after/before a trial does not help me run better.

Man I gotta get to bed.

Agility Pictures

Levi and Me
Levi and Me
Levi and Me Ooo a friend of mine and great agility person took some pictures of me when I was running Levi! I didn’t even know until today.

Levi has so much fun, and he is really moving well in these pictures. He is such a good boy. This must have been Sunday, as it wasn’t raining or snowing that day.

The thing I find interesting, while watching videos of myself or seeing pictures of myself, is my position. Now, those weaves, I am ahead of him. What am I doing up there? Usually I stay behind him and then he finishes all twelve. Is that why he popped the weaves? Because I was ahead and pushed him too hard? Gads I didn’t even know I was ahead of him. Very odd. Sometimes if he’s super slow in the weaves I try to pressure him a little bit, but I can’t do it very much or he’ll pop.

Yes yes I know, in theory, he should complete the weaves independently no matter where I am. But with all the weave problems we’ve had over the years, I’m usually very careful about my position. Maybe we just need to practice more at home with me at weird spots.


If you click on the picture it’ll open in a bigger window. 🙂

I’m on YouTube

Well, after two days of trying to figure out how to rip a DVD and get small little files to post on the web, I fingered it out. 🙂

I got some free DVD ripping software, makes a huge .avi file. Then I pipe that through Windows Movie Maker and Viola, I have a small bit of movie for YouTube.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing copywrited… it’s agility!
Agility Videos on YouTube