Elsinores Lucilla Aurelius – Lucy

Lucy Lucy is the pack marm in our household. She is boss, and all the other dogs know it. Levi is just a wannabe, but he does give it a good try.

Lucy came to live with us when she was 12 weeks old. She was born February 15, 1999. I remember when her plane landed, from Illinois, and I took her out of her crate. It was a hard day for me, the beginning of my divorce, but Lucy was a joy that brought many smiles to my life as I went through that hard time.

Lucy I bought Lucy as my first conformation collie. When I found that collies came in smooth, and in blue merle, I decided I wanted one. Lucy was my first collie. I did show her in conformation for a while, but she actually has pretty bad conformation. She managed 2 points before I retired her.

Lucy has her CGC, and she is a very good canine citizen. Often I wish I would have done more with her. I tried agility, but she had no desire to go fast anywhere and prefers slow walks in the shade. She loves food, and will do anything for a treat or two. She also lover her pig ears.

Now Lucy has arthritis and doesn’t walk much, but still likes to get out and have fun. She growls when we try to move her off the bed, and we just laugh at her. She brings me toys when she wants a pig ear, and has me trained quite well about that. She gets along good with our foster dogs, and is just a loving, happy girl. 🙂

As of summer 2008 Lucy has developed megaesophagus. She now has to eat a liquid diet and be set up in her Bailey’s Chair because her esophagus no longer pushes the food down. But she’s still happy and seems to be doing well otherwise!

–Lucy died on August 3, 2011. She didn’t die due to her megaesophagus… but because her body gave out on her. We had to take her in and let her go. I miss Lucy so much. She was my first collie, and will always play in my heart.

10 thoughts on “Elsinores Lucilla Aurelius – Lucy”

  1. Hi Johann! Lucy is a sweetie and I love her attitude. 🙂 I hope Wiggy is okay, arthritis is no fun.

  2. Probably the most famous collie in history is Lassie. I doubt seriously that there is anybody who hasn’t heard of Lassie.

    1. Planse de colorat, I have asked many a young kid if they know Lassie, saying my dogs are like Lassie but a different color and short hair. And I’m surprised at how many of them have never heard of Lassie. It’s sad!

  3. Hi Cynthia, I just did a search on Twitter and found your mentions of megaesophagus. My dog Jack was diagnosed on Sunday/Monday! We have to get him a Bailey’s chair ASAP but for now I am doing a vertical hold on him for drinking and eating. He is getting lots of love and hugs that is for sure! How’s Lucy doing?

    1. Hi Lara! Nice to meet you! Lucy is doing really well.. her energy goes up and down but she’s happy and she has gained her weight back (she lost about 6 pounds when we were trying to figure out what was up with her). I was holding her up as well at first before my husband built the chair.

      How old is your Jack? What breed?

  4. Love the pic of Lucy (7-2-08 sitting up & looking right at you) That girl has
    a whole lot of character & magic.

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