Going to Denmark!

Jet in the Snow

Yup, we are going to the Word Dog Show in Herning, Denmark in June! I am so nervous. I don’t know why. I’ve been to Europe before. Though never with a dog. That might be why I’m nervous. That and it’s going to be more expensive than I had originally anticipated. I do wish I had more money… good thing I’m not on social security disability because then I wouldn’t have any money at all!

I’ve flown with Jet before so I’m not really nervous about that. And I’ll have him in the cabin with me so that’s nice. I don’t want to put him in cargo or ship him as checked luggage.  He hasn’t been alone much in his life and I think that would really stress him a lot. Maybe if I was flying with two dogs, then they would both be okay together in cargo.  But Jet is my baby boy and I worry that he’ll be nervous and stressed and I really don’t want him to be!

So the flight from Salt Lake City to JFK in New York is about five hours. Then we have a two hour layover.  Then the flight from JFK to Copenhagen, Denmark, is about 8 hours.  So those are not too long for him to have a nap in his crate.  I just hope he will potty during our layover. I think I might teach him to pee on pee pads so that he’ll do it in the airport.  When we flew to Chicago he didn’t want to pee in the airport at all. He’s a good boy that he doesn’t pee inside! However, he’ll have to learn to do so for his own comfort!

So anyway, I’m excited!  I’m sure I’ll be talking a lot about it in the next while!