Web Cam 2011

Well I finally got the Web Cam going again. It’s been down for a couple of years, now. I think I haven’t put it up because we really haven’t had a good spot for it. And I don’t want it on myself when I’m working from home, or just dinking around at home, lying on the couch in my PJs or anything. 🙂 So I finally set it up, watching the basement couch, when I’m at work and the husband is at school. So it’s only on Tue, Wed, and Thu from about 7am to 5pm. But it’s fun, and I’ve already got some fun pictures from it that I’m saving.

It takes a picture once every 30 seconds and FTPs the picture to my server. To watch it, visit Collie Tails, one of my other domains. (the popup window doesn’t refresh yet, I’ll fix that soon.) If you want to see archives, I put them up here, too: Cam Archives.

It’s fun to have the cam, maybe I’ll get some urban clothes I can wear when the cam is running when I’m home, which is almost never. 🙂 But anyway, the Collie Cam is back!

Webcam is Back!

Okay.. I know it’s been forever since I set up the webcam since the last server crash.  I’ve just been putting it off. I love having a webcam running at home and I do miss it.  It’s primitive so far, but check out this link:

The Collie Cam

I hope to get it looking a bit better over the next weeks… but you know, time is always limited and there is just never enough of it.

Cams are fun, there are zillions on the web, some even of San Diego hotels. But mine is the most fun, as you may or may not see a collie or a border collie! LOL

I’m moving the cam downstairs, too, to view the dog shelf. It’s not there yet, but it will be in just a few minutes, I hope! LOL