Angel Pumpkin Spice Lady – Angel

Angel Barking Angel is our rescue collie girl. She came to us back in 2002.. errr, I think. We can’t imagine life without her anymore. We don’t know how old she is. But we are thinking she was probably about five years old.

She was found in the Utah County Animal Shelter by a wonderful woman who does collie rescue. The shelter workers didn’t know she was a smooth blue collie. She had a broken leg that was starting to heal wrong, so the wonderful woman who pulled her out of the shelter got her surgery. They had to re-break the bone and reset it, then put her in a metal brace with pins in her leg. Poor dear. She was so afraid when she came to live with us, she didn’t want to go out the front door.

angel2She only weighed 35 pounds, too. She was very skinny, very afraid, and very shy. She is the reason I started doing clicker training. No way I could ever raise a hand to her, or leash pop her. And yet I wanted to teach her to learn and interact with use humans.

Over the years we have watched Angel change and grow and come out of her shell. Now she loves going out, and going to dog parks. She also likes camping and going for walks. She hates the extreme weather, either cold, rain, or heat, so she likes to be inside where it’s safe. If the weather is too extreme she will potty inside rather than out. But we have tile, so we don’t mind.

Angel is now so bold that she will literally leap on you if you are eating on the couch. 🙂 We just laugh. She is allowed to get away with many things the other dogs are not. We want to build her confidence, and never have a problem with her, so she gets lots of privileges. She’s patient with other dogs but doesn’t like when they mount her and will tell them to leave her alone.

She likes to play tug with Chase, leave shoes and toys scattered all over the house, and even takes them and leaves them outside. She loves to steal clothes out of my closet, and when she does I act all silly and chase her around the house. She loves it! I love seeing her get all squiggly with joy when I chase her around.

Angel is a doll, and everyone loves her and wishes they could take her home. We are blessed and honored that we get to share our lives with her. 🙂

— Angel died on May 3, 2010. We had to let her go at the vet’s. We miss her so very much, she was truly and Angel. We don’t know how old she was, but we think maybe 12 or 13 years old. Fly free, my sweet Angel.

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  1. Thank you for rescuing! Two of our three shelties are also rescue dogs. Our “girls” are: Bonnie 9, Carrie 10, and Ginger 11. I’ve got to find out how to put some photos on my blog so I can share their cute little noses!

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